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Jin Saotome is back with a look at a terrific figure from DST - take it away, Jin!

These days the rising costs of figures are hitting collectors hard and it’s rare that people feel they got their money’s worth. Gone are the days of $8 Marvel Legends figures or $5 GI Joes. Companies tried to blame oil prices, and then it was inflation or the economy in general. There’s often a bit of buyer’s remorse when you shell out over $15 for a mass-market, average paint app, 6” DC Universe figure these days.  So on the rare occasion when a figure comes out that meets or even exceeds your expectations related to the price you paid it’s definitely worth mentioning. Today it’s an unstoppable force. Today…it’s the Marvel Select Juggernaut by Diamond Select toys! There are two versions of him, one with the helmet on and a variant without the helmet. How does this massive force of destruction stand up against today’s market and discriminating collector eye? Let’s find out.

Packaging - **
The same as the rest of the Marvel Select Packaging, Juggy’s is your basic reinforced blister card. It’s huge of course to contain his massive bulk and shows off the figure well including some awesome side-panel art and a bio about Cain Marko on the back. The problem with the packaging lies with the figure, he’s just too heavy for the card! Even though the hook is reinforced with plastic the glue is already separating and the whole front bubble is literally sagging off the card.

Some tape will fix that up but you’ll have to do that yourself as certain companies tape the bubble down but not DS at this point. Still the packaging gets the job done. I just fear it will detach over time, especially if you have it standing up or hanging. Store him flat on his back.

Sculpting - ****
Right on the back it says “Sculpted by Gentle Giant” and boy does their work shine. GG is the company that sculpts those amazing Mini Busts Mike is always reviewing and has done many action figure sculpts in the past.

Juggernaut is a testament to their skill and displays detail on a level you don’t really see on mass-market figures these days. If he didn’t have joints Juggernaut could easily be mistaken for a statue!

The detailed costume is leathery looking and full of rippling muscle definition. Juggy’s armor bands and helmet have a hammer-copper look to them and the bolts on the helmet itself look great. Though the helmet doesn’t come off you can see his face sculpt underneath full of rage, or is that sadistic glee? Juggy’s boots are wrinkled and textured, even having sculpted tread on the bottom.
 I was really surprised with the level of detail here because frankly it looks better than any of my other Marvel Select figures. Gentle Giant did a wonderful job of blending the joints in with the sculpt and using very small peg holes you won’t really notice at all.

Paint - ****
A great sculpt can be brought to even higher levels with great paint applications and that’s what we have here. There’s virtually no slop on Juggernaut with crisp definition where the bands sit on the skin along with wonderful looking dark reds/browns used. He has airbrushed shading in all of his muscles and lighter red highlights in places where they could have just left him molded in color. His skin tone is highlighted in a natural way and even has a bit of gloss inside the muscle like he’s been sweating after a long hard day of pounding the X-men into the ground.

There are highlights of a copperish bronze on his helmet, knuckle, and arm bands that make it look quite like real metal, not too heavy either, just a light drybrushing that brings out that hammered metal look I was describing earlier. His boots are a lighter red than his outfit and stand out well without looking comical. Juggernaut has some huge feet!

Articulation ***
At first glance you might think he’s an unarticulated brick. I mean that’s normally how large, stocky figures end up. But Gentle Giant worked some great articulation into Juggy’s massive frame. His head is pretty much just a swivel because of the large helmet but we’ll let that slide as it’s dictated by the design. Juggy’s shoulders have excellent range being ball joints that allow him to reach straight out and even above his head. His elbows do their job and bicep cuts allow for some nice punching positions. The only complaint (and this happens with lots of larger figures) is that there’s no wrist joint so you can’t pose Juggy doing an uppercut.
The abdominal hinge is well hidden and allows you to hunch him forward a great deal, important for any running-through-buildings-or-cars poses. At the waist he has ball jointed hips that combined with the knee allow you to give him basic running poses. Mind you he’s not going to be doing any high-kicks or splits, we’re talking about Juggernaut here. Juggy is a bit of an oddity when you get to the ankles however. Where almost all figures have the pin joint running through one side of the ankle to the other allow forward/back tilting, he has the joint running front to back. This gives excellent side-to-side motion but only limited stepping-forward range.

I heated the foot and got it to move a bit more and it seems like there may be a ball joint lower in the foot. Either way it was a first seeing the pin joint positioned in this way.

Accessories - **
Two stars and I’m being generous here….VERY generous. Juggernaut comes with a diorama, yay! But the diorama is only half his size, what? You get a small 4”x6” cardboard cutout that fits into a curve plastic stand.

One side has an explosion (or a sunrise coming up behind clouds depending on your mindset, hah) and the other a demolished city. But it’s so tiny it does nothing, looking like a joke behind Juggernaut. If they included this with the smaller 3 ” Marvel Universe Juggernaut, sure. But I was expecting Juggy’s cardback to unfold into something huge, he’s 9” tall! DS could have just ditched this accessory and added those wrist cuts into the budget.

Value - ****
Juggernaut is three pounds of plastic, nine inches of terror, all for a mere $17. He’s painted with amazing paint apps, has great articulation, and sculpted like a statue by Gentle Giant. You simply don’t see that kind of value in figures these days. Toys R Us raised their DC Universe 6” figures to $18! Mattel has Masters of the Universe classics for $20 (plus shipping) and while they’re nice figures… JUGGERNAUT IS STILL THREE POUNDS OF PLASTIC. After purchasing him you’ll feel like you’ve just ripped off Diamond Select and should be running to your car for a quick getaway. THAT is how I want to feel EVERY TIME I purchase a figure. Like I’ve finally got my money’s worth.

Fun Factor - ****
If your kid can lift Juggernaut, he can have some serious fun bowling over other figures and having him stomp through lego walls! This figure is three pounds of solid plastic though and could easily break a glass table, or a head if thrown. Drop him on your foot and I guarantee you’ll be in for a broken arch! Massive block of awesomeness he is, your kid, and you will have fun playing destruction derby. Juggernaut is one of those Marvel characters that looks intimidating and even my 5yo nephew knows who he is exclaiming “De Jugguwut!” You tell em kiddo, he’s unstupbubble!

Overall - ***1/2
Amazing sculpt, amazing paint apps, decent articulation, serious heft, classic look, uh…crappy accessory, all for a Jackson. If you’re taking him out of the package then disregard that packaging score. And honestly I could care less about some backdrop. Juggernaut is going to be one of 2011’s best figures. Watch out about dropping him on small children or pets and get ready for an unstoppable amount of fun!

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