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Hey Norm!  Damn, I feel like I'm at Cheers...but Norm is here with us tonight, with a great guest review.  Tell us all about it, Norm!

Evening everybody. Name's Norm. Just a little about me, I'm your average toy collector; an opener, not a completist, but more a hobbyist. My collections include Marvel, DC, Muppets, Star Wars, Simpsons, to name the biggest sets. Recently, Transformers have had a renaissance, so my nostalgia for the G1 collection has been invigorated by the Transformers Classics and Alternators lines, and of course the upcoming movie. As soon as BBTS put Megatron up for presale (even before official pictures had surfaced) I jumped on it. Several months down the line, it has finally arrived.

Packaging - ***
I don't care much for this category, but for anyone interested, it's blind boxed like previous MPs, displaying images of both modes. The plastic tray inside is durable and can be taken in and out of the box without much wear. it displays the toy in robot mode, and all the accessories are visible.

Sculpting - ***1/2
In gun mode, it's perfect. Direct replica of the G1 at least, I'm not sure about the real Walther P38. but it's definitely chunky to hold. I feel like a hobbit holding it. In robot mode, it looks pretty much like Megatron, or an updated version of the G1 bot. It's resemblance to the anime version isn't as strong, but it's definitely bad ass. It IS skinny, but that doesn't bother me as much as it bothers others. My only issue is that his head is narrow, not from the front but the side. It's a little distracting, and not something I was expecting after having seen previously posted pics and reviews.

Paint - ****
The paints appear to be limited, but since 90% of the toy is plastic, the paints are actually quite important. All of the silver looks like metal, so that's a notable achievement. Other places like the abdominal region and Decepticon insignias are really clean too.

Articulation - ***1/2
The joints in robot mode are super tight, sometimes a little too tight. It can be tough to move him into different positions, but once you've got him in the position you want, he ain't moving. The shoulders do have limited mobility; you can't get his arms into a spread position. The area where the articulation hurts the figure is in its transformation. More on that in the design section. 

Design - ****
I'm giving four stars not because it's perfect, but because this is the most difficult transformer I've ever transformed. And it doesn't really even need to be that difficult. The transformation is VERY similar to the G1 version. The tightness of the joints is what makes it so time consuming to transform. There's a lot of shifting of parts and panels though, necessary to make the robot as tall as it needs to be and the gun as small as it needs to be. Most of the parts snap together securely, but a lot of the panels pop off of their ball and socket joints. Which I think is ok, because with the amount of force you have to use to pull things apart, it's better for those panels to pop off rather than to break off. There are a few metal die cast parts (the feet, and some joints), but they're important to the design in that if they were plastic, the toy would definitely break. The metal parts are more sturdy.

Accessories - ****
Megatron comes with several accessories. the scope in gun form doubles as his GIANT arm cannon. It's lightweight, but still heavy enough to knock him off balance. (also of note, the cannon has a red LED which is about as bright the matrix light inside prime. not as focused as a laser though.) He comes with the Energon sword (w/removable blade) and pistol he used to fight prime in the movie, and Kremzeek, the little spark dude, who is cast in translucent plastic with no articulation. Finally there's also a morning star with a super long chain included, which matches the translucency of the Energon blade, and prime's Energon axe. Lots of good stuff.

Fun Factor - ***
This toy is not for kids. It's fragile, and as a result, is probably not for clumsy adults either. But if you're coordinated enough to get your hands on this figure, you'll want to pose him, then stare at him in awe. It's not meant for play, it's meant for DISPLAY. But no one says displaying him can't be fun. And when he's displayed with MP prime, boy, that's a pay off 25 years in the making.

Value - **
I ordered from BBTS, and with shipping, I paid $110. That's a lot of damn money to pay, especially for an out of work teacher. But i'm sure i'd regret passing this figure up. It's an import. I paid what i had to. Speaking of BBTS, the orange plug for the barrel can be removed with pliers, but the barrel still has some residual glue stuck inside. You'd think that since they had to open and manipulate these toys, they'd drop the price a few bucks. (which also raises the question, did they really need to plug the barrel since the toy was shipped in robot form?) 

Things to Watch Out For - 
The transformation is cumbersome and daunting, especially the first time. Probably even the second an third times, which i haven't gotten around to yet. Panels that pop off most frequently cover the shoulders and hips, but they pop right back on easily too. Just take care and make sure you have no place to go right away whenever you want to transform it. You'll be there a while! most people will be displaying Megatron in robot form anyway, but still, you'll want to take care in posing him as well. 

Overall - ***1/2
This figure just looks so damn good posed next to prime. Their characters are the embodiment of good and evil. they're perfect bookends to each other, yin and yang. It's not as perfect a toy as MP prime, but i would seriously be regretting it if i had passed it up. The tight joints are a blessing and a curse, but the paint details and accessories balance that in my final score. I think anyone who's a fan of transformers would be silly not to add this figure to their collection. It's the definitive megatron, no other version will exceed it, nor most likely exist! 

Packaging- ***
Sculpt- ***1/2
Paint- ****
Articulation- ***1/2
Design- ****
Accessories- ****
Fun Factor- ***
Value- **
Overall- ***1/2


Figure from the collection of Norm Dapito.

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