What is TopSpot?

Observant readers will note the new "TopSpot" box on the main page.  Okay, you don't have to be all that observant.  I've been pondering a number of different things at the website, and one of them is some form of 'tip jar' to offset the rising costs of running the site.

TopSpot is sort of a fancy tip jar.  I've been pondering using that concept for awhile, to allow readers to send along a buck or two when they feel they've been particularly well served by the site.  But then I came across TopSpots, and felt it provided a greater value to the readers than a simple donation type button.

It's simple - click on the box and you'll be taken to a page where you can contribute $5 (tip) the site.  But you also get something in return!  You can enter a line of text (or a text link) as well as mouse over text that will be seen by all the other readers of the site!  Want to promote your blog, forum or website to my readers?  There you go!  Want to comment on the latest review, or just the state of toys?  There you go!  Are you a small company or store looking to reach my readers with a special offer, but don't want to go the whole sponsorship route?  There you go!  Don't have a blog, forum or webpage to link to?  Then how about your favorite charity, or perhaps one of your other favorite sites that you'd like more folks to know about?  There's tons of possibilities!

When you tip, your link will go into the very first slot in the list.  As more people donate, your link drops down the list until it falls off.  I approve all the links/messages manually to avoid the wackos, so you won't see it appear immediately, but it should be fairly soon after you tip.  Your link will currently reach around 10,000 readers every day!

Remember, this isn't selling 'advertising'.  It's still a tip jar, with the real intent being that readers can show their appreciation for the work at the site.  But I thought it would be better if along with that you also get something in return for your tip.

Let me know what you think about the new feature by dropping me an email at  I'm interested in hearing your thoughts on the feature in general, and if you've already used it, how it worked for you.  And thanks in advance for your support!


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