Disney Magical Collection C
Witch, Pluto, Ursula, Tigger, The Genie, Fairy Godmother

Coheteboy finishes up the first three sets of Disney Magical Collection figures release so far in the States with tonight's great guest review.  Take it away!

The latest set of Tomy's awesome Disney Magical Collection has hit our shores for some time and are now available. The previous sets A and B can still be found lingering about some stores but you better act fast if you want to get into the game. Set C stays within the realm of characters that has been seen in the first two assortments, so if you purchased them, you definitely won't want to miss out on any of these. 

These amazing detailed figures are about 4", which makes them in the same general scale with Star Wars figures. The latest assortment are as follows: The Witch (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs), Pluto (Canine Caddy), Ursual (The Little Mermaid), Tigger (Winnie the Pooh), The Genie (Aladdin), and the Fairy Godmother (Cinderella).

Packaging - ***1/2
I really like the smaller blister created for the series. It makes for a far easier collecting experience than most other toy lines. The packaging remains identical to its Asian counterpart, and I'm really glad they did so. The design isn't the brightest or most colorful, but what I like about it is that what you see is what you get. The card remains small with a large bubble allowing you to clearly view the figure and its accessories. 

The back of the card details which figures are in the current series, as well as listing the figures coming in the next batch. Keep in mind that this won't apply to US collectors since these figures have already been released in Asia. 

The packaging is simple but it really does a great job. Now all you need is a translator and you're all set.

Sculpting - ****
You cannot find better sculpted likenesses of the Disney characters in this format anywhere else. Trust me, I've looked. For years, the only way to get a decent likeness of a Disney character was to invest in the pricey Walt Disney Classics Collection, but now you can pick up a number of great sculpts at action figure prices and scale. 

Each character is as if it jumped right out of the screen. The detail of the Witch's face is amazing. The expressions of Pluto and Tigger are flawless. They're happy, but they don't look forced in the slightest. The Fairy Godmother is in the perfect state of transforming Cinderella into a ball-crashing beauty. Even Ursula has her scheming sinister smile.

The only complaint I have really isn't a complaint on the sculpt, but rather scale. For the most part, the figures released are in a relatively similar scale, but there are instances where a larger character is scaled down to fit into the bubble. Ursula, unfortunately, is a victim of this. She SHOULD be much much larger than she is, which makes me wish that there were Deluxe sized figures in the same line.

Even The Genie should be somewhat larger, though it's acceptable since he can be any size any shape. Which leads to another complaint... the Genie, while sculpted well, is quite awkward! The free flying shape shifter is pretty restricted in his crouching pose... worst yet, I don't ever recall seeing him like that in the film.

Paint - ***1/2
The paint ops incredible in this set. Though the characters in this set aren't extremely colorful, all the colors used are done very well. The stripes on Tigger are great and paint on the smaller characters are incredible. I wasn't disappointed with the brilliant work here.

Articulation - **1/2
It's kind of a mixed bag in the articulation department. Some figures are given a standard amount, and some are given even less than that. 

Pluto is the leading player here with six points of articulation. The hind legs aren't given any points but he makes up for it in the ears and tail.

Tigger isn't bad either with five points. His head isn't going anywhere but his bouncy bouncy tail at least has some movement.

The rest don't fare as well. Genie has four points of articulation and the three ladies of the set all have three each (arms and head). 

The Disney Magical Collection is really meant for display, so a lot of the articulation is only done to compliment the sculpt but it would be nice to see a little bit more on characters. Neck articulation would certainly help.

Accessories - ***
While the sculpts are great, the accessories add just a small touch of detail to make these figures really worth collecting. For starters, each figure comes with its' own stand for display. Nice touch, though most of these figures do just fine on their own.

While the figures in this set don't come with too much, they are still a perfect addition. The Genie comes obviously with his lamp and The Witch comes with an apple, naturally.

The Fairy Godmother is packed with two of Cinderella's best mice friends: Gus and Jaq. There's nothing better than to get extra characters to display, especially if they're to scale! Careful not to give this one to the kiddies, they'll surely lose 'em. 

Ursula also comes with another character but for some odd reason it's not her own pets, Flotsam and Jetsam. Instead, the old sea witch comes with one of Ariel's pals: Flounder. Painted and sculpted exceptionally well, Flounder makes a great addition to the line.

Pluto, from the cartoon short Canine Caddy, appropriately comes with a nicely detailed golf bag and two golf clubs. 

Tigger is a surprise, since he comes with two different tails which can be snapped into place. One tail is a normal tail while the other is a "bouncy" version, which can be placed onto a tree trunk base to hold him up. Pretty clever!

Value - ***
These figures should be selling for about $6-7 a piece and for that, I think it's fair. A toy line with sculpts as great as these and with as many characters is always something to cheer about. If you pay import prices of $8-10, then you can take away a half star.

Overall - ****
By now, you have seen 18 figures released in the states. If these have only peaked your curiosity, then definitely consider that there have already been 78 figures released overseas. The best is still to come. 

This toy line has been extremely fun to collect and it looks even better out of the package. You can't find better detailed Disney figures anywhere else!

Where to Buy:
Comic book shops seem to be the place to buy these and I've also seen them available at Suncoast for $6.99. Import shops should also carry the ones directly from Japan but expect to pay a bit higher for those. On-line:

- Beans Toys has the full set for $33 plus shipping.

Keep scrolling down - I took a ton of photos!

About the Reviewer:
Coheteboy is an avid toy collector and now confirmed Disney nut. He also writes for Galactic Hunter.

Figure from the collection of Coheteboy.

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