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Single Figure Exclusive Poll

Let's start out with the good news - the Save Maude Flanders Poll was a resounding success, at least in terms of numbers and making your voice heard.  With almost 2000 unique voters, it was one of the better turn outs of any of the Simpsons polls I or the Simpsons Collector Sector has held.

There were really three main issues - what price would you pay, how many would you buy, and what other characters were you interested in.  First, there is price.  When given four choices from $10 to $20 (plus shipping), you responded:

The average price people were willing to pay was $13.58.
17% were willing to pay $20.
29% was willing to pay $15.
20% were willing to pay $12.
33% were willing to pay $10.
so a $12 price point, plus shipping, looks pretty good.  And yes, at that price point, it's economically feasible.

As to how many, you responded:

The average number to purchase was 1.5.
48% said you'd buy 1.
24% said you'd buy 2.
7% said you'd buy 3.
and 20% said you'd buy more than 3!  If you're counting, that comes out to almost 4000 figures, purchased just by the folks taking the poll.

Finally, you were asked which other figures that had planned would you still like to see.  The ranking was:

Cecil Terwilliger
Rabbi K
Lindsey Neagle
Arnie Pie
Richard and Lewis
Stonecutter Wiggum
Big Foot Homer
Flying Hellfish Grampa
Sober Barney
Tux Kang
Tux Kodos
Uncle Moe
Ninja Bart

No real surprises there.  Now on to the bad news.  Although this looks very feasible from an economic perspective, and a retailer could be found, it looks like it won't happen.  While I haven't completely given up hope, there are too many issues at work that do not want this line to continue after Series 16.  Keep your fingers crossed that maybe a miracle will happen and we'll get at least a final Treehouse of Horror, even if we don't see Maude.

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