D'oh! Nuts!
Misadventures of Homer Statue 2

Last spring I reviewed the first statue in the Hamilton Collection series called the Misadventures of Homer Simpson.  At that time, it looked as though that might be the only one produced in a planned series.

But Simpsons collectors managed to find the statue, although Hamilton had done an awful job of marketing it.  It took a little while, but the demand grew, and they decided to continue the now successful set.

The second in the series is called D'oh Nuts! and we get to see Homer in all his pudgy glory.  These are available through Hamilton Collections, and cost about twenty bucks plus shipping.

Sculpting - ***
Hamilton usually does a prett nice job on the sculpting of their collectibles, but I don't think this one is quite as nice as the first.

There's something not quite on model with Homer's face, particularly around the mouth.  Yes, he has a rather disappointed look, staring at the 280 on his broken scale.  But that doesn't quite account for the oddity.

The base around his feet is good though, particularly the bath towel, ducky and slippers.  Obviously the scale is broken, and a couple metal springs stick out from the top.

They also kept the scale of this statue pretty close to the first, although Homer looks slightly bigger here.

Quality - ***1/2
This statue isn't quite as heavy as the first, obviously due to the lack of a large base object.  But it's very well made, and should look great for years as long as you don't drop it on a hard tile floor.

Paint - **1/2
Like the previous release, the paint ops are a little weak.  The paint work on the towel is particularly spotty, with the edges around the floor missing color completely.

The paint on Homer himself is good though, and there isn't any slop on his face or eyes.

Value - ***
At $19.95 plus shipping, these small statues are a good value.  It's certainly a better price than you'll pay for many other ceramic pieces, and with good quality and decent sculpting, you're getting a fair deal.

Overall - ***
This particular statue in this particular pose isn't quite as nice as the first, so it's possible that if you aren't collecting the whole series you might skip it.

But for those of us that plan on picking up the complete run, it's a great edition to the collection.

I do have a question though - what's the square, ceramic 'H' tile supposed to be for?  Since they gave us two with this statue, I'm assuming one should go back with the first release.  But what's its purpose?  It's it related to 'Homer', or to 'Hamilton'?  Enquiring minds want to know!

Where to Buy - 
Call 1-800-228-2945, and tell them you'd like to order the Misadventures of Homer series.  I don't know if they still have the first statue available, but they might..

So what is this?  Does it stand for Homer?  Hamilton?  I'm clueless...

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford

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