WOS High School Prom Playset 

This is the second exclusive WOS set to hit this month, and hopefully the last WOS item for a little while.

Exclusive to Electronics Boutique, it's the High School Prom set with a young version of Homer and Marge.  Like most of the other new exclusive playsets, it's smaller than a regular set and retails for about thirty bucks.

The next exclusive from Electronics Boutique will be the KBBL Radio Station.  They already have the pre-orders up at the web site.

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Packaging - **1/2
The boxes are the same as always, although I particularly like the graphics on this one.  But still, the basic line needs a packaging face lift.

Sculpting - ****
Marge isn't too surprising, although she's a far more complex variation than we usually see.  With shorter hair as at the end of the episode, her tiara, and an all new dress and arm sculpt, she's a new figure for all practical purposes.

And if you think she's new, wait til you see Homer!  This is my favorite Homer variant so far, and he looks terrific.  The sculpt is great, from his suit to his hair, and this figure really stands out among all the Homers.

The playset itself is well sculpted too, so you really don't lose here.  The speakers and drum set, along with the other accoutrements on the wall, all look perfect.

The only thing stopping this set from getting four stars in this category is the placement of the foot pegs.  They are too far apart to allow them to dance, and really too close to each other to allow them to free stand without falling over them.  Homer really needs to be on the left peg to work well with Marge's right hand, but on that peg his right foot hangs over the edge.  While you will be able to find certain decent positions, a little more thought should have gone into the placement of the pegs.

Paint - ****
The paint ops here are excellent, particularly on Homer's suit.  There's more detail here on the figures than usual for this line, and the do a fine job with it.  Paint ops with WOS tends to be hit or miss though, so you should look at yours carefully when buying to be sure there aren't paint flecks on the face and any other issues.

There is one odd thing to note - it appears as though Homer's mouth was sculpted with, uh, something.  I don't know if its a lower lip, his tongue, or what, but it isn't painted, and probably wasn't supposed to be.

Articulation - **
The articulation is the usual neck, shoulders and waist.  The odd pre-posed arms work only in certain poses, but since they can dance or hold hands very well, I'm not beating them up too much over it.

Talking Feature - ***
There are some terrific lines on this set, and although these two figures only work here, and no other figures appear to work on this set, the great lines make up for it. They selected several lines for each that compliment each other fairly well.

Marge says things like "I'm here with someone else", "Homer J. Simpson, I hate you!", "Why is there make-out music on?", and "I don't think you're my type.", while Homer can respond with "I just met this girl, Marge Bouvier, and I want to force her to like me.", "I'm not asking you to like me, I'm just asking you to be fair.", "I'm in love.", "Marge, would you go to the prom with me?", and "English - who needs English.  I'm never going to England."

The only downside here is once again I had a lot of trouble getting Homer's foot peg to work consistently.  Marge was fine, but Homer doesn't want to stay attached to the base.

Accessories - **
This is one area that this set gets hit.  There's only one accessory, and while it's new, it's tiny.  It's a corsage for Marge, which does fit well in Homer's hand.

Value - **1/2
The exclusive nature of these sets is pushing what is really a $20 value up to the $30 mark.  If these were regular release sets, they wouldn't be worth more than the $20-$25 that those go for, even with two figures, since the sets are smaller in size.  But because of the lower demand, and therefore lower production numbers, of a set like this you have to pay a bit of a premium. 

Overall - ***1/2
This is the fourth episode specific exclusive they've produced, the other three being the Christmas set, Radioactive Man and Fallout Boy, and the recent Lurleen Lumpkin and Colonel Homer.  This is a trend we'll continue to see with the KBBL radio station, and the Marge and Jacques set.

Of the four, this is my favorite so far.  I'll admit that most of that reaction is because of this Homer variant, but the set itself looks great, and has the kind of detail we've seen in the larger sets.

Where to Buy
Electronics Boutique stores have these on the shelf right now.  They also have them on-line:

- is the on-line equivalent of the stores, and they have these in stock.  You can also pre-order their next exclusive, the KBBL Radio Station. (MROTW Affiliate)

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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