Jimmy Neutron

Paramount has a new animated feature coming out this Christmas - Jimmy Neutron!  For more details on this flick, you can check the main web site. 

The movie involves a boy genius, obviously named Jimmy Neutron, who battles evil space aliens and saves the world, and still manages to get home in time for dinner.

There are six action figures currently hitting Toys R Us stores - two versions of Jimmy, two versions of his robot dog Goddard, Nick Dean, and the evil alien Yaxian King.  Uh, at least I think that was his name - one of the failings of the packaging that I'll be mentioned very soon is that the other characters aren't named on the back of the card.  There are also two vehicles pictured on the cardback which I haven't seen yet at stores.

These figures are coming out from Mattel, who are also doing the current Harry Potter figures.  Like the Potter figures, Mattel seems to have lost their mind completely with pricing.  These are about $9 each at TRU.



Packaging - *1/2
Okay, the graphics are nice, and the colors fit the theme.  That's it for these packages though.  The die cut top is going to get easily bent, disappointing any MOMC collectors.

On top of that, these cards are bi-lingual.  What is Mattel thinking?  I know what they are thinking - if they have to do bi-lingual cards for Canada, why not use them in the States as well?  Hey, they can save a few bucks that way.  Unfortunately, since I know that, I'm even more shocked at the price they seem to think they can rape us for these days.  Hasbro did this to us with another terribly over priced line, Planet of the Apes.

Oh, and as I mentioned above, while the characters are pictured on the back, they aren't named.  Overall, a weak effort by Mattel.

Sculpting - **1/2
I've seen the trailer, and this looks like the cartoon character.  It's not a highly detailed sculpt, but both the figure and the accessories are nicely done.

BUT (admit it, you knew it was coming), but the head is soft rubber.  Yep, we're talking about doggie chew toy rubber here.  Overall, the material used in this figure is poor, and I certainly expected better.

Paint - ***
There's no fancy paint ops here, but at least what is here is clean.  The lines are good, his eyes are well done, and the color scheme is decent.

Unfortunately, due to the soft rubber head but hard plastic arms, the flesh tones don't quite match up.  Not surprising when you use cheapo rubber.

Articulation - **1/2
There's a decent number of points for this style figure, with neck, shoulders, waist and hips.  The hip joints are pretty funky though, and I had to work them loose before they'd operate very well.  Here's a figure that can sit down at least!

Accessories - ***1/2
The best part of this figure at least, and a couple others in the line, is the accessories.  He comes with some cool shades, a propeller pack, and a couple projectiles.

The propeller works well, and folks up nicely into the backpack.  The glasses are made of very strong plastic, so you have to be careful putting them on, but they look great once you do.  And while the two projectiles don't fire worth diddily, the look pretty good in the backpack.

Value - Bupkis
If I could, I'd give this figure negative points.  I had to spend a lot of time trying to decide if I really wanted to spend nine bucks.  He looked pretty cool in the package though, and I finally broke down.  What a terrible mistake.

Ever watch a movie and wish you could get that two hours of your life back?  This figure is the toy-equivalent.  I don't know what the hell Mattel is thinking, but just because they hire some McToys sculptors, doesn't mean they can charge McToys prices.

Overall - **
There are many figures out there that cost eight, nine or even ten bucks at regular retail.  Many of them are actually worth it, once you consider the quality of sculpting, materials and accessories.  This line is definitely not one of those.  Avoid these until the inevitable clearance, and you'll be much happier.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford

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