Burger King Halloween Simpsons 2002
Creepy Classics

For the second year, Burger King is putting out a terrific set of Simpsons toys in honor of the spookiest holiday of the year.

Last year's set was a big hit with the regular folks and collectors alike, and feature a 'spooky light up' feature.  This time around we get the 'Creepy Classics'.

There's no lighting up, but a transforming going on - a transforming base.  By pushing or pulling the tab on the top or side of the 'screen', the picture transforms.

The toys were scheduled to start on October 7th, but with a dock worker's strike in full swing, it looks like some BK's may not have them until the 14th.  There are ten in the full set - Frink, Lisa, Homer, Hibbert, Marge, Bart, Flanders, Kang, Willie and Otto.


Packaging - ***
They come in little plastic bags, just like you'd expect.  But you can tell which one's you're getting since you can see inside.  Also, each figure comes with it's own unique set of instructions.  It doesn't appear as though there's an 'under 3' toy in the set, although Kang comes close.  All the packages are marked 3+.

Sculpting - ***1/2
For the most part, the sculpting is extremely good.  Figures like Frink, Willie and Homer really stand out.

Some folks may complain about the character selections, but I think they are all very appropriate, and the little screens do a nice job of showing you why they are applicable.

Paint - ***1/2
This set is extremely good for a fast food set.  I didn't have any slop, and while the colors are fairly basic, there was still enough detail to make the paint ops tricky.

Articulation - Bupkis
While some of the figures might appear to have a joint here or there, don't get excited.  They are just big PVC's, and some, like Willie, are made of fairly soft material.

Transforming Screen - ***1/2
As I mentioned earlier, I really like the screens, better than last year's light up features.  The screens show little scenes to help explain each character, and they work smoothly.  Perhaps a little too smoothly, as I noticed quite awhile after taking the photos that a couple of them weren't quite lined up properly.

Accessories - ***1/2
I'm counting the screens and bases as the accessories here.  I've already given them their props for the inner workings of the screens, but haven't said too much on the bases.

And that's where there's some really nice work - the sculpting and design of the bases.  Each of the screens is set in a background and base that also fits the particular character.  Bart's Godzilla has a building, Flander's werewolf has a bush.  The design shows creativity and great execution.

Value - ****
You can't get a much better value.  These should cost you about a buck each, and most places will allow you to buy them without buying the meal.

Overall - ***1/2
I like the design and execution of these better than last year's set.  The bases also don't take up as much room, yet allow both the figure and the feature to work great. 

Where to Buy - 
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The photo to the right gives you some idea of the new figure's scale.  Boxing Homer in back is a WOS figure of course, and the Hibbert on the left is from last year's set.  As you can see, the new figures are slightly smaller than their counterparts from 2001.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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