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It's been a little while since our last giveaway, so let's do a big one!  It's a the Outer Limits Gwyllm figure!  This fantastic figure from one of the best classic science fiction show can be yours absolutely free - just fill out the form below!

I have a list of a ten very cool Outer Limits aliens and monsters below.  Please check your two favorites that you'd like to see Sideshow do.  Don't forget your email address, since that's the only way I'll be able to contact you.  

Since I got started a little late this month, I'll run the giveaway through the fourth of July weekend.  Good luck and thanks for your participation!

GENERAL RULES - only one entry per unique email. You can go ahead and enter as many times as you like, but I'll delete any that aren't from unique emails.

Also, you need to respond with your snail mail address within one week of the notification of winning.  If you don't, I'll pull another winner!

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Enter your email address:

Please select two (only two!) of the following:

Alien from Second Chance
(second photo)

Monster from Architect of Fear
Calco Galaxy Alien Venusian
Luminoids Andro
(second photo)
Chili Charlie

Alien from O.B.I.T.
(second photo)

Chameleon (Mace Alien) Bi Frost Alien

Some of the above images are from the two great sites for buying science fiction toys and models - the SciFi Station, and Monsters in Motion.  Check them out!

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