Burger King Ice Age

The newest cartoon to hit the big screen, Ice Age, opened last weekend.  Oddly enough, there have been no regular toy tie ins, but Burger King stepped up with a month long promotion.

The promo includes the usual frozen drinks and kid's meal toys.  There are ten toys in the set, and each toy connects to the others to make a pretty cool action diorama.  The toys cost around a buck, depending on the BK you visit.

The ten toys are: Slash and Crash Diego; Rhino's Revenge; ledge Sledding Sylvia, Loop-de-Loop Roshan; Mud Slide Sid; Climb 'N Slide Manfred; Scrat's Screw-up; Dodos A-Go-Go; Slippery Slope Sid; and Spin Out Soto.

Sculpting - **1/2
Nothing fancy here, but the characters are all true to the source material.  They aren't bad for kids meal toys, although there isn't too much detail or complexity.

The sculpting on the ice pieces is good, and the bases are all well designed.

Paint - **
On the set of 10 I picked up, the paint ops are spotty at best.  For kid's meal toys they aren't bad, but you'll find that some of the toys are much better than others.  Consistency is never tops on the list for these type of toys.

Articulation - Bupkis
They take a hit here, because they aren't really figures.  But I still thought it was important to point out that none of the toys have any real sort of articulation.

Play Action - ****
Sure, they don't have articulation, but what they do have is a pretty cool play action.  Each of these toys can connect to another toy, and their action sets off the action of the next set.  Think tumbling dominos.

I had a little trouble getting a couple of the sledding figures to snap into place, but they all did work at least some of the time.  And once you have the full set all put together, it really is pretty cool to twist Sqrat around, and watch all the rest take off on their own.

This is similar to the cool design of the Lord of the Rings toys, and I really like seeing this kind of imaginative engineering.  Heck, they're little buck toys, and they could just make simple figures.  But instead Equity is expending some brain cells coming up with some ways to make these more fun for the kids.

Value - ***1/2
For a buck each, they're pretty cool little toys.  However, you'll want the whole set to get the real value out of these.

Overall - **1/2
These aren't as nice as the LOTR set, but they are very imaginative.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford

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