Homer Tin Windup

There's a ton of Simpsons product hitting in June again, and the first item up is the new Homer Simpsons tin wind up from  Rocket USA.  Similar to the Futurama wind ups previously produced (Gender Bender and Url, bright and shiny Bender, Nibbler, and regular Bender), these new Simpsons wind ups are likely to be very popular.

And I have a special deal for readers of MROTW - Brandon Toys has agreed to a special pricing on Homer for readers of this site.  Use the special link only from MROTW, and they'll give you the wind up Homer for just $16.97.  Their normal price is $28.47, so that's almost 50% off!  But don't delay, since they only have a limited number.  They are in stock now, and that's the best price I've seen on these ANY WHERE!

And just so you know - I'm getting no special kick backs on this, no part of any money, no advertising fees.  Brandon Toys is a small retailer trying to make it, and when they came to me with a chance for my readers to get such a terrific deal, I thought it was a great way to help folks out on both sides. 

Please let me know if you take advantage of the offer and how it works out.  If it gets a good response, I'll pursue getting other good deals for the readers of the site.  Now on to the review!

Packaging - ***1/2
Another great job on the package by Rocket USA.  Excellent graphics and text, with a vintage look and feel.  The packaging is also collector friendly, and you can open him up and use the box to store him in again any time.

The cardboard used is a little thin, so shelf wear might be a problem for them over time, but overall it's a great job.

Sculpting - ***1/2
I wasn't too sure on how well Homer would translate into a wind up.  Robots like Bender or URL work fine, but when they did Nibbler I wasn't quite as thrilled.

Fortunately, they did a fantastic job on Homer's head.  The rounded nose, eyes and mouth are all well done, something I thought wouldn't come out right in this medium.

The body is also appropriately done, and he doesn't look 'robotic' at all.  I'm not sure if they've used something other than tin for things like the arms, but it turned out great.

Homer is slightly bigger than Bender, and I've included a photo at the end for a size comparison with the other Rocket USA wind ups, and the WOS Homer.

Paint - ***1/2
The paint ops on the last two I picked up - URL an Gender Bender - were a little sloppy, but there is no problem on my Homer.  All the lines are clean, with no bleed or over spray.  The major colors like white and yellow are consistent and smooth as well, and the pupils are centered properly.

Walking Feature - ***
Homer has a fairly complicated walking feature, with a swinging left arm, and his right arm bringing his Duff up to his mouth on every other step.  The motion on both arms worked well, and he walked very well across a tile surface.

My only complaint here is that he couldn't walk with the key in.  It rubbed on the side of his body, stopping his motion.  Since I don't think the key is supposed to be left in while walking, I can't complain too much, but I'm lazy and would prefer to just leave it there.

Accessories - **1/2
This is the only category where improvements could be made.  Unlike Gender Bender or even the regular Bender, who had a couple accessories each, Homer only has one.  It's great, but it's still only one.

He comes with the required can of Duff.  The can looks exactly as you'd expect, and it fits snugly in his left hand.

Value - ***
As you might expect, this depends on what you pay.  Pick this guy up for $20 or less, and you're getting a great value.  Pay more than $20, and take a half star to a star off.  I'm going with the average here.

Overall - ***
This figure was a borderline ***1/2.  Just another accessory, like the drum stick that's coming with the exclusive version from Universal Fun, and he would have made it.

Still, the average Simpsons fan should really enjoy this cool tin toy.  Rocket USA is doing a great job with some very unique ideas, and I look forward to the rest of their product this year.

Where to buy -
I don't know of any bricks and mortar stores carrying these, but there are plenty of on-line options.

- Brandon Toys has the best price I've seen around, but you have to mention you read about it at MROTW!  At only $16.97, they'll be tough to beat.  This is a special deal only for my readers though, so you have to use the link from this page to get to it.  Use the link above, or you won't see the special price!  Shipping should be about $6 for one.

- The next best price on the web is at New Force, where they are $19.99, plus shipping.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford

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