Simpsons Spooky Light Ups

Finally, after our friends in the United Kingdom getting the last two cool Simpsons Burger King kids meal toy series, we get one of the best ever produced.  For Halloween, we've been treated to the Spooky Light Ups, a series of 15 toys, each based on the Treehouse of Horror theme of the show, and each with a light up feature.

Sculpting - ****
The sculpting on the majority of these figures is excellent, particulary for a toy that costs a buck or less!  The details on both the figures and the bases is great, and while the scale is off between the kids and adults, the scale between the kids and the WOS line is perfect.  At the very bottom I have a picture of some of the WOS figures with the Spooky kids, and you can see how well they go together.

Articulation - *
Some of the figures have very limited articulation, like neck or waist.  For the most part, these figures are PVC's.  But considering the price point, I'm certainly not complaining.

Paint - **1/2
The paint ops on these figures are a mixed bag. Some are absolutely excellent, like Maggie, Burns or Bart.  Others, particularly the first series with Marge and Milhouse, have terrible paint ops with missing areas and over spray.  It's definitely important to look carefully at them while you're still at BK.

Light Up feature - ***
Another mixed bag.  Some of the light up features are fantastic - my favorites are Burns, Maggie and Lisa.  Others are weak, and most of the tombstone lines are in that category.  The worst is Apu, with a light up switch that's almost impossible to reach while he's on the base.

Theme/Design - ****
The entire Halloween theme with the Simpsons is an excellent one, and provides some really fertile ground for great designs.  Of these figures, I think Bart, Skinner, and Homer are the best, but Barney, Grampa, Apu and Burns are all standouts as well. 

Value - ****
At anywhere from $0.65 to $1.25, these figures are a fantastic value.  You get a great little PVC, a stand and a cool light up feature - you can't beat this value with a big stick!

Overall - ***1/2
Sure, they aren't action figures, but these Burger King toys are the best Simpsons kids meal promotion ever produced.  With a great theme, excellent sculpting, and neat light up features, these are sure to please every Simpsons fan.  My favorites are Lisa, Bart, Burns, Homer and Skinner, but the entire set simply rocks.  I'd try buying these without the meals though, and avoid the heart attack.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford

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