Transformers Optimus Prime Statue

I just picked Palisades as best overall company for 2003, and tonight's review is further proof why.  Not into high end statues, busts, etc?  Then you can skip this one, but don't worry - Sunday night I'll have you covered.

Tonight's review covers the brand spanking new, 12" statue from Palisades in their Transformers line.  He's big, he's bad, he's expensive, and he's Optimus Prime!

He's the first in what looks like a series, since the second big boy has already been announced - Megatron.  Prime retails for $149.95, so I'd expect something similar for Megatron.  Prime shipped to comic shops and on-line retailers last week.

UPDATE - Lestor Wong from sent over this note about the design - "It's actually inspired by Pat Lee's artwork from the Dreamwave G1 Transformers comics.  The Palisades' Transformers are affectionately labeled the "comic version" of the Transformers statues, while Hard Heroes' attempt (they'll be coming up with Optimus Prime and Megatron statues as well, same price point) will recreate the "cartoon appearance" of the characters. Just thought you may be interested to know."  Thanks, Lestor!

Packaging - ***
The box is large, not surprising considering how large this statue is.  He's packed great, but be very careful pulling him out - he's heavy, and it could be easy for either he or the base to get out of your hands.  That would be bad.

The graphics are a nice mix of Palisades style and traditional Transformers look.  It's bright and colorful, with great shots of the statue.  No window though, so you can't see the statue inside.

Sculpting - ***1/2
Here's a great sculpt, with a great action pose, that is a perfect example of what can make a statue a centerpiece item in your collection.

He's solid, with no removable parts, so you'll want to be extra careful handling him.  Nothing is going to drop off accidentally though, which I appreciate (I've had that problem before).

The detail work is perfect for what you expect from a Transformer.  There's good surface detail, and I think the pose that's been selected was almost ideal.  The fast moving walk is given additional realism by adding damage to the base where the feet have touched down.  Transformer fans are going to love this statue.

Paint - ****
There isn't a serious problem anywhere on this statue, and there's plenty of opportunity for error with lots of detail, color and size.  The basic colors are consistent and clean, and there's just the right amount of damage and scruffiness to his appearance to add that touch of ouch.

Quality/Design - ****
What makes this statue stand out is the quality of the work, and the overall design.

The base looks fantastic, and including the damage from his heavy feet was genius.  To ensure that he stays on the base with no danger of breakage, there are large steell pegs, a couple inches long, that run up through the base and deep into both lower legs.  They are completely hidden though, and it appears as though the base and figure are all one seamless piece.

Value - ***
Okay, this isn't a Transformer action figure you'll pick up at Wal-mart for $10.  We're talking serious cash for anybody short of Donald Trump.  But the price isn't out of line with the quality, size and artwork involved.

Overall - ***1/2
When Palisades debuted this last summer, everyone was buzzing about it.  Now that we have it in our hot little hands, it's clear that all the buzz was justified.  The high price point means only the diehard Transformer fan is going to be able to get into the line, but these statues are the type of item that will become the highlight of your entire collection.

Where to Buy - 
Comic shops and specialty stores just got these in.  If you think you'll want one of these, I wouldn't wait around.  It looks like they may go pretty quick.  On-line options include:

- Aisle Sniper is already sold out of the Prime at $130, but they have pre-orders up for Megatron, also at $130.

- Killer Toys has him available right now for $135.


Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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