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MONDAY, JULY 20, 2015
SPONSOR NEWS! News from Alter Ego Comics:


Hot Toys Ant-Man Sixth Scale Figure
Mad Love Harley Quinn Statue
Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Batman Statue
Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice Superman Statue
Green Arrow Black Canary Statue
The Dark Knight Returns 30th Anniversary Action Figure 2 Pack
The Joker and Harley Quinn Statue (Second Edition)
DC Comics Bombshells The Joker and Harley Quinn Statue (Second Edition)
Gotham City Garage Harley Quinn Statue (Updated)
The Flash ARTFX Statue


Godzilla Maquette - Last one!
Cad Bane in Denal Disguise Sixth Scale Figure
Batman Black and White Statue by Mike Mignola (Second Edition)

TUESDAY, JULY 14, 2015
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eFX Avengers Captain America Shield Replica

SPONSOR NEWS! News from Big Bad Toy Store:

-------------- NEW PRE-ORDERS --------------

FT-03 QUAKE WAVE Fan’s Toys is reissuing fan favorite FT-03 Quake Wave, and this time it features a segmented looking hose. You can also get a more cartoon accurate dark purple color with FT-03T. Both FT-03 and FT-03T are listed for $154.99. We also have the limited edition FT-03C version that features translucent body, arms and upper legs and is listed for $194.99.

NEW DC COLLECTIBLES We have listed a ton of new preorders from DC Collectibles including great lineups like Batman The Animated Series/The New Batman Adventures, DC Comics Icons, and DC Designer Series Figures. This list also includes new figures from the hit CW television series Arrow as well as The Flash, Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice 1/6 Scale Statues, and Batman Arkham Knight figures.

NEW NECA ANNOUNCEMENTS NECA is making a ton of new figure announcements and we have gathered them into one handy list for you! Fans of the 1/4 Scale figures can now get their hands on Iron Man Mark XLIII, Christian Bale (Batman), and Predator; horror movie collectors will find Jason Video Game Appearance, Retro Cloth Dream Warriors Freddy, and Leatherface Video Game Appearance; and if you loved Home Alone, you will find figures of Kevin and the two burglars! Find all these great items and more here:

BATMAN VS SUPERMAN DAWN OF JUSTICE STATUES We are happy to bring to you the first set of collectibles available from the much anticipated Batman vs. Superman movie. We have three exciting statues which are Batman, Superman, and an Armored Batman. $119.99 each

ALIENS 7 INCH FIGURES Series 6 in the best-selling Alien action figure collection is a tribute to Alien Isolation, the acclaimed video game that continued Ripley's story through her daughter, Amanda. The assortment includes two versions of Amanda (one in a jumpsuit and one in a spacesuit) and the Isolation Xenomorph. Each figure is highly articulated and entirely authentic to the video game and range from 7 to 10 inches tall. We have the set of 3 listed for $62.99 or you can get them in the case of 14 for $269.99

FT-14 FORAGER - EARLY BIRD SAVE $8 With the introduction of FT-14 Fans Toys has now completed their insect battler trio. Forager is able to transform from robot to grasshopper and is priced at an early bird deal of $74.99 is you order before September 30th.

T2 ULTIMATE SARAH CONNOR FIGURE We're proud to present our first ever Sarah Connor figure! This definitive collector's version is a heartfelt tribute to the character played to perfection by Linda Hamilton in the 1991 film. This deluxe 7" scale action figure features the authorized likeness of Linda Hamilton and over 25 points of articulation. To protect the future leader of the resistance, Sarah comes loaded with accessories: three interchangeable heads, removable tactical vest, plus rifle, shotgun, handgun and knife. $21.99

BATMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES/THE NEW BATMAN ADVENTURES Fans of the critically acclaimed Batman the Animated Series/The New Batman Adventures will be excited to add these new figures to their collections! Commissioner Gordon, Ra’s Al Ghul, Zatanna, and the Etrigan & Klarion Two-Pack all feature alternate hands and character specific accessories for a ton of playability and display options! Gordon, Ra’s, and Zatanna are listed for $21.99 each and the Etrigan & Klarion Two-Pack is listed for $39.99

DC COMICS ICONS FIGURES The fourth series in the DC Comics Icons 6 inch figure lineup brings you Firestorm, Green Lantern John Stewert and The Joker. Each figure features a highly detailed paint application and character specific accessories. $21.99 each

NEW CTHULHU ITEMS The 12" Cthulhu features a swivel head, jointed arms, wrists, and legs. he comes in a cool vintage style box and is priced at $79.99. The Necronomicon collector box includes background and altar playset standees (FIGURES NOT INCLUDED), Legends of Cthulhu coloring/activity book, Cthulhu sew-on patch, Society of Cthulhu Investigators letter from “The Professor”, Society of Cthulhu Investigators pin, Society of Cthulhu Investigators ring, Legends of Cthulhu stickers, and a Legends of Cthulhu poster and is listed for $39.99.

NEW TOYWORLD The fourth and fifth figures in ToyWorld’s dino combiner series are up for preorder! TW-D04 transforms from a robot into a fierce triceratops and TW-D05 transformers from a robot into a fierce Pterodactyl and they are listed for $114.99 each. And for those of you who missed out, here is your second chance to pick up TW-T03 Trace (Gestalt Part 3) and TW-T01 Grind Rod (Gestalt Part 1). These two fantastic figures are listed for $59.99 each.

ALIENS ULTRA DELUXE GENOCIDE RED QUEEN Hot on the heels of our massive Xenomorph Queen, the equally spectacular Red Queen is based on her appearance in the classic Alien: Genocide comic book mini-series published by Dark Horse. The Ultra Deluxe Red Queen stands over 15" tall and is over 30" long, with over 30 points of articulation, including a spectacular poseable tail. She's completely in scale with our current Aliens action figure line, and features a new head crest and all-new deco. $104.99

BATMAN RETURNS CATWOMAN MAQUETTE This highly detailed 1:6 scale maquette features a stunning likeness of Michelle Pfeiffer in her iconic catsuit as seen in Batman Returns. The feline vixen is poised atop a Gotham City base, ready to whip into action. This Catwoman Maquette is the perfect addition to your Batman collection. $259.99

BATMAN ARKHAM KNIGHT FIGURES No Batman collection is complete without these intricately sculpted and highly detailed figures based on their appearance in the highly anticipated Batman: Arkham Knight video game. Each of the figures stand 6.75 inches tall and come with character specific weapons and/or accessories. Joining the lineup is Azrael, Man-Bat and Professor Pyg. $21.99 each

DC DESIGNER FIGURES BY LEE BERMEJO DC Collectibles is continuing their Designer Figure Series with Green Lantern, Superman, Lex Luthor, and Batman. These four icons of the DC Universe have all new looks based on the artistry of American comic book artist Lee Bermejo and come with alternate hands and character specific accessories. $21.99 each

DC DESIGNER FIGURES BY DARWYN COOKE Joining the DC Designer Series, Adam Strange, Batman, Supergirl with Krypto and Streaky, and Harley Quinn feature all new looks based on the artistry of Canadian comic book writer and artist Darwyn Cooke. $21.99 each

DC DESIGNER FIGURES BY GREG CAPULLO The fourth series of DC Designer figures by American comic book artist Greg Capullo brings you his versions of Wonder Woman and The Joker. Wonder Woman comes with a sword and The Joker comes with an axe and revolver. $21.99 each BADCUBE OLD TIME SERIES SunSurge is the latest to join BadCube’s Old Time Series. This cool new figure transforms from a robot to a street racing speedster. $104.99

HEROES OF THE STORM SERIES 02 Created in collaboration with Blizzard, these fantastic figures feature game-authentic sculpts and nearly 30 points of articulation for great battle poses. Series 2 includes Arthas (World of Warcraft™) and Tyrael (Diablo III™). Arthas comes with Frostmourne sword accessory, and Tyrael comes with El'Druin sword accessory. Each figure is priced at $24.99 or get the set for $41.99.

JASON VOORHEES VIDEO GAME APPEARANCE Based on his appearance in the classic Friday the 13th video game, released in 1989 for the popular 8-bit home console, Jason stands 7" and has over 25 points of articulation for great poses. The figure comes with machete, axe, harpoon gun and removable mask, plus new mother's head accessory. New paint deco reproduces the game's pixilated look; and not only does the window box packaging re-create the look and feel of the classic video game cartridge box, lift the front flap and it plays music from the game, too! $21.99

DX GEKIATSU DAI OH MECHA Gekiatsu Dai Oh is a combiner composed of six figures: HouhouMaru (Phoenix), GenbuMaru (Turtle), SeiryuuMaru (Dragon), ByakkoMaru (White Tiger), PandaMaru (Panda), and MagoiMaru (Black Carp). These six figures are also able to combine with Lion Ha Oh to form Ha Oh Gekiatsu Dai Oh! Gekiatsu Dai Oh also is able to fire projectiles from his chest. $104.99

RAIDEN NENDOROID FIGURE From "Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty" comes a Nendoroid of the main character of the Plant chapter, Raiden who has been faithfully shrunk into Nendoroid size! Optional parts include his hand gun and assault rifle, a cardboard box as well as a naked body allowing you to recreate various popular scenes from the game! A special expression drawn for the Nendoroid by Yoji Shinkawa, the game's art director, is also included! $54.99

THREE KINGDOMS 1/6 SCALE ZHANG FEI Zhang Fei (courtesy name Yide) was a military general who served under the warlord Liu Bei in the early Three Kingdoms period. In the year 221 Liu Bei declared himself emperor and promoted Zhang Fei to General of Chariots and Cavalry, but later that year Zhang Fei was assassinated by subordinates when they defected from the army. This amazingly detailed figure depicts the great general in full armor and comes with a ton of accessories. We also have his warhorse, in full battle regalia to create a great display in your 1/6 scale historical or military figure collection. Zang Fei is listed for $184.99 and his horse is listed for $99.99; or you can get them together in a set for $294.99.

FALLOUT MYSTERY MINIS Just in-time for the widely anticipated Fallout 4, this series merges the post-apocalyptic Fallout charm with the compact gamble of Mystery Mini figures! Each box is a 1 out of 12 chance to produce a Lone Wanderer or villains like the Brotherhood of Steel and Super Mutant! Perhaps your box holds a member of the Tunnel Snake gang or a murderous Raider! These Mystery Minis also include depictions of Fallout player perks like the Black Widow, Nerd Rage, and Grim Reaper’s Sprint! Get the blind box of 12 for $69.99 or take a chance with a random single for $7.99.

PLATINUM EDITION TRIPLE CHANGERS Blitzwing and Astrotrain unleash multiple modes of mayhem on the ground, in the air, and in outer space. Can the Triple Changers be stopped? Gear up for triple Transformers action with these 3-in-1 Triple Changers! Your Blitzwing figure is a robot menace with a sword in one hand and a blaster in the other. He can take the battle over the ground in tank mode or to the sky in jet mode! He'll be the perfect ally for your Astrotrain figure, who can rumble to battle in train mode or take it off the ground in space shuttle mode! Can the Autobots hope to contend with this multi-mode menaces? It's all up to you! $79.99

GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS CHAMPIONSHIP THREE PACK It was a golden season for the Golden State Warriors! After finishing the 2014-15 season with a NBA-best record and a franchise record 67 wins and posting the second best home record in NBA history, the Golden State Warriors ended a forty year drought and claimed their fourth NBA Championship. Each highly-detailed figure in this three-pack is depicted in their blue uniform with the official NBA Finals patch and showcased on a basketball sectional base with the Golden State Warriors NBA Championship logo. As an added bonus, each 3-pack will include one scaled replica NBA Championship Trophy and one NBA MVP Trophy (Curry). $39.99

THE HOBBIT ENVIRONMENTS In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit. Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole. It was a hobbit-hole, and that means comfort. The Green Dragon Inn environment is an exacting miniature replica of the favorite watering hole of the hobbits and is listed for $129.99; and the 35 Bagshot Row environment features the distinctive brick and thatch-roofed extension that is the home of Mr. Bilbo Baggins and is listed for $39.99.

CHINESE RAILWAY GUERRILLA FIGURE This 1/6 scale figure is wearing a Tang suit with an Eighth Route Army fatigue cap and includes a belt with holster to hold his Mauser C96 pistol. This cool figure also comes with a die-cast metal and wooden rail track section diorama that will make it the centerpiece of your 1/6 scale collection! $139.99

1/6 SCALE L129A1 SNIPER RIFLES These highly detailed British sniper rifles are in the 1/6 scale making them perfect for any 1/6 scale military figure collection. They feature the S&B Sight, holographic battle sight, folding fore-grip, tactical bi-pods, Laser Light Module, both the P-Mag and STANAG 7.62mm magazines and come with a display stand. We have versions 01 and 02 in black, olive, and tan for $39.99 each.

AGE OF ULTRON LEGENDS FOUR PACK EXCLUSIVE It's going to take all the might of the Avengers to defeat Ultron -- and you can start assembling the team with this Marvel Legends 4-pack! With Thor's incredible hammer at the ready, Hawkeye's bow poised, Black Widow's batons in hand, and Bruce Banner's super smarts in the game, the battle is set to begin! These Thor, Marvel's Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Bruce Banner figures feature movie-inspired designs that let you imagine the Avengers taking on Ultron. Who will be the victor? It's all in your hands! Assemble your good guys to join the fight for humanity! $114.99

FIREFLY TALL CARD GAME Your cries have been heard, Browncoats - straight out of the Firefly ‘verse comes Tall Card! With rules and artwork inspired by the game played on Firefly, Tall Card will make you feel like you’re a fellow crew member aboard Serenity! Each box includes over 45 cards, including the round ‘Tall Cards’ as seen on Firefly! Also included are more than 50 additional cards so you can create your own games and pass the hours away as you drift from planet to planet. Whether you’re just lookin’ to kill some time between jobs or you’re hoping to trade off some chores, Tall Card is a must-own for any die-hard Firefly fan! $17.99

----------- NEW ARRIVALS ------------

COMBINER WARS TITAN CLASS DEVASTATOR This awesome box set is in stock now! Combine and attack with the most destructive Decepticon yet with the Construction figures in this Devastator set! The set includes 6 Voyager Class Construction figures: Construction Scrapper, Construction Hook, Construction Bonecrusher, Construction Long Haul, Construction Mixmaster and Construction Scavenger. Every one of these warriors converts from robot to vehicle mode and back, and in vehicle mode they can build or destroy whatever the battle calls for, whether it's Construction Long Haul hauling debris as a semi-truck or Construction Scrapper shoveling it up as a forklift. But when the battle calls for total warfare, they'll combine to form the terrifying, 18-inch Devastator! $139.99

MIRACLE ACTION FIGURE EX BATPOD Based on Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises, the Batpod Miracle Action Figure EX recreates the two-wheeled vehicle utilized by Batman and Catwoman in their desperate battle to save Gotham City from Bane. Scaled to match the Batman Miracle Action Figure EX, the Batpod can be displayed on its own or with the Batman figure (sold separately). $89.99

MORTAL KOMBAT X Mezco’s 6inch scale versions of Raiden, Sub-Zero and Scorpion feature 23 points of articulation, many with ball joints, allowing you to recreate all the moves and poses that have made them part of gaming legend. To ensure a game accurate likeness, correct to the finest detail, Mezco’s award-winning design team has digitally sculpted the figures using the digital files from the game developers themselves. We have them in stock now in a set of 3 for $52.99 or individually for $18.99 each.

2015 STAR WARS 3.75” BLACK SERIES 02 The second wave in 2015 of the 3.75” line of Black Series figures includes EPV C-3PO, Princess Leia (Boushh disguise), EPIV Mosep Binneed, Clone Wars Commander Thorn, EPV Han Solo with carbonite, and Jawas 2-pack. Get this set of 6 for $79.99. We also have the Case of 12 that includes six repeat figures from previous waves for $149.99.

WARBOTRON WB03-B WB03-B transforms from a robot to a sports car and also becomes the right leg of the mighty Warbotron combiner. $95.99

BATMAN 75TH ANNIVERSARY FOUR PACK SET 2 This special edition action figure 4-pack celebrates Batman's 75th Anniversary—with figures of the legendary Dark Knight based on the designs of Greg Capullo, Alex Ross, Frank Miller and his look in Super Friends. All four of the 6.75 inch tall figures come packaged in a special anniversary tin. $64.99

KAIJU OTACHI FLYING VERSION Get the latest ultra-deluxe kaiju action figure from Pacific Rim, the winged form of Otachi, with a massive wingspan of nearly 2 feet. It's extra-detailed, fully articulated and to scale with the Jaeger action figures, plus it includes the new Flight Stand that not only allows "in flight" poses, but can hold a Jaeger figure so Otachi can "carry" it aloft! Otachi also comes with interchangeable tongues, and the damaged tail stub on this figure can be removed to attach the full tail from the previously released Land Version of Otachi (sold separately). $64.99

MARVEL SELECT ANT-MAN EXCLUSIVE The smallest Marvel movie hero is now the next big Marvel Select action figure! From the upcoming Marvel Studios film, "Ant-Man," this 7-inch scale figure captures Paul Rudd as Ant-Man, with detailed paint applications and 9 points of articulation. This exclusive version comes with two interchangeable heads – with mask and without, 6 interchangeable fists, and a miniature Ant-Man figure! $39.99

COMBINER WARS LEADER CLASS THUNDERCRACKER The war between Autobot and Decepticon rages on, and with Thundercracker in the fight, the action gets more intense all the time! This awesome Thundercracker figure is a massive force for evil in robot mode with an enormous arsenal of blasters and other weapons. Thundercracker transforms from robot to supercharged jet and comes with 5 accessories, collector card and instructions. $46.99

THE BIG BANG THEORY PENNY FIGURE This 8-Inch Penny Action Figure features her look in an episode of The Big Bang Theory. This retro style action figure features multiple points of articulation and will look great on display with the other 8 inch figures from The Big Bang Theory lineup by Bif Bang Pow! $24.99

POP! DEATHSTROKE PX EXCLUSIVE Longtime Teen Titans arch-villain and current foil to TV's Arrow, Deathstroke, is captured as this cute POP! vinyl figure! Standing 3.75 inches tall and sporting the cute, stylized design that have made these figures so popular, Deathstroke is available in Regular and Metallic versions! Regular orange & gray/blue color is $15.99 and the metallic version is $11.99.!%20DEATHSTROKE%20PX

MECHA NATIONS CLEAR STARSCREAM This completely clear, 3 inch tall version of Starscream is half the size of the MN-05 regular version but still features multiple points of articulation and LED light up eyes! $19.99

ANT-MAN INFINITE DELUXE BOX SET When master thief Scott Lang puts on his Ant Man helmet, he can shrink to half an inch tall. But his strength doesn't shrink with him, so when he throws a punch, watch out! And that giant winged ant by his side? Well, how else would you expect a microscopic Super Hero to travel? Imagine your own Ant-Man adventures with this movie-styled, 3.75-inch Ant-Man figure and his trusty steed, a winged ant! Pose them separately or pretend Ant-Man has summoned his giant winged companion to transport him into battle against evildoers! $21.99

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Hot Toys Avengers Age of Ultron Thor Sixth Scale Figure

TUESDAY, JUNE 30, 2015
SPONSOR NEWS! News from Big Bad Toy Store:

-------------- NEW PRE-ORDERS --------------

COMBINER WARS TITAN CLASS DEVASTATOR Are you ready for the incredible might of Devastator? You'll combine and attack with the most destructive Decepticon yet with the Construction figures in this Devastator set! The set includes 6 Voyager Class Construction figures: Construction Scrapper, Construction Hook, Construction Bonecrusher, Construction Long Haul, Construction Mixmaster and Construction Scavenger. Every one of these warriors converts from robot to vehicle mode and back, and in vehicle mode they can build or destroy whatever the battle calls for, whether it's Construction Long Haul hauling debris as a semi-truck or Construction Scrapper shoveling it up as a forklift. But when the battle calls for total warfare, they'll combine to form the terrifying, 18-inch Devastator! His massive feet will crush puny enemies as he rakes them with blaster fire. Take the destruction to the next level with this monumental Devastator set! $139.99

MARVEL COMICS VARIANT PLAY ARTS KAI VENOM Venom is a symbiotic relationship incarnate: a human host co-existing with a sentient alien parasite, appropriately called a "symbiote.” This figure portrays the ominous presence of Venom through his hulking physique, his toxic color scheme, the web-like patterns stretched across his skin, and his ghoulish, sprawling tongue. The contrast of matte and glossy textures in the paintwork, along with his realistically grotesque maw make him a truly impressive figure. This figure’s range of motion is unlike any living creature on earth, and can be posed in wild, contorted ways. $129.99

HOT TOYS AGE OF ULTRON THOR The movie-accurate collectible figure is specially crafted based on the image of Chris Hemsworth as Thor in the movie, featuring a newly developed head sculpt, highly detailed costume, a LED light-up Mjolnir and an authentic metal Mjolnir with lightning effect accessory, and a specially designed figure base. Furthermore, a specially designed 3D augmented reality (AR) app has been developed and will soon be available on iOS and Android devices to interact with the Thor collectible figure! With the use of the app, fans can explore and take photo of the striking 3D scene where a number of Ultron Prime’s dangerous sentries are swarming to attack the Asgardian prince! $219.99

1/6 SCALE SARUMAN THE WHITE This Lord of The Rings 1/6 Scale figure features an authentic and realistic likeness of Saruman. This figure has over 36 points of articulation and comes with an array of special features and accessories including the Palantír of Orthanc and staff. $199.99

WONDER WOMAN RED SON PREMIUM FORMAT “In those days she had taken to calling herself Wonder Woman.” In an alternate reality, Princess Diana of Themyscira leaves her Amazonian paradise to fight for equality in Man’s World, working side by side with Superman, the Comrade of Steel, to increase the Soviet Union's sphere of influence and ideology across the globe. Expertly sculpted in one quarter scale, the beautiful warrior shows her true colors, dressed in a red and grey costume which ominously reflects the militaristic look of the Cold War era. Sworn to uphold her mantle as an international ambassador of peace, Wonder Woman carries her golden Lasso of Truth and an enormous flag bearing the hammer and sickle – she's the greatest champion for social justice the world has ever known. $469.99

DEATHSTROKE TRADE PAPERBACK WITH MASK The latest book and mask set stars classic DC villain Deathstroke, and features a PVC mask plus DEATHSTROKE VOL. 1: GODS OF WAR TP, collecting issues #1-6 of the new, hit series! $27.99

THE FIRST HELLBOY STATUE In 1991, comic artist and writer Mike Mignola created a black and white illustration at a comic convention of a demon character that bore the name "Hellboy" on his belt. This was the genesis of the filed-homed fighter of the supernatural known and loved today. The First Hellboy Statue by Mondo brings the original concept to life, showcasing all the strange and fun details of the original drawing. In addition to all the sculpted details, original Hellboy colorist Dave Stewart was enlisted to design the color scheme for the piece. Now is a Hell of a time to bring this piece of comic history home! $199.99

STAR TREK THE ORIGINAL SERIES PHASER UNIVERSAL REMOTE The Star Trek Original Series Phaser Universal Remote Control is a highly authentic screen-accurate hero prop replica, packed full of advanced technology, bringing new levels of action and immersion for Star Trek fans of all ages. This Phaser Remote features authentic special FX sounds, built in rechargeable battery with USB charging cable (included), and hand-polished metal details. $149.99

BATMAN CLASSICS YVONNE CRAIG AS BATGIRL MAQUETTE This incredible collectible maquette of Yvonne Craig shows Barbara Gordon in her iconic purple Batgirl Suit and includes Batgirl's secret door. $249.99

1/4 SCALE PREMIUM FORMAT WOLVERINE BROWN COSTUME Expertly sculpted with dynamic detail, the mutant berserker crouches in anticipation of a fight over a snowy bridge riddled with arrows from unseen adversaries. Disguised in his popular classic brown and yellow costume, collectors can further define their favorite look for Logan with masked and unmasked portraits, each depicting his savage ferocity. $479.99

SAILOR MOON S ART STATUE A new collectible action figure series -ArtStatue- based on the original Sailor Moon S animation is coming from Legend Studio. This new Sailor Moon figure features 20 points of articulation, 4 interchangeable face parts, 11 pairs of interchangeable hands, and 2 different sets of forehead hair. She also comes with an exclusive stand. $69.99

POP! MOVIES THE BREAKFAST CLUB John Hughes' 1980s comedy The Breakfast Club defined a generation and brought stardom to its cast of high school students punished with detention. Andrew, Brian, Claire, John, Allison, and Richard Vernon (the Principal) join the POP! vinyl figures collection. $9.99 each

BULB BOTZ ALARM CLOCKS These cute little alarm clocks are nearly 8 inches tall, have an easy read LCD display and feature a glowing head alarm function. Each clock has articulated arms and hands and the snooze can be activated by pressing the head down. We have Spider-Man, Chewbacca, Yoda, and Darth Vader to choose from. $36.99 each

SAILOR MOON TIARAS The tiara was Sailor Moon’s first weapon for her Moon Frisbee and Moon Twilight Flash attacks. These flex-fit plastic costume tiaras feature a plastic gem in the center of the gold “V”. Choose from Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Mercury and Sailor Venus…or collect them all! $14.99 each

NEW FROM FUNKO Keep your Pop! collection safe from the elements with the Funko Premium Pop! Protector for $7.99 and expand your figure collection with Pinhead from Hellraiser and Nosferatu for $9.99 each and from Tetsujin 28 we have Gigantor for $9.99.

DC BOMBHELLS HARLEY QUINN SATIN ROBE Ant Lucia's pin-up style artwork of DC Comics' Harley Quinn graces the DC Bombshells Satin Robe from Underboss and comes in two sizes: Small/Medium or Large/X-Large! Buy this robe for yourself or for the bombshell in your life! $47.99

GUILTY GEAR XRD RAMLETHAL VALENTINE From the latest in the Guilty Gear fighting game series, 'Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-' comes a figure of the last boss - the Backyard's Messenger, Ramlethal Valentine. Her two giant great swords with her familiars are both included floating around her, really bringing out the atmosphere of the series in a rather large 1/8th scale figure. $209.99

SERIES 18 GARDE FIGMA FIGURE From the anime series 'Knights of Sidonia' comes a figma of the Garde piloted by Izana Shinatose, the Series 18 Garde! This incredible figure includes an alternate 'Heigus Particle Cannon' head part, Kabizashi spear, arm blades and a ballistic acceleration device as well as a pointed back booster part and a Gauna core. An articulated figma stand is also included. $94.99

GLOW IN THE DARK OOGIE BOOGIE YAHTZEE Play America's all time #1 dice game with a Tim burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas twist. Collector's Edition includes a Glow-in-th-Dark Oogie Boogie custom dice cup with movie replica dice. $16.99

VULCANLOG MONHUNREVO TIGREX FIGURES Here comes the Tigrex from "Monster Hunter" as a MonHunRevo figure. It is just over 8.5 inches long and is super-posable for lots of action. It also includes in-scale figures of a hunter and a Felyne, a cut tail part, an effect part, and a stand. We have Standard, Brute, and Molten Rage versions for $54.99 each.

MARVEL AVENGERS INFINITE LEGENDS SERIES 03 HULKBUSTER BAF Collect all the great figures in this new wave of Avengers Infinite to build your very own Hulkbuster action figure! This new assortment includes War Machine, Marvel Now Iron Man, Vision, Dr. Strange, Blizzard, Valkyrie, and Thundra! Get the Set of 7 for $154.99 or get the Case of 8 (either version) for $159.99.

ROBOTS IN DISGUISE ONE STEP CHANGERS Wave 05 of the RID One Step Changers line brings two new figures to the game—Patrol Mode Strongarm and Gold Armor Grimlock! The One-Step Changers are 2-in-1 speed-changers that are fun to transform with one touch! Add the set of Strongarm and Grimlock to your collection for $29.99 or get them in the master case along with Autobot Drift, Decepticon Fracture, Bumblebee, and Ninja Mode Sideswipe for $79.99.

ANT-MAN ARTIST MIX COLLECTION Each Artist Mix figure has a bobble-head and stands approximately 5" (13cm) tall. They perfectly combine the movie character's designs with TOUMA's distinctive art style and are a great addition for collectible fans! This set features Ant-Man, Yellowjacket, and Black Out Ant-Man for $109.99. You can also get Yellowjackt or Ant-Man individually for $40.99 each

TIN TOTES: STAR WARS, MINIONS AND MORE We have a variety of new tin totes, lunchboxes, carryalls, purses, and desktop trashcans from hot properties like Star Wars, Minions Movie, Frozen, TMNT, and Monster High. The purses feature plastic bead handles and embossed artwork. These preorders are priced between $9.99 and $28.99.

------------ NEW ARRIVALS ------------

SIDESHOW NEW ARRIVALS A big shipment just hit our warehouse today from Sideshow that includes the Hot Toys Rocket and Groot Set, Hot Toys Whiplash Mark II Diecast Figure, Hot Toys Batman Arkham City Batman, Hot Toys Marty McFly, Lobo Premium Format, Dawg Premium Format, and much more. See all the new items and more here:

MASTERPIECE MP-10 CONVOY WITH TRAILER **Arrives Tuesday June 30th** Made with an all-new mold in a smaller scale than the original MP-01 and MP-04 versions, Optimus Prime is approximately the same height as MP-09 Rodimus Prime in robot mode with the vehicle mode that looks more like a real semi-trailer truck than in previous versions. MP-10 Convoy includes his trailer with repair bay and Roller unit. This set also includes a Spike figure, the Orange Energy Axe, a Matrix of Leadership, and his Ion blaster rifle that can fold in half and store in his back. The trailer opens to form a command center or a repair bay and can hold one Deluxe Class or Alternity sized vehicle. $189.99

TRANSFORMERS UNITE WARRIORS SUPERION **Arrives Tuesday June 30th** UW-01 is a Superion Aerialbot gift set featuring Silverbolt (voyager size), Skydive (deluxe size), Fireflight (deluxe size), Slingshot (deluxe size), and Air Raid (deluxe size). Each member can transform from a robot into a jet plane. All five members can also combine to create Superion. $134.99

FT-09 TESLA AND FT-06 SEVER Tesla is a transforming robot who stands about 8 inches tall and turns into a microscope for $119.99 and Sever changes from a Stegosaurus into a robot that stands approximately 10 inches tall for $199.99

 MX-I APOLLYON This impressive figure stands nearly 10 inches tall and features die cast parts including the gun barrel, feet, waist and back. Apollyon comes with an asteroid wound chest panel, sigma activation key, clone control helmet, last stand energy sword, mace & chain, pistol of betrayal, and alt mode enhancement accessories/battle stand. $164.99

STAR WARS 3.75 INCH BLACK SERIES This first wave of 3.75 inch figures in the 2015 Black Series lineup features Clone Wars Captain Rex, Darth Vader Dagobah Test, Jon “Dutch” Vander, EPIV Chewbacca, Clone Commander Wolffe and Clone Commander Doom. We have this set of 6 figures for $80.99 and you can also get them in the Case of 12 that also includes 2 Stormtroopers, Hoth Luke Wampa Attack, and Imperial Navy Commander for $149.99

1/6 SCALE HORSE FIGURES These realistic 1/6 scale horses feature 15 movable articulations, real implanted mane and tail “hair”, realistic head sculpt and paint application, and a light travel saddle set. We have White or Brown in stock now. $139.99

LOST PLANET 4” FIGURES These highly detailed 4” figures come with character specific weapons accessories and are fully articulated for an advanced range of poses. From Lost Planet 2 we have Jungle Pirate, Mercenary, EX NEVEC, Vagabundo, Waysider Femme, and the GTF-13M Evax vehicle that can transform between VS mode and Bike mode! From Lost Planet 3 we have Jim Peyton and Caleb Isenberg. The figures are $20.99 each and the vehicle is $79.99.

TOKYO TOY SHOW 2015 LG-EX G2 BLACK CONVOY This Tokyo Toy Show 2015 exclusive Transformers Legends Black Convoy (Nemesis Prime) has a color scheme similar to the original Car Robots Black Convoy toy and animation, with teal striping and "Anti-Autobot" symbols on the shoulders. Convoy comes packed with his black sword. $39.99