Burger King X-men Evolution

For the third promotion in a row, Burger King has the attention of toy collectors.  First it was Spooky Light Ups, then Lord of the Rings.  Now they follow with a set of figures for the cartoon, X-men Evolution.

These PVC figures are about 3.5" tall, although they vary by character.  Each comes with a small stand, which also has a 'peephole'.  Look inside, and you see the civilian look of the character, along with a brief bio.  Each figure also comes with a small CD-ROM that contains some games and cute software.  The CD-ROM sits in the base for a complete look.

Most BK's will sell these separately from the kids meal for about a buck each.  I have had far less trouble picking these up than the previous LOTR promotion.  There are eight characters - Rogue, Toad, Wolverine, Quicksilver, Magneto, Cyclops, Mystique and Nightcrawler.

Sculpting - **1/2
If I hadn't found Toad, this score would have been higher.  Most of the figures are actually pretty good, with Wolverine the standout.

Unfortunately, as good as Wolvie is, Toad is that bad.  Even though they are just PVC's, the sculpting can still be decent.

The pose selection is a bit odd as well.  Again, Wolverine is in a great pose, but Quicksilver is fairly static when he is the perfect character for an action pose.  I have no idea why Rogue looks like she's trying to vogue. I assume Magneto is in a take off position, although it appears he likes to stand on his toes, and I'm guessing that Cyclops is about to remove his visor, or he's had some sort of accident causing hearing loss. 

Paint - **
Some of the figures were decent, but overall the ops on these aren't as good as some of the other recent kids meal toys.  There was a fair amount of slop on the lines of the costumes, and the faces, particularly Toad and Magneto, were pretty poor.

Articulation - Bupkis
Since they are solid PVC's, there isn't much here to give them an articulation score.  It's not a huge detraction for a kids meal toy, but it is possible to give them at least one or two points, particularly the neck and shoulders.

Accessories - ***1/2
Ah, while they might not have articulation, they at least have a couple cool accessories.  I'm counting both the stand and the CD-ROM here.

The stands work great and look as good.  The figure's feet have a small bar attaching them which fits into the stand.  All the characters fit in their stands perfectly, without any problems.  The peephole feature works great as well.

The CD-ROM looks great perched on the stand, with some great graphics.  The features on the disk aren't anything to write home about, but it's not a bad idea.

Value - ****
A buck for a PVC is good enough, but with the stand and CD, it's a great value.

Overall - **1/2
While these aren't as nice as the last two BK promotions, they are decent enough to pick up, particularly for the big X-men Evolution fans.

I'd suggest skipping the food though.  Ugh.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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