Toothpaste Heads

Tooth Paste Heads by Black Lab Products

This isn't exactly a product review tonight...more of a product feature. I wouldn't even begin to know how to judge these little guys, so instead I'll tell you about them, so them in action, and let you decide.

A company called Black Lab Products got lots of press and attention with their first release, called Spread Heads,  I looked at these awhile back over at Quick Stop, and I have to admit my kids think they are hilarious. Of course, at eight, things spewing out of nostrils is comedic nirvana.

Their newest release is called Toothpaste Heads, and as the name implies, these little caps fit on the usual sized tooth paste tube, replacing the cap that it came with.

There are two to choose from - Pete the dog, and Oscar the cat. That way it doesn't matter if you're dog people or cat people, you can have a toothpaste cap that fits your lifestyle.

The caps cost about five bucks each, and are available directly from the company website, but I'm sure Neimann Marcus will have them on the shelves any day now.
Toothpaste Heads by Black Lab Products
toothpaste heads by Black Lab Products
toothpaste heads by Black Lab Products
toothpaste heads by Black Lab Products
It looks to me like Pete is ill, no doubt from eating too much grass, or getting into the garbage again. He has every indication that he's going to toss his kibble, with puffy cheeks and bugging eyes. He even looks a little sorry about it, and he's clearly left pawed, since that's the one he's using to try to keep his mouth closed.

On the other hand, or paw, there's Oscar. It looks to me like Oscar isn't sad at all, but like most cats, he's using his right paw to stifle his Cheshire grin, just before he hawks a huge hairball up on the rug. Stupid cats.

On the inside of their paws is a long peg that fits tightly inside their mouth. You can attach the cap to the tube by pressing it down on the neck. The fit is very tight, and should keep the paste fresh and sanitary. Certainly fresher and more sanitary than at my house, where it seems that no one is capable of replacing a toothpaste cap, even if their lives depended on it.  And some days, it does.

Since the hole in the mouth is smaller than the normal hole on a tube of toothpaste, your kids are less likely to spew it out all over the countertop, a big plus in my book.

Will this encourage them to brush their teeth? That's a tough one, but they will find the silly heads amusing, and any time you can find a way to make a dull, routine, necessary chore more interesting to kids, you're doing a smart thing.

The caps are very sturdy and well made, and clearly dishwasher safe.

And even if the kids don't like it, at least He-man thought it was great fun! By the way, the final photo is in no way an advertisement for Crest, unless they want to pay me.

Where to Buy -
The caps cost about $5 each, and you can get them from the company website directly (either Pete or Oscar), and I'm sure that the finer stores will be carrying them as well.

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toothpaste heads by Black Lab Products

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