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News from
Big Bad Toy Store:

-------------- NEW PRE-ORDERS --------------

ONE:12 COLLECTIVE DAREDEVIL Blinded by a radioactive liquid while saving a stranger, young Matt Murdock gains "radar sense" and experiences heightened senses beyond normal human ability. Lawyer by day and vigilante by night, Daredevil is the guardian of Hell's Kitchen. Painstakingly developed to capture the iconic look of the heroic character and outfitted on a One:12 Collective body, the costume is intricately detailed. The final result is a seamless blend of a timeless hero with a "real world" look. $80.00

HOT TOYS CIVIL WAR HAWKEYE The movie-accurate Hawkeye Collectible Figure is specially crafted based on the image of Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye in Captain America: Civil War. It features a newly painted head sculpt, brand new costume with asymmetrical sleeve design, Hawkeye’s iconic bow and arrows, a specially sculpted interchangeable arrowhead with miniature Ant-Man, a pistol and dagger, and a Captain America: Civil War themed figure stand. $219.99

NEW GENTLE GIANT We just added some amazing new items from Gentle Giant this week including three new 12” Jumbo figures: Spider-Man (Secret Wars) and Batman and Robin (DC Super Powers); Spider-Gwen joins the Marvel Animated Statue lineup; Star Wars Collectors Gallery now includes a 1/8 Scale Darth Vader; and the Episode VII First Order Flametrooper joins the Star Wars 1/6 Scale Deluxe Minibust lineup.

EPISODE VII FIRST ORDER STORMTROOPER HELMET The First Order’s infantry units wear stark white armor derived from that worn by the Republic’s clone troopers and the Empire’s Stormtroopers. ANOVOS® is proud to offer the Star Wars™: The Force Awakens First Order Stormtrooper Helmet Premier Line Accessory. The helmet is assembled and ready to wear and has adjustable fitting pads for comfort. $599.99

NEW FACTORY ENTERTAINMENT The Premium Motion Statue line expands with these new offerings from Factory Entertainment including Captain America Rides; Jaws Swimmer; Jurassic Park T-Rex Encounter, Dilophosaurus, and Explorer Vehicle; and Back to the Future Manure Truck Accident. We have also added The Avengers Assemble Alex Ross Fine Art Sculpture that would be an amazing addition to any Avengers collection.

HELLRAISER III 1/6 SCALE PINHEAD Straight from the third film in the popular Hellraiser series is the fearsome Cenobite Pinhead. Standing 12inches tall he comes dressed in a tailored costume and features real metal hook and pins. Pinhead comes with the Lemarchand's box. $189.99

EPISODE VII TAKODANA ENCOUNTER PACK The Takodana Encounter figure pack commemorates the moment our heroes Ray & Finn meet the wise Maz Kanata. Included are Rey, Finn, BB-8, Maz Kanata, as well as her chest that holds Luke Skywalker’s lighsaber. $26.99 1

/6 SCALE GANDALF THE GREY When traveling through middle earth there is no better guide or protector than Gandalf the wizard. Armed with his sword Glamdring and staff he is ready for any foe be it Orc or Balrog. Built on the KP01A+ male body with over 36 points of articulation, this figure features the authentic likeness of the actor and includes several pairs of alternate hands, a complete wizard outfit, his staff, Glamdring sword with sheath, and his pipe. An interactive custom base of the broken bridge in Moira as well as an Asmus Toys figure stand is also included. $199.99

NECA GODZILLA 2001 Celebrating the most famous kaiju of all time, Neca continue to explore the classic decade-spanning Godzilla franchise! The figure stands over 6" tall, with a head-to-tail measurement of over 12" long. It features incredible detail and over 30 points of articulation, including an articulated tail! $18.99

NENDOROID POKEMON TRAINER SET From 'Pokémon Red/Green' comes a Nendoroid set of the main character Red as well as his rival, Green! The outfits have been carefully designed to recreate the nostalgic designs of the original games in Nendoroid size, and a backpack and Pokéballs are also included with the set. The Mythical Pokémon Mew is also included with the two trainers! Enjoy recreating some epic battles between the two rivals! $109.99

I AM KYLO REN COSTUME HOODIE From Mad Engine. Go over to the Dark Side in style with this Kylo Ren costume zipper hoodie, which comes complete with attached tattered cape and a face mask with black mesh eyes. Choose from sizes Small through X-Large for $64.99 each and XX-Large for $66.99

POP! RIDES HOGWARTS EXPRESS All-aboard the Hogwarts Express! The Hogwarts Express is the latest Pop! Ride series from Funko and includes all-new Pop! figures of Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger! The Hogwarts Express engine and the two train carriages all connect to form one long Pop! Ride! $24.99 each!%20hogwarts

AVENGERS ASSEMBLE ALEX ROSS STATUE Cast in heavyweight polystone and hand-painted, the piece captures, in sculpted form, eight of the “primal Avengers” in Alex Ross' unique style: Captain America, Thor, Black Panther, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Hawkeye, Iron Man and Wasp. The piece measures 18” wide and stands 9“ tall and 8” deep. Impressive and impactful, this sculpture will take its rightful place at the centerpiece of any Marvel collection. $799.99

PREMIUM FORMAT SUPERGIRL Born Kara Zor-El on the doomed planet Krypton, Superman’s long-lost cousin Supergirl shares his iconic ‘S’ emblem and all of his phenomenal superpowers. Still searching to find her identity on our home planet, the Girl of Steel takes flight in a 24" tall gravity defying composition high above Earth’s atmosphere, with her perfectly tailored cape billowing out behind her. $424.99

1/9 SCALE HULK WITH HULKBUSTER PARTS This all new 1/9 scale Hulk figure features moveable eyes and comes with two upper bodies to create the ultimate action poses! The included Jack Hammer arm and air supply accessory parts for the 1/9 Scale Hulkbuster figure (sold separately) allows you to recreate their amazing fight scene. $249.99

OCULAR MAX RMX-01 JAGUAR The Jaguar Premium Edition transforms from cassette to Jaguar and is 5.50 inches long in animal mode. This item also features a combination of plastic and die-cast parts. $59.99

MARVEL NOW WOLVERINE ARTFX+ This new version is the ARTFX+ debut of his unique Marvel Now outfit consisting of a tough, combat-ready uniform. It’s a full bodysuit revealing only the lower part of his face, though of course his claws protrude through it as well. Wolverine is captured in mid-lunge, stepping forward with his right leg as he jabs his left hand for a lethal strike. $54.99

WAR IN POCKET DOOMBRINGERS The popular War in Pocket Doombringers pack introduces three repaints from the popular line. These tough little guys are about 4" tall and are fully transformable between robot and vehicle modes. $54.99

FINDERS KEYPER STATUES The Batman v Superman Finders Keypers will give you a really cool place to store your keys. These 10" statues are plastic and feature a removable key chain that nests in the base. Ridiculously detailed, with exceptional attention to likeness and paint, it also watches over your keys! $29.99 each

POP! MARVEL Fan favorites like the nefarious Doctor Octopus, incredible Spider-Gwen, the mysterious Captain Marvel, and the savage She-Hulk; as well as Classic Falcon and Doctor Strange are now part of the Marvel Pop! line! with the addition of Series 04. Nemesis Punisher dons face-paint and fatigues to show that he means business! This figure is a must-have for serious Marvel fans! $9.99 each!%20marvel

HYBRID METAL FIGURATION PREDALIEN When a Facehugger infects a Predator, the resulting creature is a Predalien. A Predalien is much larger and stronger than a regular adult alien, walks upright; has mandibles and dreadlocks and a really large and strong tail. This Predalien figure comes with Alien eggs, a stand, and a sticker and features an inner jaw that can be activated at the press of a button. $89.99

NEW CAPCOM ITEMS We have just listed some cool new Capcom items this week including the Street Fighter LED resin statues of Ryu and Evil Ryu that feature light up effects for $124.99 each and the Mega Man Mini Helmet Five Pack that includes a display stand for each helmet for $49.99.

GAME OF THRONES STEINS These steins feature the house sigil of Baratheon, Stark, Targaryen, or Lannister, stand an impressive 9" tall and can hold up to 22oz. of any beverage. Crafted in the highest quality ceramic with painstaking attention to detail, the innovative design features a hinged lid with genuine pewter thumb lid. $54.99 each

FUNKO CAPTAIN AMERICA CIVIL WAR Take your Captain America Civil War figure collection to the extreme when you add the 6 inch super-sized Giant-Man Dorbz XL and Pop! figures! But don’t forget the tiny Pocket Pop! Ant-Man, Black Panther, and Crossbones Keychains!

1/144 HG GUNDAM KIMARIS TROOPER This 1/144 scale model kit is a form of the Gundam Kimaris with equipment for atmospheric use from "Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans." Kimaris features a large lance with and a shield with hidden saber, and ability to transform into a highly mobile "Trooper Form." Stand included! $15.99

1/8 SCALE SILICA BEACH FIGURE Even beast tamers need some down time. This 8.25 inch figure of Silica depicts her having some fun at the beach with her dragon Pina. $139.99

MARVEL AND DC BLEAHER CREATURES Bring some of the bravest heroes and greatest villains of the Marvel and DC universe into your home or office with these 10 inch plush. Featuring characters from the comics as well as television and film you can find favorites like Beast Boy and Raven from Teen Titans Go!; Spider-Gwen, She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel from the comics; Supergirl, Zoom, and Daredevil from television; and Black Panther, Falcon and Captain America from the upcoming Civil War movie. Find these and more in this menu for $19.99 each.

ADVENTURE KARTEL 8 INCH FIGURES These cool new 8 inch tall Adventure Kartel 3Ago figures feature highly detailed uniforms and weapons including a machine gun and pistol, and extra hands. Designed by Ashley Wood, the Mauro Fighting JC is $44.99 and the Set of 3 that includes Private Cornowski, Corporal Veal Edwards, and Sergeant Sweetbread Jones is $139.99

MARVEL PREMIUM MOTION CAPTAIN AMERICA RIDES Inspired by the opening scenes in The Age of Ultron, where the Avengers assault the Sokovian HYDRA base, this premium motion statue is an original composition that features a hidden central mounting simulating the bike rearing up onto its back tire, making a heroic leap into action. Crafted in heavyweight polystone and hand painted it stands 15” high and features an integral shield design display stand. ‘Captain America Rides’ is a numbered, limited edition and is supplied in full color presentation box with a certificate of authenticity. $249.99

DREDD 3D 1/4 SCALE JUDGE DREDD If there is one lawman keeping Mega-City One in order, it’s Joseph Dredd. Standing upon a rooftop with machine gun in hand this incredibly detailed collectible features Judge Dredd from the film 'Dredd 3D', and was painstakingly researched for accuracy. $439.99

FANTASY FIGURE GALLERY WINANNA THE HUNTER A bounty hunter/thief Winanna the Hunter hates the city life, so one day she leaves it and starts her own adventure with her side kick Dhamgi the Giant. This 1/6 Scale Winanna The Hunter is from an original storyline, "Heletha and the Valets" by Shin Tanabe and beautifully sculpted by him as well. $209.99

DRAGON QUEST 1/6 SCALE DAI FIGURE Dai from Dragon Quest is back again from the golden age of anime and manga to give you a jaw dropping experience by owning this true piece of art. This 1/6 scale Dai figure is made from eco-friendly polyresin and is completely hand painted with premium colors. This product will come in full color packaging protected with polystyrene foam and will include an exclusive edition authenticity card numbered from 1 to 100. $499.99

NJ CROCE BENDABLE FIGURES We have just listed a few more 5 inch scale bendable figures from The New Batman Adventures including Two-Face, Nightwing, and a Masked Heroes Box Set; a 14 inch Batmobile that comes with Batman and Robin from Batman The Animated Series; Supergirl from Superman the Animated Series; and a Giant 8 inch New 52 Batman.

SCOOBY-DOO DORBZ Zoinks! Scooby-Doo is coming to Dorbz! When there's a spooky mystery afoot, Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy and his pal Scooby-Doo are on the case! Just make sure they don't split up so they can catch Werewolf and the Witch Doctor in the act! Jenkies! Don’t forget the Mystery Machine Dorbz Ridez too! $8.99 - $19.99

ORIGINAL EFFECT MOMO SERIES The MoMo series figures are 1/6 scale or roughly 8 inches tall and feature modular parts. Figures typically come with extra hands and some accessories and are highly articulated for ultimate poseability. The Juggler Clematis 04 and Experimental ZWEI are the latest figures to join the lineup. $69.99 each

VINCENT PRICE AS EGGHEAD MAQUETTE Sideshow and Tweeterhead are pleased to present the Egghead Maquette. Batman's pun-prone foe dons his egg-white suit with a yolk-yellow shirt. A technological genius, Egghead is seen holding a radar egg and is poised with a mischievous grin. $249.99

SAINT CLOTH MYTH EX AQUARIUS CAMUS GOD CLOTH Aquarius Camus is finally making his way into your hands with this most recent addition to the Saint Cloth Myth EX God Cloth series! Master manipulator of water and ice techniques, this Aquarius' God Cloth figure features superior articulation and includes God Cloth parts, interchangeable facial expressions, hair part for mask, interchangeable hands, interchangeable chest part, manual, and Object frame. $119.99

FUNKO WARCRAFT MOVIE FIGURES In the Warcraft feature film, the land of Azeroth stands at the brink of war between humans and the orc warriors! Azeroth's greatest hero, Anduin Lothar, leads the Alliance along with King Llane Wrynn of Stormwind. They're faced against the might of the noble Durotan, Chieftain of the Frostwolf Clan and Orgrim, who wields the mighty Doomhammer! Of these 2 worlds, Garona must make a difficult choice! Collect all the mighty characters of Warcraft as Dorbz, Pop! and Mystery Minis!

TRAFALGAR LAW FIGURES The Variable Action Heroes figure is 7 inches tall and comes with extra hands and facial expressions, his Kikokku (sword) with scabbard and removable hat for $89.99; and the I.R.O. Excellent Model Limited version features Trafalgar in female form in “her” signature duster jacket, hat and long sword for $104.99

STAR TREK 50TH ANNIVERSARY LAPEL PIN This high-quality pin features the Roddenberry 50th anniversary Star Trek logo. Measuring 1 inch by 1 inch, this pin is perfect for subtly recognizing an amazing sci-fi milestone! The pin features polished gold enamel and brushed silver finish, with a butterfly clutch & post on the back. $6.99

VARIABLE ACTION HEROES DEVILMAN This super-posable figure of Go Nagai's Devilman is designed by legendary creature designer Yasushi Nirasawa and comes with two sets of interchangeable hands. $104.99

TEKKAMAN THE SPACE KNIGHT Sentinel's Tatsunoko Heroes Fighting Gear figure of the mighty Tekkaman is about 7 inches tall, and fully posable! He comes with a total of 8 interchangeable hands, the Tek Lancer, the Tek Win, and a base. His chest also lights up! $89.99

POP! BOB’S BURGERS Time for the charm bomb to explode! More Bob's Burgers Pop!s are here! No episode of "Hey Good Cookin'" is complete without Beefsquatch and his antics! Teddy, the frequent restaurant patron and friend to the Belcher family, is mid-burger and the rebellious Buttloose Tina is ready to defy uthority! $9.99 each

1/6 SCALE TEUTONIC KNIGHTS Build your army of 1/6 Scale Teutonic Knights with the new items just added this week. Get to battle quickly on the Brown or Black War Horses complete with mask and fly sheets, saddle with stirrup iron, reins, and real mane and tail; and lead your troups into battle with the Grand Commander Convention Exclusive figure that features a bullhorned great helmet, metal greaves, chainmail armor, cloak and surcoat, metal great sword and more.

------------ NEW ARRIVALS ------------

COMBINER WARS G2 MENASOR Menasor could be the ultimate weapon. Until the Stunticons can set aside there rivalries, he’s best unleashed to demolish what he can in fits of fearsome but unfocused rage. Menasor features his G2 coloration and style and is a combiner warrior made up of six separate figures: Motormaster – Torso, Dragstrip - Right Arm, Dead End - Left Arm, Breakdown - Right Leg, Brake-Neck - Left Leg, and Blackjack - Chest Armor. $99.99

NEW HOT TOYS AND SIDESHOW Back to the Future fans can finally add a DeLorean Time Machine to their collection—even if it’s only 1/6 scale! This vehicle features the gull-wing doors, a meticulously crafted exterior and LED light-up functions. Continue building your Empire army with the Episode VII First Order Snowtrooper and Snowtrooper Officer. And don’t despair Spider-Man fans…the J Scott Campbell Black Cat Statue is in stock and ready to steal your heart and join your collection.

POP! RANCOR, LUKE, OOLA PX EXCLUSIVE PACK Star Wars fans remember Luke Skywalker's bold entry into the palace of Jabba the Hutt on his home planet of Tatooine in Return of the Jedi in his desperate mission to save his friends from the crime lord's evil clutches. This POP! Vinyl Figure 3-pack recreates Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker and Slave Oola in the 3 3/4" tall scale as well as a 6" tall Rancor so fans can recreate the scene in Jabba's dungeons. $39.99

U.S.S. ENTERPRISE NX-01 REISSUE It’s been over a decade since we explored the early days of the Federation in the Star Trek TV series Enterprise, and now DST and Art Asylum are bringing their first-ever electronic starship out of dry-dock! Not available since 2002, the U.S.S. Enterprise NX-01 has been given a full overhaul, with new paint, new lights, new sound effects and new dialogue straight from the show, featuring Captain Archer! The press of a button triggers the electronic features, as the 12-inch plastic ship rests atop a plastic display base. Packaged in a full-color window box with ‘try-me’ feature. $59.99

DIAMOND NEW ARRIVALS A bunch of cool items have arrived this week including Back to the Future 30th Anniversary 1985 Minimates, Mass Effect Series 01 Minimates, Gotham Series 02 Minimates, Marvel Select Magneto, Marvel Select Colossus, the Pop! Rancor Box Set, and the Enterprise NX-01 Reissue.

WAR IN POCKET HULKIE This War in Pocket set consists of six transforming figures that stand approximately 4" each in robot mode. Each one can transform into a unique construction vehicle and all six can combine to form Hulkie. $159.99

EPISODE VII SNOW AND DESERT Enter the world of Star Wars and launch into action and adventure! Wave 02 of the 3.75 inch Snow and Desert line brings First Order Snowtrooper, Sarco Plank, X-Wing Pilot Asty, and First Order Stormtrooper from The Force Awakens and Ezra Bridger and Kana Jarrus from Star Wars Rebels. The large weapon included with each figure can be combined to make an ultimate weapon. Set of 6 $59.99

WARCRAFT FIGURES Inspired by the blockbuster movie Warcraft, the signature 6 inch action figure line features a high level of detail, the 2.5 inch Mini Figures feature articulation and weapons, and the 18 inch Deluxe Blizzcon Exclusive Durotan are sure to be a must have for both fans of the film and the video game! Collect them all and prepare for battle.

WALKING DEAD TV SERIES 09 Each highly articulated human figure features the likeness of the actor and come with multiple accessories. Each walker features an amazing attention to detail and unique play-action for maximum fun! Series 09 includes Grave Digger Daryl Dixon (Dirt Version), Beth Greene, T-Dog, Water Walker, and Constable Michonne. Set of 5 $74.99

News from
Big Bad Toy Store:

---------------NEW PRE-ORDERS --------------

ULTIMATE VOLTRON EX This is Voltron as you've never seen before! Fully Transformable! The 5 lions will form Voltron, and each transforms separately into their own anatomically correct stance. The Ultimate Edition is a massive 16" tall and includes shield & sword accessories. $399.99

LIVING DEAD DOLLS: HELLRAISER III PINHEAD From the velvety darkness of the underworld comes the High Priest of Hell himself: Pinhead. From his grid-scarred head to his multitude of piercings, great care has been paid to each exquisite detail. His vestments embody the repulsive glamour of the films. The flayed portions of his flesh bear witness to his suffering. His sacred instruments; hooks, picks, and blades, dangle from his holy robes. $44.99

QMX STAR TREK 1/6 SPOCK AND KIRK Star Trek™ The Original Series celebrates its 50th anniversary this year and QMx is bringing everyone’s favorite Captain and Vulcan to Trek collectors everywhere! The Spock and Kirk figures feature over 30 points of articulation with highly detailed and realistic portraits that capture the perfect likeness of the actors. They come in complete Starfleet uniforms with accessories like Phasers, Communicators and Tricorders. $179.99 each

HOT TOYS GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY DRAX Sideshow and Hot Toys officially present the sixth scale collectible figure of Drax the Destroyer for fans to complete their Guardians of the Galaxy team. The movie-accurate Drax the Destroyer collectible figure is specially crafted based on the image of Dave Bautista in the movie, featuring a newly developed head sculpt, a newly developed muscular body with detailed sculpture of the character’s iconic tattoos, two styles of interchangeable pants, two blades, a rocket launcher, and a Guardians of the Galaxy themed figure stand. $219.99

NEW MARVEL LEGENDS With the 3.75 inch Marvel Legends Series, both kid and adult Marvel fans can start a legendary collection of comic and movie-based Marvel characters. The figure 2-packs include a Limited Edition Comic, allowing fans to read about their heroes in action and imagine a whole other world of Super Hero adventures!

NEW PHICEN 1/6 SCALE FIGURES Phicen keeps expanding their awesome and highly detailed 1/6 figure lineup with the Sparta Warrior and Power of the Valkyrie figures. Each figure is built on the Phicen female seamless body with stainless steel armature and include tons of accessories. $169.99 each

PLAY ARTS KAI BATMAN V SUPERMAN ARMORED BATMAN In the film, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Bruce Wayne creates an armored suit for his fight against Superman. The hulking armor has been recreated as a Play Arts Kai action figure, and Square Enix carefully contrasted the hard metallic edges with flowing organic details of cloth-like texturing on the cape. Tiny nicks, scratches and weathering on the armor show BATMAN’s battle scars. He is well-prepared, with accessories including a grenade launcher and various interchangeable hand pieces as well as a figure stand for a wide range of action poses. $149.99

POWER RANGERS LEGACY COMMUNICATOR Power up like the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers with the Legacy Communicator! This first-ever release of the original communicator includes die-cast metal parts and metallic paint. This highly detailed communicator features lights and sounds from the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series, as well as interchangeable colored bands (red, black, yellow, blue, and pink) so you can morph into any of the 5 original Power Rangers! $69.99

BATMAN CLASSIC 1966 TV RETRO FIGURES Based on the classic 1966 Batman television series, the Batman '66 Retro Action Figures will have you shouting "Bif!" "Bang!" and "Pow!" These retro-styled figures are in a larger size with real cloth costumes, and their articulation cannot be beat. Batman, Batgirl, Barbara Gordon, and Chief O'Hara all resemble their television counterparts, and they come in retro clamshell packaging. Set of 4 is $129.99

ARMY ALPHAS FIGURES The Army Alphas line will fulfill your 6" scale army builder needs! Each figure is highly articulated and comes with several accessories. The final SWAT and Soldier figures WILL have the double hinged elbows, bicep swivels, and thicker thighs as shown in the digital render and articulation diagram. Please note that if this campaign does not fully fun on Kickstarter the figures will not be produced. The individual figures are $26.99 each and the Set of 6 is $149.99

DOCTOR WHO BAD WOLF TARDIS BLUETOOTH SPEAKER The one and only licensed BAD WOLF TARDIS wireless speaker will seamlessly pair with most any Bluetooth™ device. Meticulous cosmetic craftsmanship along with incredible sound quality achieved by the engineers at Massive Audio and FAMETEK will make these units highly desirable by collectors and audiophiles alike. The easy to use interface allows for an array of control options. The top lamp and Windows have LED indicators let you know when you power the device on/off and when you are connected. Additionally 5 different sound clips are programmed to indicate connection and activity. $39.99

BLACK SERIES 6” EPISODE VII The most anticipated film of the year, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, comes to life with Star Wars: The Black Series for the ultimate collection! Each new 6-inch scale figure is highly articulated and exceptionally detailed and includes character specific accessories. This new assortment includes EPII Jango Fett, EPVII First Order Snowtropper and Flame trooper, Rebels Kanan and Ahsoka, and EPIV Luke Skywalker. $119.99

1:12 SCALE JUDGE MORTIS FIGURE Only rot and decay remain when Judge Mortis is near! ThreeA's 2000 AD 1/12th Scale Collectible Series Edition brings the eerie Mortis to life with incredible detail including newly sculpted grotesque features; a Dark Judge Body including exposed decayed details, highly-detailed sculpt and faux-leather tattered tailored outfit; and skeletal tail. This fully articulated figure is 6.6 inches tall and comes with interchangeable hands. $59.99

METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN 1/6 SCALE QUIET STATUE Quiet, the sniper unable to speak from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, is recreated as 1/6 scale statue. Her powerful feminine pose contrasts beautifully with the long and hard sniper rifle in her hand. All of the details have been faithfully captured, from the smallest bolt on the rifle to the ripped sheer tights on her legs, making this an incredibly realistic piece of art! $289.99

JACK BAUER 1/4 SCALE STATUE To celebrate the iconic television series “24”, Hollywood Collectibles is proud to present their Officially Licensed 1:4 scale statue of Jack Bauer! Jack is captured in classic action pose with pistol in hand and comes complete with his CTU badge and a “24” themed base. With an authentic likeness of Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer, this incredibly realistic statue stands an impressive 19” tall. $349.99

POP! GAMES: OVERWATCH Fight for the future in Overwatch, Blizzard Entertainment's team-based shooter featuring a vibrant cast of soldiers, scientists, adventurers, and oddities! Form a team of your favorite Overwatch heroes with Funko’s Pop! lineup, including the time-jumping test pilot Tracer, the mysterious mercenary Reaper, and the ice-cold assassin Widowmaker for $9.99 each. Round out your roster with the super-intelligent, genetically enhanced gorilla Winston, a super-sized 6-inch Pop! for $14.99

THE WALKING DEAD MYSTERY MINIS This fourth installment of The Walking Dead Mystery Minis has something for every fan of the hit show! Rick Grimes and Michonne sport their newfound police uniforms, while Daryl, Bob, Noah, Sasha, and Tara come in their traditional survival gear! You may even find yourself with Daryl's motorcycle! Fan favorite Beth Greene makes her Funko debut alongside aspiring pacifist, Morgan, who comes masked and unmasked! You'll need the whole gang to escape the assortment of walkers in this series! Box of 12 $69.99 and random single $7.99

THE LOST WORLD 1/5 SCALE T-REX BUST Chronicle Collectibles introduces the Jurassic Park: The Lost World 1/5th scale T-Rex Bust. This product was molded and cast directly from a Stan Winston casting from Jurassic Park: The Lost World. This piece is roto-cast to be mostly hollow so it can be light enough to be trophy mounted to the wall. It is hand-painted and modeled after the paint design that was used on the original animatronic puppets in the film franchise. These pieces will be individually numbered. $719.99

R5-J2 IMPERIAL ASTROMECH DROID SIXTH SCALE Joining Sideshow's acclaimed Star Wars Sixth Scale Collection is the R5-J2 Imperial Astromech Droid. This sleek black and copper colored repair droid was stationed on the second Death Star during the battle of Endor. Built slightly larger than the Imperial R2-Q5 unit, the R5-J2 Sixth Scale Figure measures roughly 8.6 inches tall and features hinged panels, retractable treads, and a unique swiveling trapezoid-shaped head. $139.99

SHARD: MORTAL TRESPASSER PREMIUM FORMAT "Living or dead, it makes no difference to my blades." Sideshow is proud to introduce Shard: Mortal Trespasser, based on an original character design from our Court of the Dead Premium Format Figure collection. Shard is the first living, breathing mortal to ever set foot in the Underworld. To better prepare her for the harsh environment of the realm of the dead, the former Templar knight is adorned with armor and carries a blade called “Faith Bearer,” which is infused with the essence of one of the heavenly host. $429.99

BRIDE OF CHUCKY TALKING TIFFANY Tiffany is as deadly as she is beautiful; a perfect mate for the previously released 15" Chucky doll as well as the upcoming 'Good Guy' Chucky doll. Tiffany is perfectly screen-matched from her bleached-blond hair to her black work boots. Dressed in her bridal gown with "leather" jacket, she comes complete with her TIFF necklace, tattooed décolletage, and lacquered fingernails. She speaks six phrases direct from the film, activated by a discrete button on her back. Tiffany also features realistic glass-like eyes and nine points of articulation. $79.99

1/6 SCALE CAPTAIN STEVEN HILLER Captain Steven Hiller isn’t going to let a bunch of aliens ruin his 4th of July Bar-B-Que. The 1/6 scale Steven Hiller figure stands 11.80 inches (30cm) tall and is dressed and ready for action in his real cloth flight suit. This figure also includes a helmet, sunglasses, and a figure stand. $184.99

STARFOX ARWING STATUE First 4 Figures is proud to present the first piece in a brand new line of collectibles: The Arwing! Initially made famous in the SNES game Star Fox, Team Star Fox's Arwings have seen many a battle throughout the Lylat system, and are presented here in its appearance in the game Star Fox 64. The Arwing itself is suspended upon a base bearing the Team Star Fox insignias and is hand cast in high quality polystone that is completely hand painted in exacting detail. $309.99

EGG ATTACK STORMTROOPER Beast Kingdom is proud to present the 8-inch tall Egg Attack - EA-012 Star Wars Episode V - Stormtrooper Statue. This collectible statue is constructed with compound material and painted with expert technique, perfectly representing the texture of Stormtrooper's white armor. Each Stormtrooper statue has built-in classical line sound effects officially licensed by LucasFilm, which 100% matches with the movie setting. The statue comes with a classic Carbon-Freezing Chamber light up figure stand, for collectors to customize their display. $169.99

POKEMON PPP FIGURES Steven Stone (or Daigo) from "Pokemon" enters the PPP series of figures by Medicom! Steven measures about 6.25 inches tall and comes ready to battle with his Pokemon, Metagross! Also joining the lineup is Cynthia (or Shirona) who is also about 6.25 inches tall and comes ready to battle with her signature Pokemon, Garchomp! $64.99 each

LOVE LIVE! X PACIFIC FIGURES These cute 1/8 scale figures of the adorable girls from Love Live! School Project are dressed in sexy blue and white racing uniforms. Each resin figure stands approximately 7.8 inches tall in a cute pose. We have Kosaka Honoka, Minami Kotori, Sonoda Umi, Hoshizora Rin, Koizumi Hanayo, Nishikino Maki, Ayase Eli, Tojo Nozomi, and Yazawa Nicoo up for preorder so you can collect the whole crew! $129.99-$134.99 each

RIOBOT MAZINKAISER The most powerful robot ever built, Mazinkaiser, finally enters the Riobot series from Sentinel. Standing 7 inches tall, Mazinkaiser is an extremely poseable figure that features plastic & die-cast parts. This figure includes a stand with articulated arms as well as a load of other accessories. $339.99

ARKHAM CITY LIFE SIZE HARLEY QUINN Captivate any room with an impressive life-size replica of the Joker's deadly second-in-command! This actual size foam Harley Quinn replica figure is based on Batman: Arkham City, the second chapter in the acclaimed video game series. Standing 5' 11", Harley was created directly from the digital files used in the making of the game. The figure is made of foam rubber and latex that's carefully hand-painted for realistic detail, down to the tattoos on her arm and hip! Harley sports plenty of extra touches like a metal wallet chain and synthetic hair. $1099.99
COMBINER WARS DELUXE Courage is stronger when combined! This new assortment of Deluxe figures includes Vortex, Decepticon Brawl, Swindle, Blast Off, Wheeljack, and Smokescreen. Combine them with Voyager Sky Lynx to create Sky Reign! $129.99 for the Case of 8.
STAR WARS KITCHENWARE Underground Toys brings three new Star Wars themed kitchenware items including a 20 ounce Stormtrooper Mug and Kyle Ren Ready for Battle Mug—both featuring wrap around graphics and a new stacking mug set featuring images of Leia, Carbonite Han and Lando. $11.99-$14.99

SCALE SUPER-FLEXIBLE MALE SEAMLESS BODY This sophisticated 1:6 scale model is designed to realistically simulate the real human form using superior materials and quality execution including a stainless steel internal skeleton armature with 28 points of articulation that uses a ball-jointed system for maximum flexibility, and a durable medical-grade material (skin) covering. Whether you are a fan of character design, cos-play, modeling, photography, painting, anatomy, or simply enjoying figure collecting - you will appreciate Phicen’s first Male Seamless Body with Stainless Steel Skeleton. $79.99

HEIWAJIMA SHIZUO FIGMA From the anime series Durarara!! x2 comes a figma of Ikebukuro's strongest man, Shizuo Heiwajima! This 6 inch tall figure features the smooth and poseable figma joints and comes with three facial expressions, alternate hair parts, cell phone, traffic sign, and articulated figma stand. $64.99

THE MONKEES RETRO FIGURES ”Hey, Hey we’re the Monkees and people say we monkey around!” Peter Tork, Micky Dolenz, Davy Jones and Michael Nesmith are now in retro figure form! Each figure features an authentic cloth outfit and comes in reusable clamshell packaging. The 8 inch tall figures come in three different outfits: Red Band Suits, Tuxedos, or Superheroes (The Monkee Men) for $119.99 each set of 4. The 12 inch tall figures come in the Red Band outfit for $239.99 for the set.

POP! PX EXCLUSIVE FLOCKED SWAMP THING This soft and fuzzy flocked version of the Pop! Swamp Thing is ready to slime his way into your collection! Swamp Thing is 3.75 inches tall and features a velvety-soft flocking over the vinyl body. $14.99

MAZINKAISER PLASTIC MODEL KIT About 9 inches tall and posable when assembled, this model kit of the mighty Mazinkaiser from Kotobukiya was sculpted by Yuuta Itoyama and Masaomi Arai. Includes the Kaiser Scrander, its massive sword and more! $74.99

GETTER 1 VINYL COLLECTION DOLL The Vinyl Collection Doll (VCD) - Getter 1 stands nearly 12 inches tall and is a non-articulated collector piece. Made of vinyl this Getter 1 figure features a removable cape and comes with his tomahawk weapon. $169.99

HOTARUMARU NENDOROID From the popular browser game "Touken Ranbu Online" comes a Nendoroid of Hotarumaru - the character with a small body, but a very large sword. He comes with three expressions, a sword that can be displayed sheathed or drawn, and his trademark hat can be attached and removed as you see fit - he even comes with a miniature hat to display him holding the hat instead! Be sure to add him to your collection! $44.99

------------ NEW ARRIVALS ------------

MP-28 MASTERPIECE HOT RODIMUS This all new mold of Hot Rod does not transform into Rodimus Prime like the previous version but he does come with similar accessories like two guns, a visor and the buzzsaw. He also includes a new fishing pole so you can recreate his first scene in the movie! His matrix chamber holds the MP-10 Matrix and his car mode is in scale with other Masterpiece Autobot cars so he can fit inside the MP-10 and MP-22 trailers. We have him with or without collector coin.

COMBINER WARS ONSLAUGHT & SKY LYNX Onslaught can be combined with the Deluxe Combaticons to form the mighty Bruticus robot and transforms from robot to an anti-aircraft truck. Sky Lynx transforms into a space shuttle and forms the torso of the combiner Sky Reign. Complete Sky Reign with the 2016 Wave 02 Deluxe set. (Deluxe figures sold separately). Set of Onslaught & Sky Lynx $49.99

CANCER DEATHMASK SAINT CLOTH MYTH EX The diabolical Cancer Deathmask has joined the Saint Cloth Myth EX line and is clad in his eye-catching God Cloth. Striking golden spires extend from the back of the God Cloth in the fashion of crabs legs. These parts become the legs when putting together the Cancer Object. Cancer also comes with four highly detailed interchangeable face parts, a hair piece for the mask, interchangeable hands, and the object display frame. $116.99

S.H. FIGUARTS RANMA SAOTOME Ranma Saotome is the main character in the Ranma 1/2 anime who is cursed to live his life as 1/2 male and 1/2 female. This figure captures the look of the female half of his form with the long red hair in a braid and the signature black pants, red shirt and slip on style shoes. Ranma includes optional face parts, hand parts, and other accessories. $62.99

SAILOR MOON PRETTY GUARDIAN ACCESSORIES Create the ultimate Sailor Moon themed office with these cool Pretty Guardian Lifestyle accessories including Ball Point Pens featuring Sailor Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Venus; Journals in Pink, Blue, Comic and Scouts; Pink or Blue Denim Pouches to carry your makeup or accessories; Memo Pads in Tuxedo or Sailor Moon designs; and Memo Pad Tins in Pink, Blue, Comic, Skyline, and Uranus with Neptune designs.

News from
Big Bad Toy Store:

NEW PRE-ORDERS --------------

S.H.FIGUARTS TMNT The first two figures in the new S.H.Figuarts Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles lineup is the leader Leonardo and his brother Donatello. Modeled after their look in the original television series, these figures feature the poseability of Figuarts with the strategic use of die-cast material for realism. They each come with interchangeable hands, head and a belt. Leonardo includes his katanas and manhole covers, and Donatello includes his bo-staff and pizza. $62.99 each

LAUREL WORKER UNCLE KUNIO VERSION BBTS EXCLUSIVE The Laurel is a 1:18 fully painted military heavy artillery armor suit with highly detailed weathering effect. The cockpit is highly detailed with linkage mechanic structure, built to accommodate the Pilot figure (included) and can fit any other 1:18 figures. This BBTS Exclusive is a Limited Edition of 400 pieces. $119.99

BATMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES DC Collectibles is expanding their Batman The Animated Series figure lineup with the all-new The Batwing that can hold 2 figures and has LED light-up headlights for $119.99; a Girls Night Out five-pack that includes Poison Ivy, Livewire, Supergirl, Batgirl, and Harley Quinn for $64.99; the Batman Beyond Three Pack for $44.99 and Tales of the Dark Knight Three Pack for $59.99; and a bunch of new regular and deluxe single figures with prices ranging from $23.99 to $39.99

DC COMICS ICONS Get ready for the new figures in the DC Icons lineup including a 12 inch tall Darkseid figure in a two pack with Grail for $84.99; two new deluxe figures: Batgirl with her motorcycle for $54.99 and Cyborg with his generator for $34.99; three new regular figures: Deathstroke, Swamp Thing and Wonder Woman for $23.99 each; and two cool accessory packs for $23.99 each!

DC FILMS PREMIUM 6 INCH ACTION FIGURES For the first time ever, DC Collectibles will be creating action figures based on numerous DC Comics movies using 3D sculpts based on actual film appearances and the figures will be in the 6 inch scale with up to 40 points of articulation! They are starting out strong with Armored Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Lex Luthor from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice; El Diablo and Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad; and Zod, Faora and Jor-El from Man of Steel.

AGE OF ULTRON 1/4 SCALE HULK Watch out! Here comes NECA’s biggest action figure ever! Based on his appearance in the Avengers: Age of Ultron movie, the 1/4 scale Hulk figure measures a mind-boggling two feet tall. This stunning rendition of Bruce Banner's gamma-irradiated alter ego has over 25 points of articulation for smash-ready poses. Hulk comes with 2 sets of interchangeable hands and is lovingly detailed to be entirely authentic to the movie. $234.99

IAMELEMENTAL SERIES 2 WISDOM The second series of female action figures designed specifically for girls (and boys) is Wisdom! Wisdom contains seven Elements of Power: Creativity, Ingenuity, Curiosity, Logic, Exploration, Mastery, and Oblivion. These Elements of Power are the building blocks of superpowers. Each figure comes with a shield, interchangeable accessory, two trading cards, a booklet, a figure stand, and a drawstring carry bag. The Lunchbox contains all 7 action figures and their accessories, a Wisdom Workbook and a bracelet.

THE PHANTOM ON HERO LE - GRAY/PURPLE Sitting atop his powerful companion horse Hero, The Grey Ghost points his pistol with expert aim, his minacious expression hinting at his unfaltering commitment to justice and honour. Sworn to devote his life to the destruction of piracy, greed, cruelty, and injustice, in all their forms - The Phantom is now finally obtainable as an awesome 13" (33cm) statue! $269.99

DEADPOOL ROCKET RIDE STATUE Standing fully erect at a colossal 10 inches high, this highly detailed Premium Motion Statue recreates one of Deadpool's most iconic images. Deadpool's red rocket gracefully sways back and forth simulating a sky rocket in flight, sure to delight fans eager for further stimulation that regular statues cannot provide. $199.99

DYNAMIC ACTION FIGURE DISPLAY STAND Break free from the shelf! No matter how much articulation a figure has, your posing possibilities have been limited by gravity... until now. NECA's Dynamic Action Figure Display Stand is an articulated, telescoping stand with two interchangeable bases for display on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. Achieve a full range of dramatic, acrobatic, action-packed poses with most 5” to 10” figures on flat surfaces, then swap the main base for the suction cup base and do the same on smooth surfaces like windows, walls, doors, mirrors, and more. Figure stands are $9.99 each or grab a case of 12 for $99.99

POP! GAME OF THRONES It’s fun competing for the Iron Throne when you do it with the Pop! figures from the HBO smash hit series! Re-enact your favorite scenes with Night King, Unsullied, Stannis Baratheon, Melisandre, Margaery Tyrell, Jorah Marmont, Harpy, and Bronn for $9.99 each; the 6 inch super-sized Rhaegal for $14.99; and Daenerys riding Drogon for $24.99

PREMIUM FORMAT GAMORA Sideshow is proud to present the Gamora Premium Format Figure. Many warriors roam the universe looking for adventure and mayhem, but none has earned as formidable a reputation as Gamora – the deadliest woman in the galaxy! The green-skinned daughter of Thanos suits up in her sleek futuristic white battle armor, as well as a hooded cloak, belt and gold skull decor – upgrades reminiscent of her appearance after she attained cosmic powers from the Black Vortex. Brandishing her favorite weapon, the God Slayer blade, the most dangerous woman in the universe is ready to go to the ends of the universe to kick a$$ and take names! $499.99

RAPHAEL 12 INCH STATUE Wielding his deadly pair of twin sai, Raphael fights alongside his TMNT brothers with a volatile temper and rebellious personality. Clad in his signature red bandana, Raphael stands ready to take up arms with his brothers and do battle with any thugs unfortunate enough to get in their way! $229.99

NEW FROM QUANTUM MECHANIX A bunch of new items from QMx are up for preorder including a 1:1 scale prop replica of Leeloo’s Multi Pass and a Dan Mumford Art Print from The Fifth Element; a Star Trek Friendship Necklace etched with the phrase ‘I Have Been And Always Shall Be Your Friend’; the Hunters Challenge Coin from the hit series Supernatural; a Back To The Future II Hoverboard Desktop Model; and the DC Comics Q-Pop Batman 1966 Variant figure.

S.H.FIGUARTS BLACK LADY Black Lady, the memorable dark version of Chibiusa, is coming to S.H.Figuarts in possibly the most elegant figure design yet! Sailor Moon fans will recall how the Wiseman used his dark magic to bring about the evil Black Lady (and possibly the memorable badminton scene too). This magnificently wicked set includes the dark Luna-P ball and support base, the badminton set (racket and shuttle), shawl, shawl support parts, special stage, interchangeable hands, and interchangeable face parts. $52.99

POP! ANIMATION: ONE PIECE Sail the seas of the One Piece universe with these Pop! figures! Luffy has aspirations to become the next Pirate King, but he won't get far without his blue-nosed reindeer, Chopper! Trafalgar Law, best known as "The Surgeon of Death," and Luffy's older brother Portgas D. Ace, are also on-deck! $9.99 each

FIGUARTSZERO EX SUPER SAIYAN VEGETA FiguartsZERO EX delivers again--this time with everyone's favorite rival Super Saiyan character, the one and only Vegeta. Thanks to the larger EX scale, muscle definition and details not possible before, now make for a masterpiece that is stunning from any angle. Make a special spot on your shelf if you haven't already because this set includes a specially designed base with golden print. $89.99

IM3 1/9 MARK XV SNEAKY ARMOR The Iron Man Suit Mark XV A.K.A “Sneaky” is able to use it’s built in cloaking system for when Tony Stark needs a job dome very discreetly. This 1/9 Scale figure of “Sneaky” features LED light-up eyes, chest, and hands. He comes with two extra pair of hands and a light-up base with a flexible support brace. $189.99

SIN CITY 1/4 SCALE MARV From Frank Miller & Robert Rodriguez’s movie Sin City, we are proud to present the first of Hollywood Collectible’s officially licensed 1:4 scale statues...Marv! Marv is captured in classic pose with pistol in hand, bloodstained shirt and heavy trench coat. With an authentic likeness of Marv, this incredibly realistic statue stands an imposing 20” tall on its Sin City themed base. $349.99

------------ NEW ARRIVALS ------------

JUNGLE HUNTER PREDATOR Based on the original 1987 Predator film, this massive action figure marks the triumphant return of the Jungle Hunter to NECA’S 1/4 scale line! Long out of production, their very first Predator 1/4 scale has been updated to include LED lights in the mask's targeting system and in the flip open wrist computer. The figure stands an impressive 19 inches tall and is entirely accurate to the movie design, with over 20 points of articulation and mesh body suit netting. Jungle Predator comes with removable backpack, trophy skulls and necklace accessories. $99.99

POWER RANGERS LEGACY THUNDER MEGAZORD This 13 inch tall Legacy Edition of the Thunder Megazord features die-cast metal parts and metallic paint and can be separated into individual Zords, or combine together to form the colossal Thunder Megazord! It can also morph with the Legacy White Tigerzord and other items in the Zord Builder collection to form awesome never before seen Zord combinations (each sold separately). $199.99

THE HATEFUL EIGHT FIGURES From Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight movie, this box set of retro clothed action figures includes the eight main characters: Major Marquis Warren, General Sandy Smithers, Joe Gage, Sheriff Chris Mannix, John Ruth, Oswaldo Mobray, Bob, and Daisy Domergue. Each figure is 8 inches tall with intricately tailored fabric clothing and features the authorized likenesses of the actors in the film. They come with character specific accessories like pistols, rifles, shackles, gun belts, holsters and more. $319.99