Sponsor Feature #6
Krypton Collectibles


It's the final week of our Sponsor Appreciation features. There's also a contest tied in with all this, with tons of great prizes.  You can find the contest here, but take the time to check out the features as well!  The previous weeks interviews:

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Tonight's interview is with Sandy from Krypton Collectibles.  Here's what he had to say about life, the universe, and everything:

MWC - How long have you been in the action figure/collectibles business?

Sandy - 5 months. Started January 1st. Still a jobber :)

MWC - Do you have a brick and mortar store as well, or only an on-line store? How does having only one or both effect your business?

Sandy - Only an online store. I don't think I would open a brick and mortar store any time soon. I enjoy doing it online instead. Less overhead and no theft.

MWC - How did you get started?

Sandy - I have a friend who sells McFarlane Sportspicks and I helped him with his store and shows and I decided it'd be fun to get into the superhero aspect of it and being a big Superman fan, thus came the name and creation of Krypton Collectibles.

MWC - How does having a store effect your own collecting?

Sandy - I used to collect SW heavily when I was a kid. Now I only collect Goldberg figures. I really have no room for anything else but I have every Goldberg figure released.

MWC - What are your feelings on the current action figure and collectible market, and the forces at work in retail?

Sandy - I wish the retail stores took suggestions from collectors. I mean that in the sense of, since there are 8 gajillion movie HULK figures still sitting on the shelves, they don't want to get the Hulk Classics in because they are afraid they'll get stuck with them, yet they fly off the shelves and now are discontinued. The chases need to be changed so that more people can have access to them. I like Toybiz the best. I feel they listen to the market more than anyone else.

MWC - What do you feel sets you apart from other on-line retailers?

Sandy - I'm not sure that I am set apart really. There are a lot of great stores out there and I am just trying to be one of them. Everyone says their prices and customer service are what sets them apart, so I won't too. If you want to stay in business, those have to be the focal point anyway :)

MWC - What trend did you completely misjudge? What really surprised you?

Sandy - This will sound dumb, but Hellboy. That's because I never read comics as a kid and never heard of it. Then when all of the buzz started, I figured I'd better learn about what it is. So now I ask those more informed than me so I don't get left out of the loop.

MWC - What's coming up in 2004 that you think will be exceptionally cool?

Sandy - Pretty much everything from Toybiz (LOTR, Marvel, box sets), Street Fighter and I have a feeling that Mattel has a few tricks up it's sleeve. That's my dark horse...

MWC - As a retailer, what's your biggest challenge?

Sandy - Dealing with shortpacks and chases. They sell out within the first few hours and then everyone hangs their heads. I try to do what I can to have as much product available, but it's tough when you buy 20 cases and the figure everyone wants is the 1 per case and they sell out in 2 hours. Sure, the others sell eventually, but I don't think shortpakcs and chases are the way to go. If you're going to do it, do it with a not so popular character.

MWC - Anything else you'd like to comment on?

Sandy - I would just like to thank you for the time Michael and thank some people for supporting me: Clankiller and the gang from Ring of Collectors, Pabs and Indy from, Gil from AFCWorld, Rad from Custom Dungeon and everyone else who helped me get to where I am. Thanks again Michael.

Thank you right back Sandy, for your continued support of MROTW.  Next week I'll have another sponsor interview - until then, make sure you enter the contest!

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