The Big 2004 SDCC Exclusives giveaway!

Couldn't make it out to San Diego this year for the big Comic Con?  Fear not - MROTW is giving you a chance to get those tough exclusives!

There are two categories below - 'free to a good home', and 'at cost'.  The exclusives listed under the free to a good home section are generally loose but complete, and if you win one you get it scott free.  Pretty simple, eh?

Under the title of 'at cost' are those exclusives (or just toys) that are just too expensive for me to cover the costs for you.  I paid for these at the Con, and you'll have to pay me the cost AND shipping (they tend to be larger as well).  I have the cost listed next to each one.

You only get to pick one - so pick wisely!  This contest will end on August 31st, and I'll select one winner for each of the 12 prizes.  Feel free to leave comments with your entry as well, but it's not required.  Your email address IS required however, so I can contact you if you win.

And the contest is only open to U.S. residents UNLESS you're willing to foot the international postage.  It's a killer!


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The following prizes are free to a good home:

Hikaru Ichijo VF-1S (opened but in box)  Dusty Trails Samurai (loose) Ladder 49 Chief Kennedy (loose)
Emily the Strange (loose) Evil Ryu/ Psycho Bison (loose)

The following prizes are at cost:

Vampire Angel ($50 + $6 s/h reboxed) Nazi Kroenen ($50 + $6 s/h reboxed) Smeagol mini-bust ($55 + $8 s/h reboxed) Robert Englund Freddy Krueger ($15 + $5 s/h reboxed)
MOTU She-Ra ($20 + $5 s/h never opened) Extreme Hellboy ($35 + $6 s/h reboxed) Stormtrooper Luke mini-bust ($50 + $10 s/h never opened)

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