Coheteboy is back with a review of the mighty tough to find MOTU figure, Evil-Lyn - take it away!

Masters of the Universe figures continue to sneak into stores irregularly, and among the latest releases is the Evil Warrior Goddess herself: EVIL-LYN.

The figure itself is a rather nice update of the original with a darker color palette.  Fans of the old will notice the pasty white skin compared to the regular skin color of old. 

No matter how you remember Evil-Lyn, this figure is extremely hard to find but will show up in larger numbers eventually.

Packaging - ***1/2
Evil-Lyn's packaging is the same as the other MOTU figures.  Decent looking card with decent sized bubble.  As always, the back of the card provides the necessary specs on the figure.  Nothing more to say here really.

Sculpting - ***1/2
Evil-Lyn is a very nicely sculpted figure that finally gives Skeletor something decent to look at up in Snake Mountain.  The sculpting of this "Goddess" is very similar to how Teela was done. 

Overall there's nothing much negative about this figure.  She's given a snobbish expression and she looks exactly as she should.

Paint -  ****
Mattel so far has done a really nice job with the quality of paint on the Masters of the Universe figures.  On my figure all the lines are clean and clear with no signs of bleeding anywhere.  Very well done.

Articulation  - ***1/2
Evil-Lyn isn't given any special treatment for being a girl so she has the exact same points of articulation as everyone else.  That's 12 points of articulation!

Accessories -  ***
Evil-Lyn comes equipped with two accessories:  Her Magic Staff and Dagger.  Both of which are very well painted.

Action Features - ***
Another similarity with the other MOTU figures is her action gimmick.  Just the standard pull right arm back, let go, and she slugs the first punk who comes onto her.  The feature works well but isn't anything new.

Value - ***1/2
Priced at the standard $7.99, Evil-Lyn should be a no-brainer for those who are a fan of this line.

Overall - ***1/2
Not at the fault of Evil-Lyn, I am slowly growing less and less interested in the Masters of the Universe line.  There really isn't anything special to these figures, but they do look really cool.  But getting back to Evil-Lyn, she really is a must buy if you collect MOTU.  IF you can find one anyway.  What you see is pretty much what you get. 

While I don't know if there are plans for this, a variant Evil-Lyn with normal skin tones would be pretty neat.

Where to Buy -
Get Evil-Lyn anywhere MOTU figures are sold:  Wal-Mart, Toys'R'Us, Target, and other retailers.


Figures from the collection of Lawrence Horsburgh.

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