Simpsons Clickers 

Rocket USA is producing a variety of tin items under the Simpsons (and Futurama) license.  The latest is this set of 9 clickers. There are actually 10 clickers pictured here, as there was one issued at Toy Fair 2002 that was exclusive to the trade show.

I have no idea what these are really for.  Driving people nuts, perhaps?  The only time I can ever recall actually using one was when I was a kid.  We used to play the home edition of Jeopardy, and these types of clickers were used to ring in.  Every time I click one now, I have to fit the urge to say "What is...".

Paint/Lithography - ****
Detail lithography has been possible for over a century.  If you look back at early tin advertising and packaging, you'll find some absolutely marvelous work.

But what they didn't have, that we can do now quite well, is vibrant colors.  These clickers show off not only great detail in all the designs, but terrific color.  Some are certainly nicer than others - my favorite is the Pin Pals one - but they all look great.

Quality - ***1/2
All of the clickers not only click just great, they are made very sturdy, and are sure to hold up to most normal situations.

The paint is also well applied, in a thick and sturdy coat.  I wouldn't bang them around too much, but they won't chip under normal conditions.

Value - ***
I paid about $12.50 plus shipping for a set of 9.  Even after shipping it was less than $2 each, and that's a pretty decent value.  If you can find them locally for around $12-$14, that would be your best bet, but I'm assuming that getting these on-line is your most likely outlet.

Overall - ***1/2
I really like these - they look terrific, and I've always like tin products.  Problem is, I can't figure out for the life of me what to do with them.  Anybody got any good display ideas?  Now with 10 of these and 10 of the Futurama ones, I have to find some place to put them!

Where to Buy
Your local comic shop might get them in, but I've only seen them on-line so far.

- I picked up my set at Grant's Toys.  I paid $12.50 plus shipping.  I've always gotten great service from Grant - tell him Michael sent you!

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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