World of Springfield Kitchen and Krusty Burger 

I'm on WOS overload this week!  First, I found all of wave 7 - woo-hoo!  And then the very next day I stumbled onto the two new playsets, the Krusty Burger and Family Kitchen.  I found all these at Target.

The Krusty Burger comes with the Pimply Faced Teen, one of the best 'extras' on the show.  The Kitchen comes with a Homer variation, but one of the most requested Homer variations - Muu Muu Homer!  He's always been fat, but nothing like this episode.

The playsets are ringing up at $20 at Target, so we haven't seen any increase there yet.  I suspect we'll see price tags of $25 at many other places however.

At the very bottom of this page, you'll find a comparison picture of the UK BK Muu Muu Homer from last year, and this new WOS version.

Packaging - **1/2
Hey!  It's the same box!  Actually, I don't have too much of a problem with that, since the thing works fine.

It's definitely not collector friendly, although you can see the playset and the figure nicely.  These are the only toys I open up that require a screwdriver though.

Sculpting - ****
Both of the packed in figures are excellent, and both of these playsets have terrific detail.

The Krusty Burger has some great sculpting, with excellent details on the various fast food machines and displays.  The pimply faced teen has a great head sculpt, and is actually done in great scale.  The hat is removable by they way, and is sculpted to fit tightly.

Muu Muu Homer has the usual Homer sculpting, but he's sooo fat.  The only real flaw here is that his lower body is actually Casual Homer.  Well, sort of Casual Homer - he has shoes rather than being barefoot, so it is a slight re-sculpt. While the underwear under the dress is pretty funny, those skinny legs don't quite look right.  But it's a minor flaw, and understandable as to why they did it.

The Kitchen is a work of art.  Not only are there great details, like the notepad above the phone, but the refrigerator opens, both top and bottom!  Not only that, but they positioned the foot peg in front of the frig in just the right spot so you could fit Homer there with the door open, looking in!

Stickers - ****
The stickers are great, and plentiful.  The Krusty Burger has the monitor, windows, doors, menu, cash register, etc.  Unfortunately, some of the Krusty Burgers (like mine) doesn't have the stickers on the small accessories like the fries, burger boxes and cups.  You can tell this since a cup and a box are sculpted into the back counter, and if they are missing the small stickers, so will the other accessories.  That screw up costs them a half star here.

But the Kitchen makes up for it, with interior stickers on the frig showing all that healthy food that Homer loves so much.  The curtains should have had the proper pattern, but otherwise the stickers in the Kitchen are exceptional.

Paint - ****
I couldn't find a problem with the paint ops on either of the pack in figures, or the playsets.  Very nice work, with good color choices and lots of contrast.

Articulation - **
SSDF, baby.  Neck, waist and shoulders on both figures.

Accessories - ***1/2
I've been really happy with the accessories in the last few playsets and waves.  Sure, some are simply reused, but we do get new stuff every time, and the new accessories are always very accurate.

Homer and the Kitchen come with a bag of Much Ado About Stuffing (reused), hat (new), and scale (new). Homer fits perfectly on the scale, and the hat fits great.

The Teen and the Krusty Burger come with a tray (new), burger box (reused), fries (reused) and cup (reused).  They lost a half star here as well for the lack of stickers on mine.

Talking Feature - ***1/2
The talking feature on these two playsets gives us lines for characters like Bumblebee Man or Bleeding Gums Murphy, figures that had few or no lines up til now, so they were pretty important.

The Kitchen really stands out, with a total of 136 lines.  It isn't the most of any playset so far, but it's close.  Of course, as additional figures are released we may see the number of lines at the Krusty Burger increase.

If you would like a complete list, check out the Phrase Database at the Simpsons Collector Sector.

Value - ***1/2
Since I picked these up at the $20 price tag, which has been the price for two years, I'm a happy camper.  We'll see prices go up to $25 at some point this year, probably sooner than later, and of course that will be too bad.  

Overall - ****
This is the best set of playsets produced so far.  While there might be individual sets I like better - both the Comic Shop and Kwik-E-Mart are still at the top of my list - there hasn't been a wave of two this good before.

Even though one of the figures is a variant, it's a variant that is very desirable.  Playmates did a terrific job on these sets, and if we continue to see this type of quality during 2002, the line will sail into 2003 without a hitch.

I've mentioned it once, but it's worth mentioning again.  The Krusty Burger has two versions, and you want to find the one with the stickers of course.  I have no idea if one will be rarer than the other, but without the stickers simply doesn't look as good.

Where to Buy
I found these at Target, where you'll get the best prices.

On-line, there are plenty of options:

- New Force Comics.  Rick looks to be out of stock on these, but he's just starting his shipment of his pre-orders, so you might want to check to see if they page has updated.  He's got the best price in town (if you want to open a set, he sells the banged boxes for $35 for the set, or a mint set for $40 plus shipping), but it's best to pre-order with him rather than waiting.

- Aisle Sniper has them still on pre-order for $22 a piece plus shipping, but they should have them in stock already if they haven't updated their web page.

- Action Figure Express is on the higher end at $50 for the pair, but they do say they have them in stock.  (MROTW Affiliate)

- Entertainment Earth also is $50 for the pair, and has them in stock to ship.  (MROTW Affiliate)

That's the UK BK Muu Muu Homer on the left, the WOS version on the right.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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