Regular guest reviewer Coheteboy got a special package in the mail this week - Mossman!  Here's his detailed review:

With every successful toyline there will be a slew of exclusives that are either a) somewhat easy to find, b) difficult to find, and/or c) impossible to find.  Of course Mattel's latest exclusive was neither of those.  This online exclusive was more of a pain and hassle to obtain than most other exclusives.  Getting Moss Man itself was actually fairly inexpensive at $5 to ship.  The hard part was buying THREE regular MOTU figures on the same reciept and sending that along with the proofs of purchase from those same figures.  Most of you may be saying, "well, that isn't too hard, there are tons of MOTU figures on the pegs now."  Sad to say, when this deal was offered, it was near impossible to find anything other than new versions of He-Man and Skeletor.  The chances of finding the newest figures (Prince Adam and Syclone at the time) was incredibly slim, and chances of finding any normal figure (Mekanek, Teela, Orko, etc) was difficult as well.  So the question was if it was even worth shelling out $32+ for figures you don't want or already have to get this exclusive figure.  While I was lucky that a friend found three figures and let me have the POP and receipt for Moss Man, many of you weren't as lucky.  So those who are curious, is an in depth look at the HEROIC GUARDIAN OF NATURE. 

Just to recap, the vintage Moss Man is essentially the same as the vintage Beast Man, but with added flocking.  This updated Moss Man pays tribute to that original figure by doing the same. 

MOTU exclusives to date:  He-Man (SDCC version), Faker (Toyfare), Wolf Armor He-Man and Snake Armor Skeletor (TRU), Keldor (SDCC).

Packaging - ***1/2
For an internet exclusive without that much hoopla, Moss Man gets a very respectable box that is similar to the Toy Fare FAKER but with some changes.  The box itself takes on a different shape than the usual MOTU item but still stays within the boundaries of the basic design elements.  The window is nice and wide, showing the figure clearly while the backside of the box explains the action gimmick and accessory.  What is refreshing about this exclusive is that they even went so far as to add jungle artwork to the background, giving us a better sense of what the figure is capable of.

The box is shipped within a standard white shipper box with a large logo on the side.  There is no mistaking what this is when it arrives in your mailbox!

Sculpting - ***1/2
Though the sculpting is essentially the same as Beast Man from the first series, it doesn't look bad in the slightest.  In fact it looks quite awesome.  The head appears to be new but closer inspection shows that it is still Beast Man's head.  What else is there to say?  The sculpt underneath all the flocking is identical to Beast Man, and since Beast Man's sculpt was fantastic, the same must be said for Moss Man. 

Paint - ****
It really wasn't too difficult NOT to get a perfect score since there wasn't much to paint.  Moss Man is entirely green with the exception of his belt and his 'skirt'.  The eyes are painted looking off to his left, which is an interesting decision.  The paint ops on the rest of the face are exactly how they should be so no real complaints here.  For this figure to have less than four stars would have been pathetic.

Articulation - ***
Again, being exactly identical to Beast Man, Moss Man carries the same 12 points of articulation:  neck, two in each shoulder, wrists, waist, and two in each hip.  Nothing out of the ordinary which is good enough in this line. 

Accessories - **1/2
Moss Man comes only with a repaint of the Battle Club (seen previously with Mekanek).

Action Features - ****
While I don't consider Moss Man's flocking to be an accessory, I do consider it to be somewhat of an action feature.  Extra care was put into this figure's appearance, to blend into nature with that much more ease and Mattel has done a pretty fine job with that. 

The second action feature is virtually the same as Beast Man's.  A peg on the back allows Moss Man to swing his Battle Club at enemies with the push of the button.  It works well and the arms are still good for positioning in other poses.

Value - ***
Depending on how lucky you were in finding three figures, Moss Man would range from being a great deal to being a very expensive exclusive.  If you had to get three figures you already own, then the value of Moss Man can be dropped to one star.  If you picked up three figures you wanted anyway, then the value would be a pretty solid four stars.  But then again, seeing how much you'd have to pay on Ebay, getting three figures you didn't want was still a better option.

Overall - ***1/2
Initially the idea of flocking Beast Man to get Moss Man sounded like a bad idea to me, but the end result was a pretty impressive figure all around.  The sculpt used was great and the flocking was just icing on the cake.  All of this inside a nice exclusive package makes this a solid exclusive that no MOTU fan should be without.

Where to Buy - 
Looks like EBAY is the only place to pick up Moss Man now.  Prices are shooting up towards $60 so this figure will not come cheap!


Figure from the collection of Coheteboy.

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