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Hot Toys has been releasing a number of different TrueType bodies, and Jeff Parker is here tonight to shed a little light on the various types. Tell us all about it, Jeff!

Over the last few years I’ve posted specs on the various Hot Toys, True-Type (TT) base bodies available in between reviewing the licensed figures, and I figured it was time for a new update. Recently a few new variations have been hitting so I’ve taken a few photos to help folks work out what the main differences are.
This isn’t so much a review as a look over what’s available and how the newer versions differ from earlier ones… which to be honest is 99% cosmetic, as most of the nuts ‘n’ bolts have stayed basically the same.
So, if you want a full limb by limb dissection you can still use my original breakdown HERE and I also did a comparison of the last selection, featuring the narrow shouldered and slim versions HERE. Mikes guest contributor Brandon also covered the two female TT’s HERE which I also intend to include in this photographic round-up.

Recently a whole slew of new base bodies have been hitting us from various other manufacturers, but issues of build quality and indeed the legality of ownership seem to have blighted their releases. So people keep coming back to something they know and trust, the good old faithful TT.

Well I say ‘old faithful’, but any serious collector of HT 1/6th figures will know they never rest on their laurels, and recently we’ve seen virtually every new release have at least one tweak to its basic design to suit the needs of the specific character it is used on. And often it’s not just a tweak, more of a major redesign and sculpt to get it looking just right.

But back to the matter at hand, here we have the basic retail versions of the latest TT’s and how they look and perform.

All the basic retail versions come in a clear plastic clamshell container, the special edition promotional figure came in a rather spiffy white box. But the packaging here is utilitarian rather than bulky and over-designed. And for a base figure that works just fine.

(above - Advanced Body Type)

(above - Narrow Body)

(above - Slim Body)

(above - Advanced Body Hips)

It’s been a long time habit of 1/6th figure manufacturers to slip in the occasional ‘celebrity’ sculpt, some merely hint at a celebrity likeness, causing much debate and stroking of chins, while others are so bang on the money there can be no mistaking. You can check out the evolution of the TT base bodies on the Hot Toys site HERE.

The new narrow shouldered version is so unmistakably Taylor Kitsch that he was instantly snapped up by fans of the Wolverine movie (apparently there are some out there) to bash into a figure of Gambit… he was even sculpted with the right hairstyle. The Caucasian ‘Advanced Version’ was released twice but with slightly different skin tones, once as a special Christmas present to people in the industry and winners of a competition on their Facebook page (this one was slightly more tanned), and then as a more readily available retail version. These two releases used the old Prison Break head sculpts, giving the fans who had missed out on that earlier release another chance to own them. Obviously the Christmas exclusive is much harder to come by, but it still surfaces on eBay every now and then. The African American ‘Advanced Version’ TT was however something new and rather special, as they decided to base it on a certain US president and to say the sculpt is spot on would be an understatement. I would imagine many owners of the rather cool DiD version might have been picking this up to do a head swap as well.

The two female base figures share the same facial features but different skin tones, there’s a blonde Caucasian with a pale complexion and a brunette Cuban American with honey coloured skin, no ‘one’ celebrity jumps out as a likeness here, but I’m seeing elements of Rachel Weisz and Jennifer Garner.

But as I said, none of these are officially meant to be anyone in particular, however, they will come in handy for no end of kit-bashes. All the figures shown and listed also come with two sets of hands that consist of a relaxed pair, a gun grip right and a general grip left, the female figures also come with a pair of extra feet for high heeled shoes.

The fact these are just base figures does not mean we end with second rate paint apps, far from it. In fact these put the very best work of many other manufacturers to total shame. All the skin tones are convincing with subtle work on the graduations and gentle mottling. The eyes are all crisp and glossy, so they are all ready to rock ‘n’ roll straight from the box!

All the male figures come butt-nekkid but the ladies have a simple bikini top and panties to save their modesty. You should find that most 1/6th scale clothes will fit them just fine, dependent on the tailoring of the garments and the choice of TT build you go for.

As I said above, you get the extra hands with all of them, the extra feet with the female figures and a plain black classic HT stand with the old-style waist grip, rather than the groin hammock!

I went over the full range of articulation is the review linked to above, and Brandon also comprehensively listed the females full range in his review.

The main change on the Advanced Version is the bulked up thigh muscles, these just slide over the top of the regular thigh like a sheath, so can be removed if you need to. There is also some more detail and skin texturing sculpted onto the arms and a few tweaks have been made to the shoulder articulation.

Suffice to say the male TT is still just about the best all rounder currently available, while the female is a solid figure but could do with some revisions at the ankle, hip and waist, but I’m still loving the silicone torso as the flexibility is very good.

As soon as new TT’s are released they tend to sell out pretty quickly, as long as you pre-order or buy them soon after release you can generally get them for under $40 a pop, but once they start getting scarce… or talked about, like the African American ‘Advanced Version’, then prices tend to go north.

As far as build quality, sculpt and paint apps are concerned then for a base body you can’t go far wrong with a TT. The male figures show a far greater range of movement, but what the females lose in articulation they make up for in aesthetic. So depending on what you need your base figure to wear or indeed do, you should be able to find one to meet those requirements.

This product was provided free for the review by the manufacturer. Photos and text by Jeff Parker.

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