Captain Toys Christmas Cards!

Each year for several years now, I've put together a 'Holiday Image' and sent it along with a holiday card to my friends in the toy biz.  Unfortunately, I've lost track of some of them, but I thought I'd post a few before these end up lost on some hard drive as well.

Christmas 2004 is the oldest one I can find, so let's start there.  This year I went with a decorating the tree theme, with a very wide variety of characters.

Yea, it's tough to read in this size.  I'll interpret for you - Mr. Freeze is trying to use a spray container of fake snow, and is blasting himself in the face with it.  He's merely saying "Aaaaaagh! Damn fake snow!". Peter is drinking a beer, saying 'sweet'.  Birdman is instructing the solider "Just a little to the left", as the soldier tells him "Hey bird boy, why don't you fly up here and save me the effort?".  Spidey is looking for help too, as he stands on the wall.  "Can someone throw the angel up here?  A little help guys?".  And my favorite line comes from Zangrief, sitting on the couch.  He's thinking to himself "I will crush them all...after the gift exchange."

There's more visual jokes in this one than most of the rest I've done.  Sweetums has managed to get the Gollum mini-mate tied up in the lights while the other block figures look on.  Satan is peeking in at the festivities from outside in the snow, and Batman is using his grappling gun to shoot lights at the tree.  Jason eyes his present with the knife ready to open it, and Beaker says "meep" as he checks out Uhura's booty.  I suppose his neck should have been fully extended...

For 2005, I went with a manger scene.  My wife thought I was really pushing it with this one.

My favorite part of this one was Stewie as baby Jesus, saying "3 wise men and not one comes up with an Xbox 360".  The Robot Parents from Zim as Mary and Joseph cracked me up as well.

I think 2006's is my favorite, even if it's the simplest.  It's a office holiday party:


The 2007 card is based on the caroling theme:

When picking characters, obviously Christmas related villains like the Mcfarlane Snowman or the new Grinch were top of the list.  Since using the altered Jingle Bells was a no brainer, the Joker had to be in there some place.  Then I looked to villains that appeared to be singing, like Hobgoblin, Mr. Slave or Spike.  And then I just mixed it up a bit.  Sticking in the Gollum was obviously the big joke, but I couldn't decide if I wanted to go obvious ("they said there'd be latkes') or stick with something subtle.  I went for subtle.  As is often the case with these, my favorite joke was the least obvious - notice the small skull wearing the Santa hat.

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