The October 'at cost' Contest!

Let's continue our roll of giveaways this month with a bunch of choices.  Now, I can't afford to give this stuff away - quite - so this will be another 'at cost' contest.  However, since some of these items came to me free, than all you have to pay is shipping!  That's a pretty damn good deal if you're looking for series 26 of Spawn, or the new Street Fighter series 1!

Unfortunately though, it's going to be a tough choice for you.  The possibilities include:

- A Marvel Legends Phoenix, a shortpack in series 7.  This isn't the Dark version, but still tough to find.  One winner gets her for cost, $7.50 plus shipping.

- Street Fighter series 1.  These haven't even hit pegs yet, but you can get a complete set of the first five figures, all loose but complete, for just the cost of shipping.

- Spawn Series 26.  Another full set of six figures, that I received from McToys for the review.  The whole set is yours, loose, for just the cost of shipping.  However, be warned - I managed to break poor Black Knight's sword, so it will need some super glue.

- and finally, there's a pair of Conan figures, Svadun and Skifell.  This pair is loose, and one lucky person's for just shipping.

Choose wisely - and don't forget to include your email address!

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The following prizes are at cost:

Street Fighter series 1 ($0 + $5 s/h loose!) Spawn series 26 ($0 + $5 s/h loose!) Marvel Legends Phoenix ($7.50 + $5 s/h MOC) Conan pair ($0 + $4 s/h loose)

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