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Adiatma checks in tonight with a review of the Tomica Lightning McQueen - tell us all about it, Adiatma!

Hello everybody. Iím back with another review. This time a bit different. Why, because rather than figure, Iím reviewing a Die Cast Cars. I donít collect cars seriously (only have some), but since Lightning is the character who happen to be the main guy of the movie, Iím happy to tell the story.
Maybe some of you had read Mattelís Cars review in this site a few months ago, now itís Tomicaís turn. Letís see what far east bring to this wonderful lead character. How is it when compare with MattelísÖ

Packaging - ***
Basic Tomica packaging. If one of you never saw them, basically itís only a box with a picture and numbers indicating the series number. Good for the collector who likes to show in their collection and put it back in (near) mint condition. but compared to Mattelís blister, itís a far cry. This one is a bit dull for my taste.

Inside, Lightning is only protected by a plastic bag, no cellotape. Just the plastic bag, sir. Rather simplistic for my taste but very efficient. 

Sculpting - ***
It body is made of iron while the under body and tires are made from ABS plastic. The size of this car is on par with basic Hotwheels cars (please see the last photo). So itís about 1:64 scale, which mean is smaller than the Mattel ones. 

Details are good. Although itís rather simple, it's enough to capture the movie magic. On the downside, the bottom part of the lightning is lacking any details. Okay, the movie doesnít show his underparts, but a bit of detailing wouldn't hurt. 

Paint - ****
Paint is the strong point of this ďfigureĒ since a his eyes and everything else depends on it. His eyes are beautifully painted or placed (since it looks like dry transfers to me). Now, if you look at his body, itís fileed with number, stickers, sponsorsÖ and they all are also beautifully painted. Even the "lightyear" on his tires is visible. A bit of miss on the muffler, thoughÖ but thatís minor in my eyes.

Articulation - Bupkis
The only things that move are the wheels, and theyÖ errrÖ spinÖ

Accessories - Bupkis
No Tomica cars ever got any accessories (well some have, but they more children oriented). If you want a Lightning with accessories, go with Tomyís. It has cactus and rocks as backgrounds. The Tomica one is stuck with nothing.

Fun Factor - ****
Die Cast Cars + Child = endless playing value. Itís a rigid, free wheeling toy with kid friendly themes.

Value - **
According to my Tomica collectors guide, D series (Lightning is D-23) are made only for vehicles with Disneyís Character on them (such as Mickeyís Cars, Nemoís bus, etc) and only sold in Japan. There, itís sold for 760 yen (around 6$) which is a good price since the price could go up. But that's if youíre an investor. The truth is, you could buy 6 Hotwheels cars with that price. To make matters worse, Mattelís is only 4 $ each. Okay, the quality is good, but 6$ is a bit overpriced. (note: some stores in my country already sold this car for 15$. Talk about overpriced, hey).

Things to Watch OUt For -
I bought two of these and they all have the same good quality. So nothing important here.

Overall - ***
Although the price is more expensive than basic Hotwheels cars, it is almost on par with the Mattel version. But is still mighty expensive. Other than that, itís a fine piece. I donít know if thereís another character from the movie, but this Lightning is bright enough to make a child and collector happy.

Packaging: ***
Sculpting: ***
Paint: ****
Articulation: Bupkis
Accessories: Bupkis
Value: ***
Fun Factor: ****
Overall: ***1/2

Where to buy -
Since itís only published in Japan, internet, ebay and import stores should be your only choices.

Figure from the collection of Adiatma.

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