URL and Gender Bender

Right now there's plenty of Futurama merchandise hitting the on-line stores.  The Gelatinous Blob, motion clickers, and these two new windup robots from Rocket USA.

The two previous windups were Bender and Nibbler.  The second set includes a Bender variation - Gender Bender - and the cop, URL.  I haven't stumbled across these at any brick and mortar stores, but there are a variety of on-line places you can pick them up.

Packaging - ****
The text, graphics and design style of these boxes fits with the show perfectly.  Not only that, but they are completely collector friendly.  You can pop these out, and pop them back in any time, without cutting even a single piece of tape.

Sculpting - ***1/2
If you liked the original Bender, you'll like Gender Bender, since it's the exact same figure with the additions of the tu-tu and hair.  He has the same moving eyes and rotating mouth, and looks just as good.

URL also looks great, following the source material very closely.  These characters fit the windup robot style much better than a character like Nibbler.

Paint - Bender ***, URL **
The ops on Gender Bender are a little better than the original version, simply because he has more details.  There's the new paint work for his wrestling uniform, which improve his basic score.

URL isn't quite as good.  I don't know if it's just mine, but both shoulders had rub marks in the paint, possibly from the production line or from package that was too tight by design.  Also, there are more stickers on URL than Bender, with ones on his arm and face.  I always prefer paint, and the details here are very basic.

Walking Feature - ***
Both figures walked fine across the kitchen floor, and the mechanism seemed tight and sturdy.  The arm joints, particularly on URL seemed a bit floppy, but the arms move well when they walked.

Accessories - Bender ***1/2, URL **1/2
Bender comes loaded again, with his cigar that fits in one side of his mouth, his magic wand, and a can of Mom's Old Fashioned Oil.  All three fit in his hands perfectly.

URL only has his police baton, and that's a bit light.  I'm sure coming up with other accessories might have been tough, but something else would have been good.

Value - ***
These are a far better value this time.  The first Bender was going for $25, but I picked these up for just under $20 each.  That's a very good price for this quality of wind up robot.

Overall - Gender Bender ***, URL **1/2
Bender is a slightly better toy, with more accessories, moving eyes, opening chest, and moving mouth.  But if you have the original, you really need to pick up URL.  They look great together on the shelf!

Where to buy -
I don't know of any bricks and mortar stores carrying these, but there are plenty of on-line options.

- Brandon Toys has the best price I've seen around - under $18 plus shipping. 

-I picked these up at Comics Infinity.  They are one of my favorite on-line retailers because of their terrific customer service.  They were about $20 each.

The other sites I've seen are charging even more.  Shop around to get the best deal!

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford

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