Witness Security and Protection: Agent Indigo
By Triad Toys

Witness Security and Protection Agent Indigo sixth scale action figure by Triad Toys

It's been quite a month for G-men here at MROTW. I reviewed the Jack Bauer (and David Palmer, perhaps the ultimate 'g-man'), and Jeff Parker checked out the Hot Toys ERT Secret Service figures. Now tonight, I'm looking at another employee of the government: Agent Indigo, a Witness Security and Protection (WITSEC) officer from Black Wolffe International.

The agency and character are made up from the imaginations of the folks at Triad Toys. Perhaps coincidentally, there really is a "Blackwolf International" that does security and protection work in California...hmmmm.

Agent Indigo is one of the good guys in Triad's in house developed Gunn 4 Hire series, which includes several other agents and assassins. Perhaps most notable is "lola". Yowza!

Indigo runs $65 if you pick him up directly from Triad Toys site, or you can do some ebay searching. Triad produced a wide range of custom clothing for sixth scale figures, and I'll be popping the suit from Indigo on to a Hot Toys body for comparison as part of the review.

Packaging - **
Agent Indigo comes in an aptly black box with some basic text on the back. The package uses an older design, with the accessories in a tray attached to the inside fifth panel. Unfortunately, there's no way to remove these accessories without destroying the box, and that's not acceptable at this price range. Triad needs to design more collector friendly packaging in this price range, particularly since it's fairly straightforward at this point.
Witness Security and Protection Agent Indigo sixth scale action figure by Triad Toys
Witness Security and Protection Agent Indigo sixth scale action figure by Triad Toys
Witness Security and Protection Agent Indigo sixth scale action figure by Triad Toys
Witness Security and Protection Agent Indigo sixth scale action figure by Triad Toys
Witness Security and Protection Agent Indigo sixth scale action figure by Triad Toys
Witness Security and Protection Agent Indigo sixth scale action figure by Triad Toys
Witness Security and Protection Agent Indigo sixth scale action figure by Triad Toys
Witness Security and Protection Agent Indigo sixth scale action figure by Triad Toys

Sculpting - **1/2
Let's face it - you probably aren't buying this figure for the head sculpt. They've put a fairly generic head on this body, that serves the basic purpose but isn't particularly realistic or impressive.

The best work is in the eyes and brow, where the serious expression looks great. The hair lacks detail, almost reaching Ken doll levels of softness. He's wearing a ponytail by the way, which might be something you need for that next custom - or something that just won't work.

While I wish the hair was a bit more realistic, I do think that the basic head sculpt is better than the paint application is showing us.

The hands are a little large, but do work well with the accessories and with most poses.

Paint - **1/2
Nope, you aren't really buying this guy for the paint job either. I suspect that the underlying sculpt would be a bit better with a higher end paint job.

Here, the hairline is rather sloppy, and the lips are atrocious. The eyes and eye brows aren't bad, but they are basic quality for a figure in this price range.

Articulation - ***1/2
I like the body quite a bit, called the Omega design. Actually, I believe this body was originally developed by Sea International, but Triad redesigned it with new ankles, wrists and neck joints.

The ball jointed neck is down at the torso, with the head and neck sculpted as one. It is another of those unique neck joints, so a simple swap with a Hot Toys head isn't going to work. It works well though, allowing for tilting, leaning and turning.

If you buy a Omega body for customizing, they do come with a neck post similar to the TrueType however, so swapping heads on a regular Omega should be pretty easy.

The rest of the body is very HT like, although not quite as good. The new ankles are just like the TrueType, and work extremely well. The wrists are great as well, but some of the other joints - like the ball jointed shoulders - could use a little better range of movement. Still, the Omega is a decent TrueType substitute, with a realistic hang and tight joints.

Accessories - ***
There's a fairly decent number of accessories, although not quite as many as you might expect for an undercover agent.

He does have the required shades, done in a high tech silver and black. They are sculpted to fit very close to his face, but are a little toy-ish in sculpt. I was considering popping them on my Jack Bauer, but they just don't look like something he'd wear.

There's also the necessary semi-automatic handgun, with a moving slide action. The slide is not spring loaded, so you can easily move it back and it stays in position, perfect for a cocking pose.

There's two clips for the gun as well. One can go in it of course, and the other can be placed in its appropriate spot on his shoulder harness.

Speaking of the harness, it's made from real leather, and has easily adjustable straps. The gun goes under the left arm, while up to two clips can be stored under the right. The flaps are a little tricky to work with, and utilize the old style hole/peg closure that can tear if you don't take care. The gun and clips do fit in their respective places nicely though, and the flaps can be closed with a little effort.

You might be thinking about using this harness for Jack too, but I think it might be a bit too large, even with the adjustable straps. The body on Indigo is very broad through the shoulders, much like a TrueType.

There's also a Teflon/Kevlar armor style flak vest, which fits over his head and wraps around his midsection with velcro straps. It looks good, although the plastic 'teflon' armor in front is a little thick.

He doesn't come with any additional hands, which was a bit of a disappointment, since his right is sculpted to hold the weapon, and really doesn't look too good in any other pose.

Interestingly enough, he does not come with any sort of display stand. He certainly doesn't need one, but it's become so common in the current sixth scale market to include one, that there might be an expectation that's not being met here. I didn't miss the stand, but others may.

Outfit - ***1/2
The longer I played around with this figure, posing and shooting it, the more I liked the outfit. 

It's tailored to fit the Omega body well, and the materials and stitching are very high quality. The suit and pants have real pockets and properly sized buttons, and the coat even has a high quality lining.

The pinstriping is well done, and gives the suit a bit more classs, even if pin stripes haven't been 'in' for awhile.

The pants use velcro at the zipper rather than any snap, and this avoids any odd bumps or weird lumps.

The white shirt is, well, a white shirt. The collar is slightly better to scale than some recent versions we've seen, and it's tailored for the wide shoulders of the Omega. It fits a TT body well too, but it's worth noting that the sleeves are sewn shut. There's no snap or velcro at the wrists, so to put it on or remove it, you need to remove the hands. This is very easy of course, and in fact, I like that these are sewn tighter to the wrists. It means that when you put the jacket on over the shirt, the sleeves are less likely to ride up the arms and bunch up around the elbows.

The belt is real leather, thick, and with an actual buckle that works great. This is certainly a belt that could be swapped on to your Jack Bauer.

The shoes are real leather too, with hard soles. These real leather uppers are shiny and soft, and have actual laces that tie. However, since the leather is soft, you can remove and put on the shoes without untying them.

I really like the shoes in person. In photos, there's something odd about the shape of the sole and how it bends up in the center, but in person these look much more realistic than the average shoe sculpt.

That leaves us with the tie. I didn't like this tie at first, since the knot looks square. But after playing with it a bit, and realizing how much I could adjust it, I started to appreciate the simple design.

You see, it's just a thin piece of material wrapped over an elastic band, and then held in place with a small circle of the same material. The knot looks square because there is no knot, just the material draped over the elastic. After I futzed with it awhile, I really liked the simple design. The material is a little thin though, allowing the white of the shirt to show through in certain light, and it does tend to stick out from the body like every tie in this scale. I need to make a tiny wire tie hook to hold this thing in place.

Fun Factor - ***
While this guy is too expensive for most kids, they'd still have fun with it. The accessories are generally sturdy, although the gun harness is a little delicate. Even at a higher price point, he makes a great bad guy for kid's into sixth scale figures, and who's dad is Donald Trump.

Value - **
This isn't a licensed product, so you don't expect it to be too expensive, but the clothing, body and accesories are what drive the price up.

These figures make nice background characters to sixth scale dioramas, and the costumes and accessories can work with other licensed characters. Suits from Triad can cost as much as $40 on their own, so the price tag isn't too surprising...but it's still ten or fifteen bucks to much to get an average value here.

Things To Watch Out For
Not a thing. The figure is sturdy, the clothing is well made, and none of the accessories was prone to damage. I would take a little care with the flaps on the holster, but they should handle basic use.

Overall - ***
I'm not really feeling the head sculpt or the paint job (those lips drive me nuts), but the body, outfit and accessories are all great for various custom jobs.

The final photo on the left shows the Bruce Wayne head from Hot Toys on a TrueType body wearing the Agent Indigo suit. After futzing with the shoulders a bit, I think it works quite well. Oh, the head on the Bruce Wayne is too small, but that's not the suit's problem. Remember, that's a Hot Toys TT body in the photo, and that head would look too small on their own body no matter what suit he's wearing. I think that if I do a soaking of the suit, and iron the shirt and tie, that the fit should end up pretty good on the TT body. Or conversely, I may see if I can find a way to get a spare neck post for Indigo's Omega body, and swap Bruce's head.

Score Recap:
Packaging - **
Sculpting - **1/2
Paint - **1/2
Articulation - ***1/2
Accessories - ***
Outfit - ***
Fun Factor - ***
Value - **
Overall - *** 

Where to Buy -
Your best bet is direct from Triad, or you can search ebay for a deal.

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Witness Security and Protection Agent Indigo sixth scale action figure by Triad Toys

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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