Simpsons 10 piece PVC set

I'm starting to feel like all I buy is Simpsons stuff!  The amount of merchandise coming out lately is simply astounding, especially for those that collected through the long, dry years.  But I'm not complaining!

This new set of PVC's from re:Play (a division of Playmates) are the latest to hit comic shops and on-line stores.  I haven't seen them at a mass retailer yet, but I'd be surprised if we didn't soon.  There are actually two versions of this set.  The one sold here in the States has an extra Bart figure, while the one sold overseas has an extra Homer I believe.  Either way, while it's labeled as a ten piece set, there are always 11 PVC's.

Packaging - **1/2
Nothing particularly exciting here.  The graphics are acceptable, but this is one of those box styles that is easily damaged, since it has many edges to curl and rip.

Sculpt - ***
For this size of a figure, these sculpts are quite good.  Compare them to some of the other PVC and keychain figures we've seen in approximately the same scale, and you'll notice the difference.

Of course, even the best sculpting is going to be limited by this small size.  These certainly aren't the Playmates figures, but the work here is nice considering the limitations.

Ten of the 11 figures stand fine for me, which is also no small feat.  Only the Bart with Skateboard has a tough time standing, but unfortunately it's a very tough time standing.  Unless I lean him against something, it's a hopeless case.

Paint - ***1/2
Similar to scale, the paint ops on PVC's is often sloppy.  There's two factors - scale and cost.  PVC's are on the low end of price, so the incentive for a company to pay much for good paint ops or quality control is pretty limited.

However, this set is well done, with little glopping, and no sloppy lines.  I was particularly impressed with the Sideshow Bob, and he's an excellent version to place on the shelf.

Value - ***
As always, value depends on where you buy it.  I picked this up at the Motor City Comic Con, and paid ten bucks.  Less than a buck each for PVC's is quite a good price.  I've also seen these at comic shops and on-line for the more common price of $14.95.  Obviously that's not quite as good of a value.

Overall - ***
As PVC's go, these are pretty nice.  It's particularly nice to get such a wide selection of characters, and people like Burns, Sideshow Bob and Apu are getting to be common.  That's a situation I never thought I'd see!

Where to Buy:
These haven't hit any of the major retailers yet that I know of, although I've heard rumors of smaller stores like Shopko carrying them.  They are also at many comic shops.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford

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