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We've been talking about it for awhile now - what looks like the end of the World of Springfield.  Hard to believe after almost five years, but it's been one heck of a fantastic line.  With wave 17 and beyond not seen in plastic at Toy Fair, it seems quite likely that those figures are very up in the air.  Most collectors seem to agree that the largest gap in the remaining undone characters is poor Maude Flanders.  Without her, that family just isn't complete.

Therefore, there's a drive under way to get her released as a single figure exclusive, chipless.  She'd be chipless because there's no playsets currently available for her to speak on, but that isn't all bad - that means she's not quite as expensive to produce, either.

This poll is intended to do two things - determine if there's a viable market for releasing Maude, determine the best price point for that market, and to get a feel for what other unproduced figures people might want to still try to get out in a chipless form.

Please take your voting seriously.  Your email address is required - any votes without one will be ignored.  Please only vote once, to avoid inflating the count.  We are looking for reality here, because there will be people with money on the line.  Be honest in your voting, and do your part to get Maude made!


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What price are you willing to pay for Maude as a single figure exclusive?  Assume she is boxed, without a chip, and shipping will cost you an additional $5:

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How many figures would you purchase at this price?

1 2 3 more than 3

Below are the rest of the figures originally planned for 2004, along with some other possibilities.  Please pick your top three choices from this list.  Only select three - anything past your first three will be ignored.

Janey Ninja Bart Bigfoot Homer Cecil Terwilliger
Arnie Pie Flying Hellfish Grampa Richard & Lewis Stonecutter Wiggum
Sanjay Lindsey Neagle Uncle Moe Akira
Sober Barney Tux Kang Tux Kodos Rabbi Krustofski

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