Scooby Doo Beast from the Bottomless Lake and Skeleton Man 

For the last two months I've been searching for the final two Scooby Doo villains from the Creepy Series, the first assortment from Equity.

Why have I been searching?   Because Equity screwed up like gang busters on this first release.  First, the cases that were shipping to large retailers didn't even contain these two villains.  And the cases that did - those showing up at comic shops - only had one each.

Finally, these have started to show up at regular retailers, including Kaybee where I found mine.  Equity still hasn't fixed the first problem, and all four of the villains were one each in the case, with another eight figures split between Shaggy and Scooby.  Big mistake.

Packaging - ***
I like the style and art on the carded figures.  It looks good, and the bubbles are sturdy and able to hold up to shelf wear.

Each figure has a little bio on the back, but there's no indication of the names of the other figures. 

Sculpting - ***
The sculpt on Skeleton Man is pretty basic, but since the character was pretty basic, that's to be expected.  The work is clean, if simple.

The Beast from the Bottomless Lake is more complex, or at least as complex as you'll get with most Scooby villains.  He also looks just like the source material, and fits really well with the rest of the line.

Keep in mind that these are McToys - they're just toys.  Actually, I don't think I'd want to see what McFarlane would do to a license like Scooby Doo *shudder*

Paint - ***1/2
The paint ops were a bit of a mixed bag, but the work on the Skeleton Man really helped raise the overall score.

The beast from the Bottomless Lake is adequate, particularly the eyes and mouth.  The ops aren't complex, but they are fairly clean.

The paint ops that stand out though is the skeleton work on the blue body of Mr. Bones.  It too is fairly straight forward, but on mine the work is extremely neat and clean.  On top of that, the skeleton paint glows in the dark!

Articulation - ***1/2
For those of us tired of the measly five points on Simpsons figures, the 8 (Beast) or 9 (Skeleton Man) points are really a welcome change.

They both have shoulder, elbow, hips and kness.  The Skeleton man adds neck to that total.  These joints are much tighter and better quality than the joints on the Scooby Gang figures.

Accessories - ***
I'd like to see more than one accessory, plus the flip book, for each of these characters, particularly at this price.  But the accessories they provide are really great.

The Beast comes with a sign directing you to the Bottomless Lake, and Skeleton Man comes with a bucket of clams (I think...I haven't seen the episode in awhile).  Both are well done, and look great with the rest of the figures.

Value - ***
These are still slightly overpriced at $7 each.  The good news is though that KayBee was selling these for that same $7, instead of marking them up as they usually do.

Overall - ***1/2
I'm very pleased with this line so far.  I think Equity is making a mistake by short packing the villains, particularly since the line is likely to be a big hit with collectors who watched the show as a kid.  Hopefully they'll get that straightened out by the time the release another wave.

If you're looking for some additional info on Scooby villains, check out this cool site!

Where to Buy
I haven't seen any on-line resources for these yet, but you can find them at some comic shops, and now Kaybee, Suncoast and Media Play are starting to get them in.  I'm assuming Target will get them soon.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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