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SPONSOR NEWS! News from Big Bad Toy Store:

-------------- NEW PRE-ORDERS --------------

BATMAN ARKHAM KNIGHT PLAY ARTS KAI 11” BATMAN This super cool and highly detailed 11” Batman figure by Square Enix places heavy emphasis on the fine details of the beautiful game graphics in Batman: Arkham Knight. The batsuit is painted with a metallic sheen with scuffs and weathering with sculpting that gives the realistic impression of a human being. The cape replicates the movement of real cloth and the interchangeable hands with different textures and weapons means every collector can enjoy this Batman figure in their favorite action poses! This highly detailed figure can be yours for $99.99.

STAR WARS REVOLTECH BOBA FETT At last, a Revoltech version of the fan-favorite bounty hunter from "Star Wars," Boba Fett! Equipped with his custom blaster rifle, blaster pistol, and several extra hands, the legendary Mandalorian warrior is 5.90" (15cm) tall and extremely poseable for all kinds of action! He also comes with a clear support arm that plugs into his jetpack for airborne poses. Add him to your lineup today! This item is priced at $54.99.

HALO 5: GUARDIANS 6” FIGURE SERIES 01 With the next chapter in the Halo video game saga set to release this fall, this first series of action figures from McFarlane Toys will launch with an incredible cast of characters including The Master Chief, Spartan Locke, Spartan Athlon, and three “classified” characters yet-to-be-revealed. Tying directly into the Halo 5: Guardians gameplay, each figure will be packaged with a downloadable code for in-game content. We have them available in a Set of 6 for $95.94 and individually for $15.99 each. We also have the Case of 10 for $159.90.

AGE OF ULTRON IRON MAN XLIII ARTFX STATUE Kotobukiya last brought you full size ARTFX Iron Man armors from Iron Man 3, and now they're expanding the collection with one of the stars of the upcoming film Avengers: Age of Ultron. The new Iron Man stands ready for battle in a classic pose with a slightly angled upper body, hands balled into fists at his sides, and his armored head tilted downward ominously. Sculpted by MIC, Iron Man Mark 43 stands just over 11 inches tall (1/6th scale) on a special Avengers logo base with LED lights integrated in the eyes, chest and palms. Just like the previous Iron Man films ARTFX Statues, the Mark 43 is loaded with incredible sculpted and painted details bringing the armored suit to life like never before and is listed for $129.99.

WOMEN OF DYNAMITE VAMPIRELLA STATUE Based on the work of the sensational J. Scott Campbell and sculpted by the talented Jason Smith, the debut statue in this brand-new line is Vampirella, the iconic horror hostess! Hand-painted in cold-cast porcelain, she stands approximately 12” tall with a 6” tall base and comes hand-numbered in an edition of 1969 to celebrate the year that she first appeared. The ravishing, raven-tressed vampire is the perfect addition to every hardcore fan’s collection and is listed for $189.99!

3D LED WALL DECALS AND DECO LIGHTS All lights are battery operated and include the 3D Crack sticker to give the appearance that the character has smashed through your wall. Battery Operated & Uses LED Bulbs. Find all your favorites from Star Wars, Frozen, TMNT and more with prices starting at $29.99.

GAME OF THRONES HOUSE BANNERS Raise the standard of one of the Great Houses of Westeros and wage a war to claim the Iron Throne with this new line of House Banners based on HBO's hit series Game of Thrones! Choose from House Baratheon, House Bolton, House Greyjoy, House Lannister, House Martel, House Stark, or House Targaryen. Each fabric banner measures approximately 30" x 48" and is ready for display. Each banner is priced at $19.99.

DC RETRO 8” AND 18” FIGURES Figures Toy Company has released a whole mess of great figures! First up is the brand new 18” figure line that includes Batman, Superman, Robin, The Joker and Riddler in a set of 5 for $499.99! You can also add to your retro 8” collection with the World’s Greatest Hero set of 6 for $164.99 and the Justice League set of 6 for $154.99. Find these items and more here:

NEW EXCLUSIVES We have just listed a bunch of new exclusives by Funko, Mezco, Yamato and more! Fans of both Batman and the Pop! styling will be tickled to get their hands on the dark knight in a rainbow of colors $12.99 each. Breaking Bad fans can finally get Jesse Pinkman in his Vamanos Pest Orange Hazmat suit for $19.99. Harness the power of the Infinity Gems and seize control…of your coffee with the Infinity Gauntlet Ceramic Mug for $15.99! We also have Gemma Teller and Opie Winston 6” Sons of Anarchy figures for $19.99 each; and a new version of the Harley Quinn Fantasy Figure Gallery Statue for $249.99. Find all these amazing exclusives and more here:

AVENGERS AGE OF ULTRON PLUSH Bleacher Creatures has done it again by creating stylized 10” plush versions of the entire Avengers team as seen in the upcoming Age of Ultron film. Now you too can hug and squeeze your very own Nick Fury, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and Vision for $19.99; or smash them all with the 11” plush Hulk for $24.99.

KRATOS ON THRONE 1/4 SCALE STATUE “You will not die this day Kratos. The gods cannot allow one who has performed such service to perish at his own hand…” ~Athena Gaming Heads is proud to showcase Kratos on Ares' Throne, depicting the ultimate scene at the end of the original God of War. The entire scene has been cast in high quality polystone resin, and has been hand painted to allow for the most intricate of detailing. Kratos is depicted in ¼ scale, standing a breathtaking 29 inches tall to the top of the throne's spires and is listed for $479.99.

REAL MASTERPIECE ALL STAR GAME 1996 MICHAEL JORDAN This new version of Michael Jordan features a new facial expression, over 30 points of articulation, 9 new sets of hands, official 1996 Eastern All-Stars uniform, and all the accessories you have come to expect from Enterbay’s NBA Real Masterpiece figures! Add this iconic version of the basketball legend to your collection for $259.99.

MORTAL KOMBAT X PLUS AND BOBBLE HEADS Mezco has revealed the most deadly bobble heads and plush in the universe from Mortal Kombat X. You can get Scorpion and Sub-Zero in 6” Bobble Head for $14.99 each and in the huggable 8” Plush for $13.99 each “Finish” your Mortal Kombat X collection with these items as well as the 6” action figures in this menu!

GREEN LANTERN 1/6 SCALE FIGURE “In brightest day, in blackest night…” Hal Jordan, Green Lantern is joining the rest of the Justice League in Sideshow’s 1/6 Scale figure collection. Proudly bearing the Green Lantern emblem on his chest, the masked hero is decked out in an exquisitely tailored version of his emerald green and black costume with shiny metallic highlights. Packed with powerful accessories he can pull from the pocket dimension, Hal Jordan wields his infamous ring, power battery, and massive green fist construct. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail on a fully articulated muscular superhero body design, the Green Lantern is sworn to guard and protect his Sector of the Universe – in brightest day and in blackest night!

FANTASY FIGURE GALLERY PHOENIX ARCHER STATUE Out from the ashes the heroine arises, carrying with her the hopes and dreams of her oppressed people. Introducing the newest addition to our Fantasy Figure collection… the lovely Phoenix Archer is an inspirational work of art by Wei Ho, affectionately crafted and inspired from the gallant tales of Robin Hood. This item is priced at $219.99.

FANTASY FIGURE GALLERY HARLEY QUINN EXCLUSIVE The stunning resin statue has the playful but poisonous psychopath sitting on a black-and-white ball in a sexy pose, dressed in her trademark red-and-black outfit. This exclusive limited edition version features Harley with her trusty mallet resting on her right shoulder. No detail goes unnoticed, from her belt-like choker to her 3-strap bodice and boots. The Joker's main squeeze flashes an innocent smile, but her intentions are anything but! Harley Quinn stands about 10 1/4-inches tall, comes with a numbered display plate, art card, and certificate of authenticity. This item is priced at $249.99.

AGE OF ULTRON 1/9 SCALE DIECAST ULTRON This new Diecast Ultron figure will stand about 12" tall and comes with a figure stand and extra handsets. This figure also includes several light up features and is priced at $284.99.

GIGANTIC SERIES MEGAMAN X This is the second Megaman in the Gigantic Series figure line. This a non-articulated figure made from a pre-painted soft vinyl and stands about 15.75" tall. This item is priced at $119.99.

GIGANTIC SERIES FRIEZA (FINAL FORM) Standing just over 13" this impressive new Frieza figure is a high detailed pre-painted soft vinyl figure. This figure comes with a support base and is priced at $109.99.

DC COMICS SPRUKITS MODEL KITS Create your hero from the ground up! SpruKits are assembled with no paint, glue or cutting required to build the highly detailed and partially articulated figures. These kits allow junior engineers to experience the joy of building as they snap together and assemble the various pieces to build their favorite characters and have the pride that comes with being able to say “I built”, rather than “I have”. Fans of action figures, collectibles and model builders will absolutely love the exciting innovation and detailed SpruKits figures as they are able to easily build, pose and display! These kits come in 3 skill levels and prices start at $12.99.

KFC KP-05 BEAST CAGES Keith’s Fantasy Club has announced new metallic versions of the KP-05 Beast Cage. The cages are the perfect size to hold your little cassette critters, and now come in Metallic Black, Golden Lagoon, Metallic Grey, and Silver. All are listed for $16.99 each.

FROZEN PREMIUM ANNA & OLAF The fun loving snowman Olaf and Princess Anna from Disney’s hit film Frozen join Princess Elsa in the 9.85” PVC Premium Figure size by Sega. These Premium Figures are typically found in mechanical crane machines or other games of skill in Japan, but you can order these figures from the comfort of your home or office!

LOST EXO-REALM LER03 VOLAR & VELOS Volar stands about 7” tall in robot mode and transforms into a Pterodactyl. He comes with his partner Velos who transforms from a robot into a battle axe. This set also includes a free bonus blue body for Volar so you can choose which version you like best for display. We have this set listed for $97.99.

DC HERO SOFUBI FIGURES From Bear Model & Medicom Toy we bring you the next figures in the popular DC Comics soft vinyl project—the deadly assassin Deathstroke, Black Costume Batman, Classic Robin, and Classic Penguin! These figures stand around 10” tall and they come in a header package inside an American toy box to remind you of the old days! These figures range in price from $67.99 to $89.99 and you can find all your favorites here:

FUNKO TOMORROWLAND FIGURES AND ACCESSORIES A former boy-genius and a gifted teenager set out on a dangerous mission to unearth the secrets of “Tomorrowland”, an enigmatic location caught between time and space. We have the main characters of this upcoming fantasy and mystery film by Disney in both Pop! and ReAction styles for $9.99 each as well as two different Pin accessories you can wear for $3.99 each.

RACING MIKU 2014 EV MIRAI Racing Miku comes with a helmet and two facial expressions and a flexible shift:body to allow you to pose and display her riding on the TT Zero 13 electric motor bike (sold separately). She also includes an articulated figma stand for posing on her own and she is listed for $64.99.

ASSEYLUM VERS ALLUSIA ANI STATUE Asseylum, Princess of the Vers Empire of Mars is an idealist and a pacifist whose presumed assassination sparked a renewed war between Earth and Mars. In an effort to stop the war she assumed a false identity to try to reach her grandfather only to find out that her own people used her to rekindle the war and invade Earth. This 1/7 scale statue of the princess features her iconic flowing white gown as seen in the anime. She stands just under 8” tall, made of pre-painted PVC and is listed for $84.99.

METAMOR-FORCE GAIKING THE KNIGHT Sen-Ti-Nel has put their spin on the classic super robot with this nearly 7” tall (to the tip of his horns) figure complete with cloth and wire poseable cape and a lance inspired by the original Miracle Drill.

------------ NEW ARRIVALS ------------

MP-24 MASTERPIECE STAR SABER Star Saber was the winner of the "Masterpiece Fan's Choice" contest that took place in 2013 and has just arrived to our warehouse! This Masterpiece version of a longtime fan favorite is sure to please with his signature sword and ability to transform into two different robot and vehicle modes. Grab your very own Star Saber today for $169.99.

AVENGERS INFINITE LEGENDS WITH THANOS BAF Continue building your Avengers team with this sweet new assortment of 6" figures arriving to our warehouse this week! Collect all 6 figures - Iron Man Mark 43, Hulk, Captain America, Fierce Fighters Spider Woman, Fierce Fighters Hellcat, and Batroc - to complete the impressive Build-A-Figure Thanos. This assortment is available in the Case of 8 for $159.99, as well as the Set of 6 for $139.99 with the Hulk and Iron Man figures available individually for $17.99 each.

STAR WARS BLACK 6" HAN SOLO AND BOSSK Sneak into the control room of the Death Star with the all-new 6" Han Solo in Stormtrooper disguise! He may be a smuggler and a scoundrel, but this fully articulated figure comes with a blaster and a removable helmet so this ruggedly handsome hero can save the day! Hunt down and capture Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon with one of the most feared bounty hunters in the galaxy, Bossk. This 6" figure of the red-eyed reptile is fully articulated and comes with his rifle . We have Han and Bossk in a Set of 2 for $43.99. You can also get Han Solo individually for $22.99.

STAR WARS 12” TAUNTAUN "I thought they smelled bad on the outside." From Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, Sideshow Collectibles is proud to present the Tauntaun Deluxe Sixth Scale Figure. Sure-footed and ready to ride across the frozen wastelands, the intricately detailed Tauntaun comes equipped with hand-crafted fabric harness, saddle, and survival gear. Interchangeable expressions bring out the amusing personality of the snow-lizard, and two distinct sets of horns easily identify which Rebel she belongs to. Perched upon a museum-quality sculpted Hoth tundra environmental base, the Tauntaun Deluxe Sixth Scale Figure is an essential addition for recreating your favorite scenes with Luke Skywalker and Han Solo on Hoth and is listed for $349.99!

DC COMICS BOMBSHELLS POISON IVY Dressed in serpent-green lingerie with a pale red rosebud nestled in her hair, Poison Ivy is festooned with tangling carnivorous vines. This 7.25” tall statue of the alluringly beautiful but deadly villain is the latest addition to the pin-up inspired Bombshells lineup and is listed for $99.99.

DC COMICS BOMBSHELLS SUPERGIRL Are you a fan of Kara Zor-El? Then the Bombshells Supergirl statue sculpted by artist Tim Miller is the one for you! Supergirl stands a little over 10 1/2-inches tall, with a look inspired by the pinup girls of the 1940s and 1950s. If you're a Supergirl reader or fan of the Kara Zor-El, you must add this amazing cold-cast porcelain statue to your collection for $99.99.

DC COVER GIRLS MERA The Queen of the sea, Mera, is captured beautifully as she rises from the ocean in the latest Cover Girls statue from DC Collectibles designed by Stanley "Artgerm" Lau and sculpted by Jack Mathews. Add the Queen of Atlantis to your Cover Girls collection for $84.99.

DC COVER GIRLS STARFIRE (RED HOOD & THE OUTLAWS) This nearly 8” tall statue of Starfire rising upward with a trail of fire was designed by Stanley Lau based on her look in Red Hood & The Outlaws. With her blazing red hair and iconic purple costume, Starfire will set your collection aflame for $84.99.

CST-02J JUSTICE IRONPAW The second figure from the KFC Toys CST series, Ironpaw provides a terrific updated version of a G1 character! This little guy is yellow with silver accents and is listed for $23.99.

TRANSFORMERS ADVENTURE This new line of figures from Takara are based on characters in the new Transformers Adventure series and will appear as a playable character in the Transformers Adventure app game when you scan the shield icon on the figure. Each fully-transformable figure comes with a signature weapon or action that will also appear in the game. We have all your favorites in stock and up for preorder with prices starting at $15.99.

POP! GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Four more figures from the Pop! Guardians of the Galaxy collection are in stock now for $9.99 each! Nebula, The Collector, Yondu, and Ronan can now join the rest of the crew to save the galaxy and your collection from certain doom!

STAR TREK REACTION FIGURES Set phasers to stun and get ready to beam up the crew of the Enterpise in the retro ReAction format! Now you can add the logical Spock, enigmatic Sulu, sexy Uhura, and serious Dr. McCoy to your Star Trek collection for $9.99 each by bolding going to this menu:

STAR WARS REVOLTECH R2-D2 Here comes Star Wars Revoltech R2-D2! Everyone's favorite plucky astromech droid is on the way! He's about 3.95" (10cm) tall, and comes with an add-on pull-back action attachment so he can scoot around on any smooth surface! The "eye" light will also change color as you turn his head, and check out those flexible ankles! Add this sassy little droid to your Star Wars or Revoltech collection for $54.99.

LORD VOLDEMORT 1/6 SCALE FIGURE Frighten your friends with this highly detailed and articulated 1/6 scale Lord Voldemort figure! Lord Voldemort has the authentic likeness as seen in Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows including facial expression with detailed skin texture, interchangeable hands, fabric robes, wands, and effects parts. Bring his dark magic into your home or office for $179.99.

STAR WARS HELMET REPLICA COLLECTION These cool 2.75” helmet replicas come in a box set that will contain 6 out of a possible 7 different helmets that may include Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, Boba Fett, R2-D2, C-3PO, Tie Fighter Pilot, and Secret/Mystery Helmet. This box set is blind, meaning it is randomly packed by the manufacturer so there is not guarantee you will receive a complete set of 6 different helmets. Take a chance and add a box to your cart for $49.99.

SHODO NEO DRAGONBALL ACTION FIGURES These 3.75” tall figures with interchangeable hand parts feature an impressive number of articulation points for their size allowing for dynamic action posing and display. This randomly packed box of 6 will contain one or more of three figures – Super Saiyan Son Gokou, Broly, and Bardock and can be yours for $49.99.

JOLLY THE HATCHLING TRICERATOPS STATUE Jolly the hatchling triceratops is the very first in the REBOR Club Selection line. This cute little statue is made of the finest polystone material, and the egg is removable from the display base so that you will be able to hold this little guy in your hands and gaze at his cuteness. A tiny Santa hat comes along with the statue for display during the holiday season. Bring this curious little baby dinosaur into your home for $64.99.

GENERATIONS 2014 VOLUME 02 GOSHOOTER Goshooter is a redeco of Generations Nightbeat and is the exclusive figure for the Generations 2014 Volume 02 Book. We have Goshooter & Book listed at $109.99 or you can just get Goshooter for $99.99.

1995 BURNING GODZILLA 6” (12” HEAD TO TAIL) FIGURE This version of the beloved monster by NECA is based on the 1995 movie Godzilla vs. Destoroyah. The figure stands over 6" tall, with a head-to-tail measurement of over 12" long. It features incredible "burning" details, a bendable tail and nearly 30 points of articulation! Godzilla will stomp and burn his way onto your shelf for $17.99.

SPONSOR NEWS! News from Big Bad Toy Store:

-------------- NEW PRE-ORDERS --------------

NEW DIAMOND SELECT LISTINGS WOW! There is something for everyone in this batch of new listings from Diamond Select Toys! Batman fans can grab the first ever Animated Series Batman bust or the 1966 Batgirl Premier Statue. Jack, Sally, and Oogie Boogie are getting the “Select” treatment along with Randal and Silent Bob from the cult classic film Clerks. We have an MLP Rainbow Dash bank, a Ghostbusters Slimer Pizza Cutter, Ant-Man Minimates and more in this awesome list:

NEW DC COLLECTIBLES STATUES We have added 9 new listings across several lines from DC Collectibles. Add Red Lantern Bleez to your Cover Girls collection for $84.99; add class and sophistication to your Bombshells lineup with the feline fatale Catwoman for $99.99; tear up the asphalt with the crazed criminal Harley Quinn and her motorcycle for $299.99; and bring dark magic into your home with the stunning new Constantine statue for $99.99! Find these great selections and more when you browse here:

NEW GENTLE GIANT GI JOE, STAR WARS, MARVEL We have just listed some awesome new items from Gentle Giant! GI Joe fan favorite 12" Snake Eyes has been reproduced exactly like the 3.75" Real American Hero version right down to the internal rubber band! Commando Snake Eyes is listed for $107.99. We also have 12" Secret Wars Wolverine in his yellow and red costume with clip on claws for $107.99. Fans of the original Kenner Star Wars line will want to order the new 12" Villain Three Pack that includes Darth Vader, a Stormtrooper and the Death Squad Commander. These figures come in a large window box style package for $178.99. Continuing the Star Wars lineup we have 12" Logray, one of the many Ewoks that helped the rebels. Clad in his ornate headdress with medicine bag and walking staff, he is listed for $71.99. Last but not least we have the amazingly detailed 8" Zam Wessel bounty hunter statue for $241.99 and the Zombie Kingpin Mini Bust for $107.99. Find all these great items from Gentle Giant in this list:

DARK HORSE HALO SHIP REPLICAS Halo fans can now add replicas of the iconic UNSC Infinity and the Pelican dropship to their collections! These fully painted miniature replicas come with display stands and are ready to enjoy right out of the package! The 9” UNSC Infinity is listed for $39.99 and 6” UNSC Pelican Dropship is listed for $32.99

HALO 4 MASTER CHIEF 1/10 ARTFX STATUE AND ARMOR Capturing John-117’s iconic green and gray armor with gold visor and assault rifle from the most recent Halo 4, the Master Chief adds several new innovations to the ARTFX+ format starting with its internal body and removable armor design; all of the outer pieces slide and/or snap into place over the tech-suit body. Another first is the inclusion of limited articulation in the UNSC soldier for more posing options than the standard ARTFX+ statue! Sculpted by MIC, Master Chief stands nearly 8 1/2 inches tall and comes with magnets in his feet for added stability on his included metal display base for $69.99. If that wasn’t enough, we also have two Master Chief Armor Upgrades. With these upgrades you can have the option to switch out Master Chiefs armor for either his Mark V or Mark VI armor. Each upgrade kit is priced at $39.99.

DIAMOND SELECT RESTOCKS Now’s your chance to get your hands on a whole bunch of Select figures, Minimates and other items you may have missed out on before! Minimates fans will find two different BTTF Future Deloreans, Deadpools Assemble box set, and the Hulk through the Ages box set in this list. If you want Select size figures, you’ll be happy to see Spider-Man, Black Cat, Hulk (Green & Red), Colossus, Daredevil, Doctor Doom and many others listed from $19.99 to $24.99! We even have a Venom Bottle Opener for $17.99 and the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D for $89.99! Do not miss out on that item you have been searching for!

HOT TOYS AGE OF ULTRON BLACK WIDOW S.H.I.E.L.D.s greatest female spy Black Widow is back in the highly anticipated Avengers: Age of Ultron and appears to be deadlier than ever! This movie accurate collectible is specially crafted based on the image of Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow in the film. She features a newly painted head sculpt with her new hairstyle as well as a newly tailored costume and a bunch of cool new weapons and accessories. Add the lethal female agent to your Avengers: Age of Ultron collection today for $219.99.

NEW WARBOTRON The next 2 figures that create the enormous WB03 Combiner are up for preorder! WB03-B changes from a robot into a sports car and also becomes the right leg of the mighty WB03 Combiner; and WB03-C changes from a robot into a giant drilling machine and also becomes the left leg of the mighty WB03 Combiner. Both are listed for $95.99 each. Also look for the WB01-F X-Ray & Gun Set for the awesome WB01 Combiner. X-Ray transforms from a robot into a blaster and the gun can be broken down into several other weapons. This set is listed for $28.99 and no Warbotron WB01 will be complete without it!

NEW NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS Christmas is coming early this year! The Display Box of 18 Nightmare Before Christmas Minimates includes Jack Skellington, Sally, Oogie Boogie, The Mayor, Dr. Finkelstein, and three exclusive figures - a Skeleton Reindeer, a glow-in-the-dark Jack, and a rare, one-per-case glow-in-the-dark Sally all for $94.99. Jack, Sally, and Oogie Boogie are finally getting the select treatment with detailed sculpts, diorama bases, and character appropriate articulation. We have the set of 3 for $65.99 or get them individually for $22.99 each. We also have the Jack Skellington Coffin Doll that is 16” tall with a fully articulated body and fabric costume for $44.99

AGE OF ULTRON COSBABY COLLECTIBLES Hot Toys and Sideshow Collectibles are excited to announce the refreshed Cosbaby series with all new designs! This series will kick-start with characters from the eagerly awaited blockbuster release of Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron. Each Cosbaby stands approximately 3.75" tall and has a bobble-head. The lineup includes Captain America, Iron Man Mark XLIII, Thor, Iron Legion, and Ultron Sentry, for $15.99 each. All 5 figures are also in the set of 6 that includes an additional Ultron Sentry (Prime), which is only available in the set that is listed at $89.99

THREEZERO 1/6 SCALE CHAPPIE In an effort to reduce the high crime rate in South Africa, the police force purchases armor-plated attack robots which prove successful in reducing crime. One robot is smuggled out by the inventor but is then seized by a group of gangsters that want to program it to fight for them. This robot becomes known as Chappie. ThreeZero brings you a 12” tall, fully articulated and highly detailed Chappie figure. Chappie has realistic paint applications, light-up LED features, and an assortment of weapons and is listed for $219.99

GOODSMILE DONATELLO PVC STATUE We now have the fourth and final turtle from Good Smile Company’s statue line. Donatello, boasting outstanding detail, right down to the battle damage on his shell, is posed on a faux marble rooftop base that connects to the others in the series. Complete your set for $129.99

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY DORBZ Opting for painted designs over sculpt, these pint-sized rascals will weasel their way into your heart as surely as they'll find their way onto your shelf! Each high quality vinyl figure stands 3-inches tall and comes in window-box packaging to fully display each character through front and back box panels! Find all of your favorite characters from Guardians of the Galaxy like Star-Lord, Rocket, Groot, Gamora and Drax in this list for $8.99 each!

NEW EAGLEMOSS Expand those figure and vehicle collections with these new listings from Eaglemoss. Batman fans will want to grab the #061 Noel Batman Batmobile and the #062 Robin Bike from Batman #244 for $19.99 each. It is illogical for Trekkies to miss out on the #048 USS Voyager Armored or the ECS Fortunate for $19.99 each. Fill those 3-ring binders with Marvel Fact Files Special Edition #007 Ultron for $34.99; and #081 Lady Deathstrike, #082 Rocket Racoon, #083 Nova, and #084 Kingpin for $5.99 each. Improve your chess game with the Marvel #036 Mystique Black Bishop and #037 Nightcrawler White Pawn or the DC #086 Owlman Black Knight and #087 Captain Boomerang Black Pawn for $15.99 each. Find everything here:

DC COMICS PREMIUM MOTION STATUES We have three all new DC Premium Motion statues each crafted from heavyweight polystone and mixed media. You can collect the Joker, Superman, and Green Lantern all showcasing an iconic pose ripped right from their comic book’s famous cover art. We have these cool statues listed for $79.99 each.

TMNT RAPHAEL’S SAI REPLICA SET Each sai is cast from solid metal that has been chrome-plated and features a leather wrapped handle and brass-alloy pommel. The ‘stand’ is a replication of Raphael’s hands, cast in polyresin with integral magnetic latches which safely secure them to the metalized resin sewer lid base, which includes a cast metal plaque bearing the edition number. This is a must have for TMNT collectors at $299.99

1/6 SCALE RYU HAYABUSA STATUE Measuring approximately thirteen-inches in height, the 1/6th scale Ninja Gaiden 3 Ryu Hayabusa Resin Statue captures the fluidity and dynamism of Ryu’s deadly fighting style. Featuring LED lights for effects, Ryu presents a theatrical ambiance unpresented in a statue of this scale. Additionally, collectors have the option to power the statue via AC or USB power. Add this dynamic statue to your collection for $274.99

DC COMICS BOMBSHELLS CATWOMAN Protect your valuables or put this stunning statue alongside them! The line of striking stylized statues modeled after the pin-ups of the 1940s continues with the feline fatale Catwoman! Perched on a barstool much like the cat is perched on her shoulder, this nearly 9” tall statue will bring a new level of class to your Bombshells collection for $99.99

TRANSFORMERS ULTIMETAL OPTIMUS PRIME FIGURE Preorders have reopened for the forthcoming Ultimetal Optimus Prime figure! This fully licensed piece by Action Toys is a huge, non-transforming G1 Optimus Prime with Matrix, moving faceplate, and removable armor to show the inner workings of his body. Prime stands 17” tall and has die-cast parts, lights, sounds, and a unique speaking feature. A $250 non-refundable deposit is required for this $999.99 figure.

GODZILLA CLASSIC VIDEO GAME APPEARANCE Based on his appearance in the 1988 game for the popular 8-bit home console, Godzilla stands over 6" tall and is nearly 12" long, with over 30 points of articulation (including bendable tail) and all new dorsal plates to match his in-game silhouette. Stylized paint deco reproduces the video game's pixilated look. The figure comes in special window box packaging inspired by the classic video game cartridge box and is listed for $21.99

DONATELLO LIMITED EDITION STATUE With his iconic purple bandanna and trusty Bo staff at the ready, this 12” tall Ikon Collectibles resin statue is ready to battle alongside his brothers for peace and justice. Donatello can bring the brains and brawn to your collection for $189.99

GOTHAM CITY GARAGE HARLEY QUINN STATUE See everyone’s favorite crazed criminal, Harley Quinn, as never before! This beautifully sculpted statue based on the designs of fan-favorite artist Dustin Nguyen is the latest in the Gotham City Garage line. This ultra-cool statue measures 15? long x 7.5? wide x 8.5? tall and is listed for $299.99

NEW BATMAN BLACK & WHITE STATUES The Batman Black & White collection has expanded again with three new installments. Designer Carlos D’Anda, the concept artist of the Arkham Asylum video game has put his spin on the Dark Knight as well as his fearsome foe, Scarecrow. We also have the 2nd Edition Joker Statue designed by Lee Bermejo. You can add all three of these great statues to your collection for $69.99 each.

CLASSIC COLLECTION BATWOMAN MAQUETTE Tweeterhead is excited to present the second release from the BATMAN Classic Collection: the Classic Batwoman Kathy Kane Maquette. First introduced as a love interest, Batwoman swung into comics in the 1950s. The Classic Batwoman statue is 13” tall and features a figure flattering black and yellow suit and a Gotham skyline base. Classic Batman fans-- don't miss your chance to own this glamorous crime fighter! Batwoman is listed for $224.99

A GAME OF THRONES FIGURES BY DARK HORSE We have two new figures to add to the 7.5” scale collection by Dark Horse. Brienne of Tarth is an 8” tall figure that showcases her new suit of armor and Valyrian steel sword reforged from the legendary sword, Ice. The Hound (Sandor Clegane) is a savage and formidable fighter and this 8.5” figure reflects it with his signature helmet that is hinged so it opens and closes. Collect both figures and add them to your collection for $22.99 each.

WONDER WOMAN ART OF WAR BY JILL THOMPSON The Art of War line of statues continues with this beautifully sculpted rendition of the Amazing Amazon based on the unique designs of renowned artist Jill Thompson! This striking beauty is just over 8” tall and is listed for $69.99

COVERGIRLS RED LANTERN BLEEZ “Rage. Bleez no longer knows freedom. Nor pain. But she will always know rage because hate creates hate, and that is true power”- Atrocitus The line of stunning statues inspired by the art of Stanley Lau continues with this masterfully sculpted statue of the rage-filled Red Lantern Bleez! She stands almost 12” tall to the tips of her bone wings, perched atop a fiery base and is listed for $84.99

DC COMICS CONSTANTINE STATUE The London-bred conman John Constantine brings his brand of dark magic into your home with this stunning statue based on his appearances in DC Comics – The New 52! This 11” tall statue features John in his signature trench coat, wielding fire while standing on a base surrounded by undead arms and tentacles. Constantine can appear in your collection for $99.99

TOPEAM TSD-003 SUPER DEFORMED This super deformed robot figure by Topeam transforms into a truck and trailer. He stands 5.5” tall in robot mode and is equipped with a heavy blaster. He is listed for pre-order at $44.99

BEFORE & AFTER ENGINEER GENERAL The Engineer General is a non-transforming jumbo sized figure that stands about 12” tall. He comes with two sets of hands, clenched and open, as well as a gun with an LED light up feature for $69.99

BOONDOCK SAINTS POP! AND REACTION “And shepherds we shall be, for Thee, my Lord, for Thee...” Everyone’s favorite Irish American vigilante brothers, Connor and Murphy MacManus can now be yours in both the stylized Pop! and the retro ReAction figures by Funko. Both versions of Connor and Murphy are listed for $9.99 each. ------------ NEW ARRIVALS ------------

HOT TOYS STAR-LORD Born on Earth but drawn to the stars, Peter Quill became the interstellar adventurer known as Star-Lord. The movie-accurate Star-Lord collectible figure is specially crafted based on the image of Chris Pratt as Star-Lord in the mega-hit movie Guardians of the Galaxy. The figure features the newly developed head sculpt, an interchangeable LED light-up masked head sculpt, highly detailed costume, weapons and accessories. Star-Lord is in stock now for $234.99

MARVEL INFINITE LEGENDS ODIN & HOBGOBLIN BAF Build your own Avengers team with this awesome assortment of 6” figures. Collect all seven figures—Thor, Marvel’s Hawkeye, marvel’s Iron Fist, Marvel’s Machine Man, Scarlet Witch, Captain Marvel, and Marvels Sentry – to complete the Build-A-Figure Odin. This assortment is available in the Case of 8 for $159.99, as well as the Set of 7 for $154.99 with the Hawkeye figure available individually for $19.99. You can also join Spider-Man and his crew to defeat the evil Hobgoblin with the latest BAF wave in the Marvel Legends Infinite Series of 6” figures. This assortment includes Classic Spider-Man, Daredevil, Anti-Venom, Spiderman 2099, Warriors of the Web Spider-Girl, and Warriors of the Web Spider-Woman. Collect all the pieces to build Hobgoblin when you buy the Case of 8 for $159.99 or the Set of 6 for $139.99. We also have Classic Spider-Man and Anti-Venom available individually for $19.99 each.

ASMUS TOYS 1/6 MORGUL LORD The Morgul Lord 1/6 Scale Figure features an authentic and detailed fully realized likeness of the Witch King from The Return of the King with the KP01A male body that stands over 13” tall and has over 36 points of articulation. The figure comes with a bunch of alternate hands and is outfitted in real fabric underclothing with weathered cloak/robe, and includes real metal helmet and armor pieces. You can display the Morgul Lord with his Witch King Sword, flaming sword, or mace on either the detailed stone-look base or the Asmus toys base. This highly detailed figure is in stock for $159.99

S.T.R.I.K.E SUIT CAPTAIN AMERICA "I joined S.H.I.E.L.D. to protect people." In the exciting film Captain America: The Winter Soldier by Marvel Studios, Captain America has joined S.H.I.E.L.D. and teamed up with Black Widow and Falcon to battle dangerous threats. The movie-accurate collectible is specially crafted based on the image of Chris Evans as Captain America in his Stealth S.T.R.I.K.E. suit in the film. Featuring a newly developed helmeted head sculpt, finely tailored costume with embossed patterns, and a specially-made light blue metal shield.

WALTER WHITE 6” HEISENBERG This unforgettable figure by Mezco features Walter as his alter ego of Heisenberg. He comes complete with removable hat, removable glasses, a sack of cash, and a bag of blue crystals. Relive the tense, edge of your seat excitement as Walter stares at you from inside his collector friendly clamshell package, daring you to make your move. Figure stands 6 inches tall and is in stock for $16.99

ONE: 12 COLLECTIVE DARK KNIGHT BATMAN FIGURE From One:12 Collective and Mezco comes The Dark Knight Batman 1:12 Scale Action Figure that is a must have for your Batman collection. Batman comes fully loaded with accessories including a pistol, grappling hook, alternate head, and removable utility belt. Display Batman on the Bat-symbol base with the articulated figure stand and detachable cape-posing stand accessory to achieve multiple action poses. This unique Batman figure is listed for $64.99

WALTER WHITE BOBBLEHEAD Now you can own a Bobblehead version of Walter in his iconic yellow hazmat suit, sporting a freshly shaved head. He stands victoriously on the translucent blue crystals his empire was built on. Walter and base stand 6 inches tall and feature bobble action. He comes display-ready in a collector friendly box and is listed at $14.99.

BIG HERO 6 BASIC 4” FIGURES Collect your favorite Big Hero 6 action figures inspired by the Disney movie and use their special powers to battle against the evil villain, Yokai to save San Fransokyo. The Set of 6 for $59.99 includes Armored and Unarmored Baymax, Hiro Hamada, Fred, Honey Lemon, and Yokai. We also have both Baymax figures and Hiro Hamada available individually for $11.99 each.

ARROW 6” DEATHSTROKE Reenact the action-packed battles between Oliver Queen and Slade Wilson from Season Two of the hit CW Television series Arrow, with this intricately sculpted, highly poseable Deathstroke action figure. Deathstroke is just over 6” tall and is decked out in his signature armor and weapons for $21.99

KFC CT-02 TEMPEST This transforming figure from Keith’s Fantasy Club stands just over 6” tall and features two small guns, a mini figure, and comes with an instruction book and bio card for $54.99

DISNEY MOVINMOVIN FIGURES These adorable little wind-up figures of the most beloved Disney/Pixar characters are the perfect addition to your desk or to display with the rest of your Disney collection. We have Woody and Alien from A Toy Story, Mike and Sulley from Monster’s Inc, Nemo, Flik, Lightning McQueen, Remy, Mr. Incredible, and Carl from Up all in stock for $10.99 each.

DISNEY PRINCESS WITH CASTLE DRESS These stone resin figurines of the Disney Princesses capture the magic of each film with the folk art style and attention to detail that is unmistakably Jim Shore. He has incorporated the image of their castles into each gown in a way that brings it to life. We have Aurora, Ariel, Rapunzel, and Belle in stock for $47.99 each and you can preorder Elsa for $47.99

POP! SUPER SIZED 6” THANOS The supervillain obsessed and fascinated with nihilism and death now comes in the cute stylized 6” Super-Sized Pop! figure lineup. The Pop! Thanos will tower over the rest of your Pop! collection and rule it with an iron fist! Thanos can be yours for $14.99

DX9 D03 INVISIBLE This transformable figure from DX9 transforms from a 1980s Formula 1 race car to a robot that stands over 6” tall. Add D03 Invisible to your transforming figure collection for $84.99

STAR WARS HIKARI GREEDO This 8” tall premium sofubi vinyl version of the famous bounty hunter Greedo is a limited edition of only 2,000 pieces and comes individually numbered in a window box for $79.99

GAME OF THRONES MAP MARKERS In the HBO adaptation of Game of Thrones, we see Robb Stark plotting the movements of opposing armies using a map of Westeros, which is painted onto animal hide, and a set of sculpted Map Markers, each hewn into a representation of one of the House symbols. We have reproduced these items faithfully, in their true size, using the actual props as reference. The results are stunning, an heirloom item for Game of Thrones fans. We have Stark and Lannister Map Markers in stock for $22.99 each. You can also get the map replica and a complete set of Map Markers for $149.99

ASSASSINS CREED IV HIDDEN BLADE GAUNTLET (USA ONLY) This life-size, role-play accessory lets fans wear the signature weapon of the heroic Edward Kenway from the blockbuster Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag video game. The Hidden Blade Gauntlet features a spring-loaded, retractable blade, with switchblade-style action. The gauntlet includes a bonus skull-shaped buckle pin and is listed for $34.99

MOTU CLASSICS 2015 OO-LARR The last person to be known as “The He-Man” before Prince Adam was born was Oo-Larr, Lord of the Jungle Tribe. He was charged with protecting the two halves of the Power Sword of He and bravely fought to protect the secret of the sword and defend Grayskull. Oo-Larr comes packaged with his spear and is listed for $64.99

TOTAL HEROES ULTRA BATMAN BEYOND Bruce Wayne passes down more than just his approval when Terry McGinnis assumes the role of Batman… he also passes down his genes. This deluxe 6” figure comes with three heads (Terry McGinnis mask off, mask on, and old Bruce Wayne from the pilot episode of the animated series, where he first wore this futuristic Batsuit). Also includes mask accessory, four Batarangs, three sets of interchangeable hands, a snap-on wing set, and a Micron mini figure, Batman's pal from the futuristic Justice League Unlimited! This figure is listed for $34.99

FRIDAY, MARCH 13, 2015
SPONSOR NEWS! News from Big Bad Toy Store:

-------------- NEW PRE-ORDERS --------------

NEW RUBIES MARVEL ITEMS We have a ton of new preorders for a variety of complete costumes, costume accessories, candy bowls, masks and more from the Marvel Universe including Avengers: Age of Ultron. We have Ultron masks and hands, Black Widow’s Light-Up Batons for $18.99 or Hawkeye’s Bow & Arrow Set for $15.99; or deck yourself out head-to-toe as Deadpool, Wolverine, or Cyclops with the Deluxe Muscle Chest Costumes for $49.99 each. Find all this great stuff and much, much more in this menu:

DX9-D06 CARRY D06 Carry is a robot that also transforms into a futuristic truck and trailer. He is able to transform without detaching any parts and features metal feet and rubber tires. D06 Carry is listed for $164.99.

OG-01 SPINOUT Omnigonix is a brand new third party company and they have just rolled out their first figure, Spinout. We know this robot transforms into a racing vehicle and that he stands about 6.3” tall in robot mode. Spinout is listed for $94.99.

PREMIUM FORMAT CLASSIC CATWOMAN "Catching me wasn't the difficulty, as I remember. The problem seemed to be that you didn't know what to do with me." Since her debut in 1940, Selina Kyle has led many lives as Gotham City's most infamous cat burglar - and in that time worn just as many costumes. Inspired by her popular 90's look, Selina lets her hair down for her nightly prowl, fitted in her skintight purple suit with thigh high black boots and is listed for $399.99.

TMNT MICHELANGELO STATUE COWABUNGA! Sideshow Collectibles and Prime 1 Studio are proud to present the Michelangelo Polystone Statue from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014). Complete with his signature orange bandana and pair of nunchuks hanging from his belt, the jokester of the group loves playing videogames and skateboarding. Don't be fooled by his laid-back demeanor; he's all fun and games until you mess with his bros. Featuring moveable eyes and a themed base that can fit with Leonardo, Donatello and Raphael. TMNT fans--don't miss the chance to add Mikey to your Turtles collection for $699.99!

NEW BANDAI JAPAN Check out these new listings of Gundam Dragonball Z items from Bandai. This list has everything from the new FiguartsZERO Son Goku Kamehameha for $33.99, the 1/144 Builder Parts kits for $6.99 each, the new Petit-Beargguy kits in four colors for $5.99 each, a new Guntank Early Type in 1/144 HG for $18.99, or the 1/100 Hyakushiki Version 2.0 Zeta Gundam for $73.99. Find all this and more:

NFL SPORTSPICKS SERIES 36 Another NFL season is in the books, and NFL Series 36 is ready for the offseason workouts! This lineup consists of two Super Bowl champions, a 2X Defensive Player of the Year, the leading rusher in the NFL last season, another standout running back, and a record breaking QB. Andrew Luck, J.J. Watt, Rob Gronkowski, and DeMarco Murray come back in all new poses and Giovani Bernard and Richard Sherman make their Sportspicks debut. The case of 8 features all six of these figures plus a second Richard Sherman and a Chase or Collector Level figure priced at $104.99. We also sell all six figures individually for $14.99 each.

DISNEY/PIXAR HEROES VS VILLAINS MYSTERY MINIS Collect your favorite Disney heroes and villains with our new blind box series! This PDQ is made up of six heroes and six villains packaged individually. Each hero has a villainous counterpart! The rarity scale is 1/12, making your chances for each figure equal! We have the case of 12 for $69.99 or the random single for $7.99 each.

1/6 BLADE GIRL BOLITA In the year 2075, World War III broke out. Humans destroyed the earth as we know it with nuclear weapons. Resources were almost exhausted and all living creatures were becoming extinct, including human beings. Blade Girl is the flagship organization among the numerous plunderers continuing to destroy in the name of collecting valuable resources. Bolita comes with 3 pairs of hands, a complete outfit including corset, pants, gloves, boots and overcoat, and a pistol with holster and a broadsword with scabbard and is listed for $148.99.

WETA HOBBIT & LOTR WEAPONS AND STATUES The Staff of Saruman the White comes in one piece with a black metal bracket for display and is listed for $249.99; The 1:1 Scale Black Arrow prop replica is made from metal reinforced fiberglass with a urethane head and vinyl fletching and comes with two urethane hooks for horizontal display and is listed at $199.99; Continuing the highly detailed 1/6 Scale statue line we have the 11” Bifur the Dwarf wielding his sharpened boar spear for $249.99 and the nearly 12 inch tall Faramir crouching on the rocky base for $199.99 Browse this menu to find all these great items and more from WETA Collectibles!

STREET FIGHTER BISHOUJO SAKURA Sakura is dressed in her usual schoolgirl uniform with a new design based on an illustration by famed Japanese illustrator Shunya Yamashita. This 9.5 inch tall figure is in the 1/7 scale and will look great alongside other Bishoujo statues. Sakura’s clothing and headband flow with her powerful yet beautiful pose and she is listed for $64.99.

HYBRID METAL FIGURATION #021 OPTIMUS PRIME This Herocross version of Optimus Prime has over 110 parts, 24 of which are die-cast, is super poseable, and has light-up eyes. He stands just over 6 inches tall and comes with two energy swords, a blaster, six interchangeable hands, and a display stand for $139.99.

FIGUARTSZERO SON GOKU KAMEHAMEHA Son Goku gathers his ki to launch a powerful finishing Kamehameha attack in this new highly detailed FiguartsZERO statue. His fierce fighting stance is from his great battle against Vegeta! Clear materials are strategically used to create the effect parts. This statue is listed for $33.99.

1/144 HG BUILD FIGHTERS PETIT-BEARGGUY It's cute! It's amazing! Featured in the ending credits of the Build Fighters Try animation, the 3.5” tall Petit Beargguy is available in Lightning Blue, Winning Yellow, Future Pink and Burning Red! Each Petit Beargguy comes with a puzzle display stand that can be connected to other Petit Beargguy kits to display together! These cute little guys are listed for $5.99 each.

FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE SPACE MONSTER BUST Released in 1965, Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster was directed by Robert Gaffney. It tells the story of a military android, Col. Frank Saunders, who is making his 1st space voyage when his rocket is shot down by invading Martians who are looking to abduct earth women to repopulate their civilization. Left ravaged and wounded, Col. Saunders is still able to battle Princess Marcuzan's Martian warriors and radiation-scarred mutation Mull. This 19” tall statue is listed for $249.99.

REAL ACTION HEROES (RAH) DX KAMEN RIDER SKULL 2.0 EXCLUSIVE This figure is just under 12 inches tall in the 1/6 scale and includes the Skull Magnum and Lost Driver with removable Skull Gaia Memory, a normal head and a crystal head, a white fabric fedora hat, a white fabric scarf and a figure stand. The PVC armor over the articulated body creates a “realistic” feel. Add this figure to your collection for $349.99.

NEW DRAGONBALL STYLING FIGURES Dragonball has been added to the new Styling series that features high quality color molded figures. This line captures the true essence of the characters and depicts the battle ready stances as well as scenes from the anime. The delicate ‘Styling’ molding is enjoyable at any angle. Find Super Saiyan Son Goku Part 4 for $13.99, Son Goku (Youth) for $13.99, and Bulma Exclusive for $39.99 as well as a couple of other figures currently in stock in this menu:

KAMEN RIDER DRIVE Kamen Rider Drive is the 25th drama series in the Toei Kamen Rider lineup and is the first series to feature a car instead of a motorcycle as the main vehicle. When Shinnosuke Tomari, a former elite police officer, is chosen by the Drive Driver and Tridoron, he transforms into Kamen Rider Drive and is tasked with battling the Roidmudes who wish to take over the world by eliminating humanity. We have Type Wild figure for $49.99, Type Technique Exclusive figure for $89.99, the Drive Pit Exclusive for $179.99 and more:

THE HOBBIT WEAPON REPLICAS A rod of polished ebony as dark and gleaming as the midnight stone of the Tower of Orthanc itself, the staff of Saruman the White stands as tall, straight-backed and severe as its wielder. Saruman's staff comes with a black metal bracket for display and is listed for $249.99. Hanging as an heirloom in the home of Bard or on your living room wall, the 1:1 Scale Black Arrow prop replica is made from metal reinforced fiberglass with a urethane head and vinyl fletching and comes with two urethane hooks for horizontal display and is listed at $199.99. Find both of these amazing replicas, along with other weapons to add to your collection here:

1/6 SCALE BIFUR THE DWARF A veteran of the Orc War, Bifur the Dwarf bears the scars of battle, including the remnants of an enemy axe lodged in his skull. Weta continues the legacy of producing finely crafted, highly detailed 1/6 scale polystone statues from Middle-earth with this Bifur statue. Bifur is wielding his sharpened boar spear on this 11” tall statue. This item is listed for $249.99.

FARAMIR STATUE The youngest of Lord Denethor, Faramir leads the rangers charged with defending the outlands of Minas Tirth from the incursion by Orcs and the dark army from the East. This nearly 12 inch tall statue from Weta captures Faramir reaching for an arrow as he is crouching on the rocky base. This highly detailed statue is listed for $199.99.

KABAYA GUM PLUS TRANSFORMERS D COLLECTION This new display box of eight comes with six different figures: Optimus Prime, Megatron, and Starscream. Each figure will have a solid color and a clear variant. The box of eight is priced at $39.99 or you can take a chance and buy a random single for $5.99 each.

POP! AGE OF ULTRON BLACK WIDOW In response to the overwhelming fan requests, Funko is very excited to announce the Avengers: Age of Ultron Black Widow Pop! figure as the latest addition to complete the Age of Ultron lineup. She has a new hairstyle and new costume and is listed for $9.99.

1/6 RACING GIRL FIGURES AND OUTFITS This 1/6 scale figure by Play Toy comes in either a red, white, or blue body-hugging racing jumpsuit with thigh-high boots and matching helmet for $97.99 each. We also have the outfits (without doll) in red, white, and blue for $42.99 each.

MUGAN AMPUTARE LOOSE FIGURE This figure stands 5.75” tall in robot mode and transforms into a microscope or a tank and comes with double knife, double guns, instructions, and a bio card. This Mugan Amputare will not be in normal packaging but will be packed in a poly-bag with its accessories and is listed for $34.99.

CYBASTER SPIRIT POSSESSION MODEL KIT Based on the popular game ‘Super Robot Wars CC Original Generations’, the Cybaster Spirit Possession Model Kit consists of 300 pieces sculpted in 1/144 scale with multiple points of articulation for a wide range of posing options! This cool kit is listed for $74.99.

YUKARI AKIYAMA ANI STATUE This 1/8 scale statue shows Yukari Akiyama in her school uniform seated with ammo from one of her tank’s guns as seen in the popular manga and anime GIRLS UND PANZER. This 5.6” tall statue features beautiful sculpting that captures all the details from the treads in her boots to the folds in her clothing with a base sculpted to resemble a part of the tank. She is listed for $74.99.

1/6 HONEY WEST FIGURE Created by Gloria and Forest Fickling under the pseudonym "G.G. Fickling", Honey West first appeared in the 1957 book This Girl for Hire and has now returned in the pages of a Moonstone Comics series. Honey West is considered one of the first female private detectives in popular fiction. With her pet ocelot, black-belt in Judo, and "Bond" like gadgets, Honey West was a fan favorite at the height of the 1960's spy era. She’ll be a stunning addition to any 1/6 scale figure collection and is listed for $159.99.

1/6 WILMA DEERING FROM BUCK ROGERS Wilma Deering is smart, tough, and doesn't take any guff. This daring dame fights to protect earth from the evil aliens, rogue robots, and dastardly villains. As the original "Space Girl", Wilma is the archetype for the many heroines of science-fiction and fantasy. With her clever mind, adventurous spirit and trusty "rocket pistol", Wilma Deering has defied gravity and the stereotypical "damsel in distress" since the 1920's. She can defend your 1/6 scale figure collection for $159.99.

MOTU CLASSICS 2015 OO-LARR The last person to be known as “The He-Man” before Prince Adam was born was Oo-Larr, Lord of the Jungle Tribe. He was charged with protecting the two halves of the Power Sword of He and bravely fought to protect the secret of the sword and defend Grayskull. This next figure in the MOTU Classics line is listed for $64.99.

MASTER STARS PIECE VEGETTO The extremely popular character from Dragon Ball Z, Vegetto, makes his appearance in the high-quality figure "Master Stars Piece" series. This figure stands at a whopping 10" and will impress any Dragon Ball Z fan with its superior design, colors and detail! Add Vegetto to your collection for $18.99.

SAILOR MOON GIRLS MEMORIES SAILOR JUPITER Sailor Jupiter is sometimes known as Makoto Kino and uses her electric powers to assist the team. The agent of love and courage fights in the name of Jupiter! Released as part of the Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary celebration, this 6.4” tall statue comes with a stylized base and is in stock for $18.99.

ATTACK ON TITAN CAPSULE ONE SERIES 01 This blind assortment contains 5 figures from the popular Attack on Titan manga and anime such as Eren, Mikasa, and Levi as well as two different Titans. We have a randomly packed bag of 10 capsules for $44.99 but we cannot guarantee the bag will contain all 5 of the possible figures. We also have these listed as a random single for $4.99 each.

------------ NEW ARRIVALS ------------

NEW THREEZERO IN STOCK We have some exciting items now in stock from ThreeZero! For all you Game of Thrones fans we have the 1/6 scale Tyrion Lannister figure for $119.99; we also have the 1/12 Scale Captain Form Full Metal Ghost that is extremely detailed with a long list of accessories and cool light up features for $319.99; Terror Boys 6” Gohstbat for $99.99 and X Ferg for $104.99; the 1/12 Scale Microman String Divers in a case of 12 for $439.99 and a Set of 5 for $224.99; as well as the 20” Titanfall Atlas with 6” tall pilot figure for $409.99.

REFORMATTED R-01 TERMINUS HEXATRON We have Mastermind Creations Hexatron back in stock! This robot can change into 3 modes including: APC, winged wolf, tank, star fighter, laser gun, and robot. In robot mode, it stands about 9.5 inches tall to the top of the head. Hexatron is in stock for $139.99.

FERAL REX R-07 FELISABER Felisaber combines with the other 5 Feral Cons to form the awesome Feral Rex Ultimate Mode and includes the final installment of “The Battle for Moritorus” miniseries, bio card, red hooves to replace the black hooves on Bovis, alternate robot faces for Bovis and Fortis and a surprise mini-figure! Complete your Feral Rex for $94.99.

THE JOKER & HARLEY QUINN STATUE Inspired by the iconic cover of Batman: Harley Quinn #1, everyone’s favorite deranged duo of Harley and Mr. J comes to life in this nearly 13” statue by DC Collectibles. They will dance their way into your collection for $199.99.

MP-11SW MASTERPIECE SKYWARP The new version of Skywarp uses the new MP-11 body and changes from robot to jet plane. He is done in his usual black and purple color scheme and includes a Dr. Arkeville figure and a collector coin. Skywarp is in stock now for $229.99.

BATMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES/NEW BATMAN ADVENTURES MR FREEZE “I am beyond emotions. They’ve been frozen dead in me.” Mr. Freeze, A.K.A. Victor Fries, was one of GothCorp’s most brilliant scientists and cryogenic researchers. During a fight, he was thrown into his cryogenic freezing tanks and accidentally soaked with the freezing cells and was no longer able to survive outside a sub-zero environment. He created a vacuum tight suit to maintain his frigid body temperature as well as tripling his strength, and became known as “Mr. Freeze”. This 6” figure based on designs from Batman the Animated Series is in stock for $21.99.

BATMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES/NEW BATMAN ADVENTURES TWO FACE Harvey Dent was the District Attorney of Gotham City, as well as a child friend of millionaire Bruce Wayne, secretly the hero Batman. After a freak explosion disfigured the left side of his body, he became a twisted vigilante known as “Two-Face” and soon began his own crusade to bring down mob boss Rupert Thorne. This 6” figure is in his iconic black and white suit as seen in the iconic 90s animated series and is listed for $21.99.

11” BURNT STAY PUFT MARSHMALLOW MAN BANK Nobody steps on a church in our town! DST has taken their popular 11-inch bank of the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters, put it on a large stick and held it over a roaring fire to create this scorched, battle-damaged edition! With a coin slot in the back and a removable head that hides an access door, this bank is a mouth-watering addition to any Ghostbusters collection! Designed by Art Asylum and released by Diamond Select Toys, this burnt version of the iconic monster is in stock for $27.99.

MARVEL SELECT CABLE From the distant future he came, the son of Cyclops, the bane of Stryfe, the man called Cable! The founder of X-Force, Cable always comes ready for battle, with big guns and even bigger ammo, and since his debut he has loomed large in the Marvel Universe. Wielding multiple weapons, including one that can be mounted on his shoulder, Cable comes with a detailed display base, referencing his most famous foe. This 7” Figure with base come packaged in display-ready Select packaging, with spine artwork for shelf reference and is in stock for $22.99.

MECHAGODZILLA VINYL BANK Godzilla's greatest foe is launching his attack! A cybernetic copy of Godzilla with superior firepower, this vinyl figural bank of Mechagodzilla is based on how the robotic kaiju appeared in 1974's Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla. Standing 12 inches tall, the bank features a coin slot in his back, as well as a removable head for coin retrieval. Sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios, this bank can protect your spare change for $27.99.

1/6 SCALE SPANDEX SCUBA SWIMSUITS Flirty Girl Collectibles has released a line of high quality spandex scuba suits with zipper closure that will fit 1/6 scale bodies. We have 15 different colors in stock now for $12.99 each. 1

/6 SCALE FISHNET BODY SUITS AND LEOTARDS Dress your 1/6 scale bodies in these sleek and sexy fishnet bodysuits and leotards by Flirty Girl Collectibles. The body suits come in red, white, black or blue and are packed with a pair of arm sleeves and undergarments for $14.99 each; and the leotards come in red, white, black or blue and have PVC trim accents for $11.99 each.

1/6 SCALE NEW MOON LINGERIE SETS These bra top and panty sets by Flirty Girl Collectibles come with a bow accent and are inspired by your favorite anime sailor girl and her friends. We have blue, red, green, black, and orange in stock now for $22.99 each.

ALIENS 7” SERIES 02 FIGURES Leading the lineup in this series is the brand new version of the original 1979 Alien featuring an all-new sculpt with over 30 points of articulation and standing over 9” tall. Aliens Warrior is also 9” tall with 30 points of articulation and a blue, glossy color scheme that makes him appear wet. Colonial Marine Sgt Windrix is 7” tall and features a shoulder camera, flame thrower and motion tracker. Get the set of 3 for $56.99 or get the Alien figures for $24.99 each.

STAR WARS 1/72 TIE FIGHTER MODEL KIT This cool little model kit by Bandai features a Death Star landing base, 2 pilot figures, leather effects, and viewports. This model requires assembly and paint and is listed for $24.99.

DC 8 INCH RETRO TWO PACK LIMITED EDITIONS These DC 8 inch retro figure two packs are exclusively limited to 100 pieces worldwide. The Clamshell packaging opens and closes without damaging the card. We have Wonder Woman paired up with Superman, Batman, or Wonder Girl; and Superman paired up with Shazam, Bizarro, Mr. Myxpltk, or Supergirl. We also have Aquaman with Aqualad. These two-packs are listed for $59.99 each.

POP! FIREFLY KAYLEE FRYE The sweet and sassy mechanic on the Serenity has been realized in the cute Pop! form in her signature coveralls and she is even holding a wrench! Add her to your Pop! Firefly crew for $9.99.

REACTION BACK TO THE FUTURE DOC BROWN Go back in time and reminisce about the good ol’ 80s with this ReAction Emmett “Doc” Brown retro action figure! Featuring the likeness of Christopher Lloyd in a simplified retro Kenner format, this 3.75” tall figure is a must-have for all Back to the Future fans! Travel back in time for $9.99.

NEW SQUARE ENIX IN STOCK We just received a huge shipment containing some awesome figures in the Play Arts Kai lineup! From Halo 2 we have the 11” Master Chief with his energy sword, M7 sub machine guns, extra hands and a base for $99.99; from the new DC Universe Variant line we have Harley Quinn and her beloved Joker with character specific weapons, hands and bases for $89.99 each; and from Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, we have Barret Wallace and Tifa Lockhart for $99.99 each.

S.H. FIGUARTS SAILOR NEPTUNE "Guarded by Neptune, planet of the deep blue sea; I'm the soldier of affinity, Sailor Neptune!" The S.H. Figuarts Sailor Neptune includes a full array of accessories such as three interchangeable face parts, folded arm parts, praying hand parts, six sets of interchangeable hand parts, Deep Aqua Mirror accessory, and special display stand and is listed for $49.99.

ROBOT SPIRITS MASTER GUNDAM New to the Robot Spirits line is Master Gundam, the Undefeated of the East! With highly articulated joints, 5 sets of specially designed interchangeable hand parts, and a Master Cloth accessory piece, you can recreate the extreme agility and unique action poses including Darkness Finger, his ultimate finishing technique! This 5.5” tall plastic and PVC figure is listed for $43.99.

FIGUARTS ZERO SABO Sabo is Luffy's adopted brother and Chief of Staff of the Revolutionary Army and is the latest figure in the FiguartsZERO One Piece line up. With the interchangeable head pieces, you can display Sabo with or without his top hat and with different expressions. Add the 6” tall plastic and PVC Sabo figure to your One Piece or Figuarts collection for $34.99.

FIGUARTS MASTER ASIA (TOUHOU FUHAI) Some may know him as Shuuji Kurosu or Master Asia, but everyone knows the fierce fighting technique of the infamous Touhou Fuhai! He comes with two sashes (resting and action), interchangeable head part compatible with Robot Spirits Master Gundam, an interchangeable waist part and 3 sets of interchangeable hand parts. Master Asia will fight his way into your collection for $38.99.

NXEDGE STYLE DESTINY GUNDAM Bandai’s new NXEDGE Style line shrinks down Gundam into small, adorable yet highly articulated figures with all the same details as RG kits. Destiny Gundam is just over 3” tall with 20 points of articulation, a stage for display, an extra right hand, and the MA-BAR73/S high-energy beam. Don’t miss out on this great figure that is ready to display right out of the box for $24.99.

FIGUARTS ZERO SUPER SAIYAN SON GOKU TAMASHII WEB EXCLUSIVE The first figure in the Dragonball FiguartsZERO statue lineup is Super Saiyan Son Goku. This meticulously crafted sculpt faithfully captures details such as Goku’s battle damage, and depicts brilliant battle effects and Saiyan hair with translucent parts. Standing at just over 6” tall, it also includes a special display stand for $36.99.

8” CLOTHED GORILLA SOLDIER Retro action figure fans will rejoice at our newest offering -- a Gorilla Soldier from the beloved 1968 film, Planet of the Apes! Dressed in tailored fabric clothing, this poseable 8" Gorilla Soldier features a new Type 2 body with added articulation, including bicep swivel and improved thigh movement, and comes with a rifle accessory with strap. The Gorilla soldier is packaged in blister card packaging with removable protective clamshell and is in stock now for $27.99.