X-men Juggernaut


Master customizer Jin Saotome is back tonight with a great review of the new X-men Juggernaut figure - take it away, Jin!

Jin Saotome here, back with my second review for Mike! Today I picked up the new X-Men Juggernaut figure after finding the new wave on the pegs at Wal Mart. ToyBiz didn’t get around to making X3 movie figures so we got a new X-Men line instead with various different renditions of out favorite characters. This Juggernaut is not how we remember him in the comics however, instead having ‘artistic license’ taken to him like the other characters in the set. When I first heard they were making another Juggy I was ecstatic! Until I saw the pics… what the hell was this? First Cyber Spiderman, now Cyber Juggernaut? Bleh. However I absolutely fell in love the figure when I found him on the shelf. He reminds me of some futuristic football player or some totally new character.

Packaging - **1/2
It’s basically your ToyBiz blister-card with an x-shape cut to it and images of prominent characters at the top. It’s nothing to write home about and looks fairly generic among all the other types of packaging, a large ‘X-Men’ logo pasted at the bottom. Juggy takes up almost the entire bubble however, his head almost touching the top!

Sculpting - ****
Simply amazing, Juggy’s sculpt far exceeds what I was expecting for the character! In fact all the characters of this X-Men line have excellent sculpts, but Juggernaut’s is just wowing. He’s tall too, but not super muscular. His armor is pitted and nicked as if he’s been running into a lot of walls (or x-men, heh) and looks plated with all sorts of overlapping sections held together by rivets. His wrist/shin joints are hidden under the overlapping sections and are almost invisible until you turn them, very cool! His feet are odd-looking, but in a good way. There are extended sections on the sides like grips that give them a very all-terrain, rugged look. The helmet looks great but it’s what’s underneath that will really wow you. Juggy’s head sculpt is one of the best I’ve ever seen! The wrinkles, grimaced mouth, and those pissed-off looking eyes! He’s even missing a tooth or two, maybe that helmet of his isn’t rated for head-on crashes.

Paint - ****
Juggy’s paint job is one of the better ones in the set, full of dark shading and metallic highlights. All the tiny rivets are painted in and there’s very little slop between the red/yellow/black sections of his suit surprisingly. The dark red and silver sections are really nice with airbrushed shading to make them look worn and dirty. Once again his face is absolutely amazing, the paint work on it detailed and clean! The eyes are particularly impressive with an evil beady look in them. His mouth and eyes have a gloss to them that really works well to make his face look that much more realistic. Why can’t they do their Marvel Legends this well???

Articulation - ***
Juggernaut’s articulation is what you’ve come to expect with ToyBiz’s current offerings like their Marvel legends series so I’ll just touch upon the interesting points. All of Juggy’s fingers are articulated and almost make a decent fist. His wrist tilts down, but at such an extreme angle it looks like he’s trying to pull off the Spiderman web-line move. It doesn’t do anything but look funky and they could of left it out as you’ll be posing your Juggy with his wrists straight. His waist turns but his spring-loaded punching action feature makes it snap back into place so he can’t hold a sideways pose. His arms also have an action feature that kinda gets in the way, but you can still click them into different positions unlike the waist. Juggy’s hips are at that odd downward angle instead of straight out but works to make him stand really nicely with his legs almost together.

Accessories - **
Juggernaut comes with his helmet… and…. that’s it. I would of liked some sort of gauntlets to make his fists look bigger or some break-down wall diorama maybe. All the other X-Men figures in this set come with a plethora of gadgets, weapons, and utility stuff while Juggy only comes with his trusty helmet. But hey, he has two built-in action features instead. Wait… uh-oh.

Action Feature - **
Yep, being a kid’s line this Juggernaut is hit with the dreaded action features. They’re not too bad however this time around however. First, he has a button on his back that you press to get his arms swinging in the classic back-n-forth punching motion. 

The other is a spring-loaded waist that lets him deliver a crushing right-handed punch that’s pretty strong and sends my other figures back a few inches. Good news is that you can yank the button out and his shoulders will still click to hold different positions, his waist however keeps him looking straight ahead.  

Value - ***1/2
He’s seven to eight bucks and for that you get a pretty nice figure that’s got a great paint job, awesome design, and is fairly well articulated. You don’t get all the cool accessories like the other figures in the series have tho.

Things to Watch Out For - 
Not much. Check your paint job being as he’s a mass-market figure and make sure the joints don’t look all stretched out or anything.

Overall - ***
Juggernaut is a totally redesigned character and looks great even if he’s not comic accurate. He’s big too and makes for a cool villain if nothing else. His action features and odd articulation keep him from being a 4-star figure, but he’s close. You can find him at Wal Mart, Toys R Us, KayBee, and maybe Target. 

This is Jin Saotome saying thanks for checking out the review and look forward to more!

Score Recap
Packaging: **1/2
Sculpting: ****
Paint: ****
Articulation: ***
Accessories: **
Action Feature: **
Value: ***1/2
Overall: ***

Figure from the collection of Jin Saotome.

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