Mega Camilla

If you want a little chicken, I recommend Wendy's. That Ultimate Grill is pretty damn good! If you're looking for a big chicken, then the Palisades Collector's Club is the only way to go. Not just big chicken, but MEGA chicken!

Palisades introduced the Mega Muppest line a little more than a year ago with Mega Beaker. Since then, they've released Mega Animal and Mega Gonzo. These figures are larger versions of the standard Muppets figures, often with no change. Actually, Animal is the only one so far to get a make over, and his was a slight change to the head sculpt.

The fourth Mega is now out - Camilla. She's the big chicken I was referring to, and no, she's not a coward. Just a chicken. As the love of Gonzo's life, it makes perfect sense to have her mega version keep his mega version company.

Camilla was originally intended as a show exclusive - Wizard World Philly I believe. But then Target backed out on the Muppets license, and left the Steppin' Out Gonzo figure hanging. Gonzo switched to Philly, but what to do with Camilla? She's now the first Collector's Club only Mega exclusive, available right now for just $15 plus shipping.

Packaging - ****
Love those boxes, even more than the clamshells. You can see the figure easily, they are a cinch to store, and they're collector friendly to boot! What more could an anal retentive MIBBer want?

Sculpting - ***1/2
If you liked the smaller Camilla that came with Gonzo in wave 5, then you'll love this one. Scale-wise, she's almost exactly the same in relation to Gonzo. 

There's plenty of detail here, especially in the feathers, and unlike other lines that seem to end up less detailed and interesting as the scale increases, these Mega Muppets retain every bit of minutia.  You can almost understand what Gonzo sees in her.

Paint - ****
Camilla shows some great paint application, especially on her eyes, comb and wattles. Okay, so there's not a lot of small detail work when it comes to the paint, but the broader colors here are clean, consistent and neat.

Articulation - **
Hey, she's a chicken. How much articulation could she have? Flight is an issue for this type of bird, let alone striking a pose. Camilla has the same articulation as her smaller counterpart - neck and legs. The legs also appear at first to be made of rubber, but they don't bend. The articulation allows for some sly head poses, and the legs can be adjusted to keep her standing without any trouble.

Accessories - Bupkis
Camilla, being an accessory herself to the Mega Gonzo, comes with zippo. I'm not sure what would have worked well here, but something would have certainly eased the pain.

Fun Factor - **
I think Camilla's a lot of fun. Gonzo thinks she's even more fun. But I can't imagine the average kid getting much play value out of her. She looks good up on the shelf next to Gonzo, and I don't even want to think about the fun these two have when the lights are off, but as a kid's toy she doesn't hold much promise.

Value - **1/2
The Mega's normally run around twenty bucks, unless you find them on sale. At fifteen bucks, she's a better deal than average, but she is still a single figure with no accessories. Of course, her exclusivity tends to drive up cost as well, since her production numbers will be well below a widely released Mega.

Overall - **1/2
The sculpt is great, as are the paint ops, but I can't quite get past the fact that Camilla is really a Mega accessory. I'm glad I have her, and if you're a big fan of the Muppets, I recommend you pick her up, but if you don't already have Mega Gonzo, there's not much point in having a big chicken. On the other hand, if you have Mega Gonzo, than Camilla really is a must have.

Let's bring on the next Mega!

Where to Buy - 
The Palisades Collector's Club is the answer to your prayers. At least if you're praying for a large chicken. If you are, I suggest seeking help from a trained professional.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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