Kif and Leela Bendies
Posted 09/17/01
Overall score - **
1/2 out of ****

(originally posted at the Comic Book Galaxy)

Futurama fans are dying for more figures from the show, but unfortunately it doesn't look good.  MAC hasn't announced any solid plans for additional figures in their line.

Dark Horse has put out three bendy versions so far - their first was Bender, and was very nicely done.  Now they've followed up with Leela and Kif Kroker.

Packaging - **1/2
The card art and text is nicely done, but many of the ones I've seen have problems with the bubble separating from the card.  For the MOMC collectors, this is definitely a problem.

Paint - ***
Paint ops aren't awful here, but they certainly could be better.  Bender was easy, since only his eyes really required much, but here there's a wider variety of color and detail.

As bendies go, the paint work is decent, but the action figure collector is accustomed to better work.

Sculpting - **
I'm a little spoiled, of course.  The MAC figures were excellent sculpts, and even the Dark Horse Bender bendy looked great.  Unfortunately, the same can't be said for these two, and in particular Leela.

The arms suffer from bendy arm distortion - they are far too long for the bodies.  And the head sculpts are soft, with little detail.

The other negative on the sculpt - and this isn't Dark Horse's fault - is that they are out of scale with the MAC figures.  Bender wasn't, and I was hoping for a Kif I could pose with the rest of the MAC line.  I didn't get it.

Accessories - *
Nada.  Zippo.  Nothing for poor Kif.  The guy simply gets no respect. But then, these are bendies.  Of course, they are also ten dollar bendies, so you should expect a little more.

Leela does get a blaster, and she holds it fine.  It's soft on the sculpt as well, but at least it's something - Kif is definitely jealous.

Value - **
Ten bucks is too much for a bendy, although you might find these as cheap as eight as some comic shops.

Overall - **
I'd really like to give these a higher score - I applaud Dark Horse for the effort.  And the Pop Out people that they are producing are a terrific idea.

But these just aren't good enough to justify the purchase.  I'd buy Kif if you're a fan - it might be the only version you get.