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Futurama Nudar action figure

If you attended the San Diego Comic Con last summer, you could pick up the Robot Santa figure as part of a two pack exclusive from Toynami. But if you waited, you could get this same figure as a Build a Figure with the next three series of figures. That first series, series 4, has just hit, and includes Captain Yesterday and Nudar.

In the episode "Less than a hero", Fry and Leela turned to Dr. FlimFlam's Miracle Cream after getting sore, tired muscles working on a super collider. They found that the cream gave them super powers, with both of them getting lickety speed, super strength and invulnerability. Fry and Leela create new personas (Fry was "Captain Yesterday" and Leela was "Clobberella"). They convince the already super strong Bender to join them (as "Superking") and they form the New Justice Team.

The episode is one of my favorites, and I love the design of the costumes, so I was very happy to see that these designs were selected by Toynami as variants on the main characters.

Nudar is a more recent character, coming after the show was off the air as part of the new movies.  While some fans have complained about that, he is a really great looking character, and his is supposedly David X. Cohen's favorite on the show now, so it's not all that surprising. Yea, we still need Amy and Hermes, but patience will pay off...I hope.

These are now shipping, and they run around $12 - $13 at most online retailers. You may also find them at Hot Topic or FYE, if you have a decent store in your area.  Not for me.

As I mentioned, the BAF here is the Robot Santa, who is slightly different than the SDCC version. He was supposed to be slightly different in a couple ways though, but I'm not sure things worked out that way.  His photo shows him with the machine gun, and I'm assuming we'll get that piece with a later figure. 
Futurama Captain Yesterday action figure

Futurama Captain Yesterday action figure
Futurama Nudar action figure
Futurama Captain Yesterday action figure
Futurama Nudar action figure
Futurama Captain Yesterday action figure

But the photo also shows the spikes on the ball of his hat, which were missing from the SDCC exclusive.  I had heard from Toynami that they'd be there for the BAF, but obviously that's not the case.

EDIT - news from Toynami...the spiked ball will come with Amy (as well as the machine gun), and the two balls are interchangable!

Here's a little weird trivia for you...Nudar is not just a alien nudist scammer, it's also a site where you can download strip club information to your GPS, so you can find the local nudie bar no matter where you might be.

Packaging - ***
I dinged these a half star this time over previous releases for a couple reasons.  First, while I like the attractive graphics, and I love the personalized info for each character on the back. But the j-hook tops above the boxes were pretty beat up when I received them this time, and just helped to reiterate the problem they have with shelf wear.

There's also more twisties this time than I remember in past releases, but if you don't mind tossing the twist ties, you can easily pop the figures back in the package for storage.

Sculpting - ***1/2
I think both sculpts are excellent, some of the better work in the line. There's a few issues, but they've captured the feel of both characters extremely well.

Captain Yesterday is caught mid disco pose, and while the articulation is designed to only get one really decent pose out of him, it does manage to do that.  You'll have to work a bit to get him to stand on his own, but once you get his center of gravity just right, he'll stay upright.

The head sculpt matches the cartoon about as well as you can expect, especially considering the wonky look of these characters.  Fry's nose does seem a little big to me, but that's being pretty nit picky.  I love the DA in his hair, and the medallion on his chest is film accurate as is the huge lapels.  Small details that could have been painted on, like the medallion or belt, are carved as part of the sculpt instead.

Perhaps Fry's biggest sculpt issue is the number of visible mold lines.  There's more here than I usually like to see, and it does detract from what is otherwise an excellent looking figure.

Nudar has a perfect expression of disgust and condensention, and the key elements, like the size and shape of his nose, look terrific. His flabby nekkid pink body looks just as unappealing in three dimensions as it does in two, and I mean that in the best possible way.

His right hand is sculpted to hold the included blaster, with his left hand in a gesture pose. He stands great on his own, at about 5 1/2 inches tall.  Fry comes in at just under 6 inches tall with his platform shoes and spiky hair.

Paint - ***1/2
These are specialty market figures, so the paint ops better be cleaner than the usual mass market stuff.  Thankfully, it is.

Nudar doesn't have a lot of color, but they did add some darker highlights under his eyes that look terrific, and the few cut lines there are (like around those eyes) are quite clean.  The color of his body is also very consistent from torso to head to limbs, always a tricky feat. They used the black outline around the white eye, similar to what McFarlane did with the Simpsons, and I think it works great here.

Captain Yesterday has far more colors of course, and they are extremely clean and sharp.  I was particularly impressed by the gold belt and medallion, because gold can be a very tricky color to get consistent and clean. There's the occasional bad edge on the gloves, or errant mark on Nudar's skin, but overall these two are well above average compared to the current market, where we are seeing more and more issues with paint application.

Articulation- Nudar **1/2; Captain *1/2
This line hasn't been known for its articulation, but Nudar sets a new standard.

Captain Yesterday has the usual, with a cut neck, cut shoulders, and cut waist. You'll need that cut waist to get him into the sweet spot to stay standing, but the arms really only look good in one pose. Ankle articulation would have gone a long way to allowing his torso to be in other poses, and cut wrists might have been useful as well.

Nudar has a cut neck as well, but has ball jointed shoulders, a cut bicep, and pin elbows! There's no leg articulation, but that's not surprising considering the design of the character.

There's some gapping on the cut biceps, and the ball jointed shoulders are those 'NECA' style that don't have a huge range of movement, but it's still a major improvement over most of the figures in the line, and allows some great arm poses with the gun. I wish they'd added cut wrists - that would have gotten them another half star.

Accessories - want BAF: ***; don't want BAF **
Of course, the main accessory with both of these is the BAF piece. Fry comes with the Santa head, while Nudar comes with the one huge half of the torso.

If you're looking to put the BAF together, clearly these are some big important pieces. If you aren't though, you don't get much to go with it.

Nudar does has his blaster though, which looks great and fits in his hand nicely. There's a lot more he could have come with though, making the single accessory a little disappointing.

Fry comes with a tube of the Miracle Cream, which is very small of course, and doesn't really fit in his hand all that well...but it gets extra points because not only is the front label present, but so is the back label with the small print explaining the possible symptoms!

Fun Factor - Nudar **1/2; Fry **
The extra articulation makes Nudar a bit more fun no matter what the age, but neither of these are probably going to be high on the kid's Christmas list. Unless they are kids with really good cartoon taste.

Value - ***
You can get these as a pair as cheap as $11 or so each from some of my sponsors, which is about the same or a buck cheaper than mass market figures like DCU or even Marvel Legends that also build BAF's.  Since these are lower run specialty market figures, they get an extra boost in their value since they're doing it for about the same price as mass market.

Things To Watch Out For
Not a thing!

Overall - Nudar ***1/2; Fry ***
I'm being a little forgiving with Nudar, because the gapping on his biceps does bother me enough under most circumstances to pull him down a half star. But there's something about this character that love, and getting him in plastic format is probably blinding me a bit.

Captain Yesterday is a great version of Fry as well, but the lack of articulation, and the lack of accessories end up getting him a slightly lower score.  Sure, he has one accessory in addition to the BAF piece just like Nudar, but Nudar's works so much better in the display.

Score Recap:
Packaging - ***
Sculpting - ***1/2
Paint - ***1/2
Articulation - Nudar **1/2; Captain *1/2
Accessories - want BAF: ***; don't want BAF **
Fun Factor - Nudar **1/2; Captain **
Value - ***
Overall - Nudar ***1/2; Captain ***

Where to Buy -

You have a number of online options.  Please remember, these sponsors make the site possible:

- Things From Another World has them listed at about $12.50 each.

- CornerStoreComics says pre-order still, but they have them in stock at $13 each, or the pair for $23.

- Circle Red has the pair for $25.

- YouBuyNow has the pair for $27.

- Entertainment Earth has the pair for $28, but they also have the SDCC exclusive Santa Bender and Robot Santa available for $60.

- For the UK buyers, Forbidden Planet has these for 10 GBP each.

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Futurama Captain Yesterday action figure

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