Sinful Suzie - Little Minxies
Moore Studios

Sinful Sizie Little Minxies statue by Moore Studios

I really like the recent trend of many of the female comic book collectibles and designs leaning towards a more classic pin-up style look. The more voluptuous, curvy appearance is a welcome departure from the Twiggy fixation.

Moore Studios is joining this trend with a new series of solid PVC statues (think Kotobukiya) that combines cuteness and curves with some interesting characters. They are called, appropriately, Little Minxies.

The first statue is Sinful Suzi, based on the pin-up artwork of the character by Joe Linsner. The design and sculpt are by collaborators Manuel Carraso and Clayburn Moore.

As I said, this is the debut statue, and they have already announced Aphrodite IX (from Top Cow) and Kabuki (from David Mack). Each of these statues will retail in the range of $45 - $70, depending on the costs and edition size.

Suzi is on the cheaper side of that range, coming in at just $45. She's a limited edition of 3000, and is shipping now.

Packaging - ***
Suzi rests comfortably in a single plastic tray inside a small window box. Everything is completely collector friendly - no need to damage the packaging to remove her. While there's no Certificate of Authenticity, the edition number and size are printed both on the box and on the bottom of the statue itself.
Click on the photo below for a life size version
Sinful Sizie Little Minxies statue by Moore Studios
Sinful Sizie Little Minxies statue by Moore Studios
Sinful Sizie Little Minxies statue by Moore Studios
Sinful Sizie Little Minxies statue by Moore Studios
Sinful Sizie Little Minxies statue by Moore Studios

Sculpting - ***1/2
I've mentioned more than once how much I like this particular style of art, due to it's nostalgia and sexiness. Suzi isn't wearing much - thigh high black boots and a thong to match - and she's clutching her pitchfork to her ample bosom, covering up the naughty bits. 

There's not a ton of detail work in the hair or textures, but the facial features are well done. She's casting a seductive look back over her left shoulder, and a lot of consideration was put into the exact pose of the arms, legs and head to get the maximum effect.

There are a few seam lines that detract from certain angles. and the small, lightweight plastic base that she comes attached to feels a bit inconsequential, but overall I'm really digging the style.

Paint - **
Unfortunately, the production paint work isn't quite as nice as the sculpt, at least not on the statue I received.

The colors are good, and I like the bright white contrasted with the black boots and blue hair. But there appears to be quite a bit of dirt in the paint, leaving small bumps here and there. I'm also not digging the use of a black wash on the hair, which ended up heavy in spots and non-existent in others.

The best work is on the eyes, where the devilish shape and color really pops. Most of the cut lines are clean as well, particularly when you consider the price point.

Value - ***
Most statues in this size are running around $65 - $75. The Bombshells are slightly larger - with a more elaborate base - but they run over $100.

To pick up a statue in the $45 range is quite unusual these days, especially one in that 'limited edition' category. While this is a bit of a niche product, I suspect the 3000 produced will find homes pretty quickly at this price point.

Things to Watch Out For -
If you're picking one out at the comic shop, look for the best paint job you can. Otherwise, you should be good to go!

Overall - ***
As a debut statue in a new line, Suzi shows off the potential of the style, with several of the growing pains we've come to expect.

She's a bit more basic than the two statues to follow this year, but that simplicity works in her favor. It also means a pretty sweet price, something far too rare these days. This is a line completists can get into without breaking the bank.

I am a bit disappointed by the production paint work however, and this is one of those growing pains I mentioned. It's also the most likely place to see issues at a lower price point, but it's also where they'll need to do everything they can to tighten things up if they want the line to really take off.

I'm really looking forward to the next two statues in this line - both are much more complex than Suizi, and will really give Moore a chance to show what they can do with this concept.

Score Recap:
Packaging - ***
Sculpting - ***1/2
Paint - **
Value - ***
Overall - ***

Where to Buy -
Online options include these site sponsors:

- Things From Another World has Suzi and Kabuki for just $40 each, while Aphrodite is $52.

- Entertainment Earth has Suzi for $45.

- Big Bad Toy Store is also at $45.

- Alter Ego Comics doesn't have Suzi, but they do have Aphrodite on pre-order for $50.

- Urban Collector doesn't have her either, but comes in at $47 for Aphrodite.

- or you can search ebay for a deal.

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Sinful Sizie Little Minxies statue by Moore Studios

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