Remote Control Bart Simpson

The remote control Bart Simpson was released back in the summer.  At $30, it was on the steep side, but looked pretty damn cool.  Now is the time to buy - and I mean right NOW.  Don't wait, but get to your local Target and pick one of these up for $7.44.  They've hit 75% off, and that's a price you can't argue with.

Make sure you pick up a 9 volt battery for the Krusty controller, and 4 AA batteries for Bart before you leave the store.  Not only does Bart zip around the room, but the controller emits several sayings from both Bart and Krusty.

Packaging - **
The packaging isn't bad - it's attractive as is most of the current Simpsons packaging.  If your a "keep it in it's box" kind of person, you can see Bart and his skateboard just fine, along with the Krusty controller.  But I recommend opening this one up - you just can't appreciate how cool this toy is until it's free and zooming around your house.

Sculpting - ***
This catagory doesn't mean much here, but I thought I'd live it in.  Krusty and Bart look like they should, although there's something a little off with the Bart sculpt.  It's hard to put my finger on - perhaps the head is a little too large, the smile slightly off.  But considering the focus of this piece is the remote control play value, you can't fault it much for sculpting.

Quality - ***1/2
Both the controller and the Bart/skateboard are very well made.  Sturdy construction is evident here, and I've already slammed him into walls, furniture, and he's taken one trip down the stairs without any ill effects.

Another nice part of the overall design and quality is that there are three settings on the controller - one for off, of course, one for just chasing the cat with Bart, and one that will not only move Bart but emit the various sounds at the same time.  This is nice, because while the sounds are a good addition, they'd get old fast if you couldn't shut them off.

The motor in this skateboard is very powerful, and it is possible to do some pretty neat spins and wheelies once you get the hang of it.  The controller only sends Bart forward and back, and turns the front wheels left or right.  But because of the weight distribution and design of the toy, it's possible to get some great effects out of these simple controls.

Value - ****
At $30 or more, this was only an okay deal.  It's worth thirty bucks, but it's not an amazing price.  But at $7.44 - wowza!  Thank you Target!

Overall - ***1/2
Go buy one of these now.  Even if it hasn't reached $7.44 at your local store, and is still at $15, buy it - don't miss out on this great opportunity for fun.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford

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