Futurama Die Cast 2

Hey folks, Anthony Regina here with a guest review for Michaelís review of the week!  Before I do this review Iíd like to get the free plug out of the way. J  You can find me and many other avid Simpsons merchandise collectors at the Simpsons Collector Sector (  Iím a moderator on the adjacent message board under the name B0b Frankend0rfer. 

Today Iím going to be reviewing the recently released series two Futurama die cast figures.  These babies should be hitting local comic shops and as well as places like Tower Records soon enough.  Several online retailers are selling already though.  I picked up my set at  They are selling both sets for a total of $22.00, so they are worth a look.

Packaging - ***
The packaging on this set is nearly identical to the first set and also in line with the rest of Rocket USAís Futurama merchandise.  It uses the same two color orange and blue design to give it a more ďretroĒ look.  The look works for these products because it fits the classic toy style of Rocket USAís Futurama toys.    The card that the figures come on could be slightly sturdier, but itís not a major complaint. 

The writing on the back also brings up the grade by a star for me.  The style is written from the perspective of Professor Farnsworth, and is quite hilarious.  One sample quote : ďMillions of models available, collect all eight!Ē  The writing is very on character for Farnsworth, and itís one of the few times that toy packaging has made me laugh out loud.

Sculpting - ***1/2
The sculpting on the original set was ok, but nothing extremely impressive.  That isnít true with the second series though.  The work on these guys seems to have been stepped up a few notches.   All four of the characters are represented very well, with Amy Wong and Dr. Zoidberg being the two standouts. 

Amyís facial expression is perfect and very in character.  Hermes could use a little improvement in the facial area, but heís nowhere near as off model as Bender or Leela were from the first line. 

Paint - ****
The paint jobs on these guys is just fantastic as far as Iím concerned.  There are very few sloppy applications and all the paint seems to be in the right places, even in the small corners.  Even Nibbler, the tiniest of the set, is very well done.  I really have no complaints in this department.

Value - **1/2
Hereís where this series looses points.  The average price ranges from $10 or $11 for each set.  This isnít horrible, but for two figures in a set and one clicker to go along with each it makes you wonder why they didnít put them in a four pack like the first series.  Also, Rocker USA could have easily made the Hermes/Nibbler 2-pack into a 3-pack with any of several other supporting Futurama characters, such as Kif, Zapp Brannigan, Mom, Cubert or Scruffy, just to name a few.  However, they probably want to extend this line for at least a 3rd series of figures if possible, and thatís fine by me!

Overall - ***
Overall this set is really a great buy for those diehard Futurama fans who are looking for a substitute for a full-fledged action figure line.  It seems that the second series of MAC figures is dead, so this isnít a bad alternative.  Itís nice to have the entire Planet Express crew out and on display too.

Where to Buy
As I said before, I ordered my sets from and I remember Tower Records being the place that I found the first set, so they should be popping up there if they already havenít.  Iím also certain that many comic shops will have these sets in due time as well.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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