Simpsons All Star Voices Series 2

World of Springfield merchandise is poised to flood the shelves once again, with the new Wave 9 figures, playsets, and Celebrity Series 2 figures all hitting right now.

Celebrity series 2 is made up of two figures - Brad Goodman (voiced by Albert Brooks), and Lionel Hutz (voiced by Phil Hartman).  There was originally a third planned of Rabbi Krustofsky, but was delayed due to some issues that Jackie Mason had with producing an action figure of a rabbi at this time.

There is likely to be only one more series in this offshoot line, and after that future celebrity voiced characters will be rolled in with the regular waves.  These are selling for $7.99 at most stores, including Media Play and Toys R Us.

Packaging - ****
I really like the style of card art that they are using with the All Star Voices.  I wish we'd see an update to the regular line including the large character photo on the front.  Also, the figure itself stands out better against the red background. 

Sculpting - ***1/2
No real complaints on the sculpts, but these two characters aren't the most exciting on the planet.  Lots of folks will want Lionel - at least lots of lawyers will - but Goodman seems like such an odd choice.  I suspect it had to do with securing Albert Brooks more than it did with selecting this particular character for the line.

Paint - ***
My paint ops are all solid, with clean lines, consistent colors, and no 'glopping'.  I'm taking a little off on the paint category though due to the extreme change in the yellow plastic.

Some folks have noticed it in previous lines, but this is the first time for me where there's a glaring change.  The plastic is softer and much flatter in color, with almost all the shine gone.  While I'm not sure it looks worse or better, it certainly looks different, and you can tell very quickly when you place the new figures with the old.

Accessories - Lionel ****, Brad **1/2
Brad Goodman ended up with a lot of reuse on his accessories, which always hurts.  He has a book (new), cup (reused), can (reused), video tape (reused), and seminar sign (new).  While most of the accessories are appropriate, they aren't particularly exciting.

Lionel comes with only one reused, and it's very appropriate.  He has his briefcase (reused), law school diploma (new), business card (new), and monkey statue (new).  Both the business card and monkey statue are fantastic, and the law degree is has some excellent text.

Articulation - **1/2
Did you catch the first couple episodes of the Dead Zone?  Not bad so far.  Oh, and they have neck, shoulder and waist articulation.  Big surprise.

Value - **1/2
As these figures get up to $8 each at many stores, the poor value rating is getting beat about the head and shoulders.  Not a pretty site.

Overall - Brad **1/2, Lionel ***
Lionel is a borderline ***1/2, simply because he's such a cool character on the show.  Lots of folks have been anticipating his release for some time, and they won't be disappointed.

Brad is and odd figure though, with only one appearance, and not a particularly memorable one at that.  He doesn't do a whole lot for me, but completists will be happy to pick him up anyway.

Where to Buy
I picked mine up at Media Play, but they are showing up at TRU right now too.  On-line:

-  You should be pre-ordering through New Force Comics if you can.  Check them out for pre-ordering wave 10 figures and playsets right now!  Rick has excellent pricing, and great customer service.

- Comics Infinity has them up for $17 plus shipping.  Go to their Simpsons page.  They don't appear to have them in yet, but should soon.

- Entertainment Earth actually has them in stock for $17 plus shipping right now. (MROTW affiliate)

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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