Simpsons Wave 10


I found wave 10 - Stonecutter Homer, Sunday Best Marge and Maggie, Vacation Smithers, Scout Leader Flanders, Wendell and Dr. Marvin Monroe - a full week ago.  So why so long to wait for the review?  Because I was hoping to find the psuedo wave 10 figure, Hank Scorpio, first.

No such luck.  Hank still alludes me, but not for long, I promise you that.  But until he falls prey, I thought I'd better get the real six figures covered.

The single most important aspect of this wave of figures is the B-Sharps Homer offer - in each package is a form to fill out and send in, along with four UPC's from wave 10 FIGURES ONLY, and five bucks to cover shipping.  They'll send you the extremely cool B-Sharp Homer, and with wave 11 - 14 there will be offers for more B-Sharps figures.  Next year a B-Sharps playset is in the plans.

Wave 10 is a bit odd with only two new characters and four variations.  Fortunately, wave 11 goes back to high numbers of new figures, with only one variation on a previous figure.

These are hitting Target first, and in pretty big numbers right now.  With the five dollar price point still in effect, that's the place to be picking these up.  

Packaging - ***
Nothing new...yet.  But soon, soon my friends.

Sculpting - ***
This wave has some pretty extreme highs and lows, and I suspect that everyone is going to have a different favorite.

Personally, I think they absolutely nailed the sculpting on Marvin Monroe, and overall he's my favorite.  The sculpt on Wendell is also perfect, although lots of folks will complain that being so small, he's not nearly as good a value as usual.

Marge and Maggie are no real surprise, at least not in terms of the sculpting, but the Sunday Best theme is very popular.  Vacation Smithers is decent sculpt, and his left hand is sculpted special for the phone.

Actually, all the hands are well sculpted to hold particular accessories, something that's pretty crucial when you get so many cool extras.

On the opposite end of the spectrum we have Scout Leader Flanders and Stonecutter Homer.  The sculpts here aren't terrible, just not up to the usual standards.

Flanders is a pretty dull variation, although there really isn't many variations on Flanders you can do.  His hat is removable, and the sculpt of his hands and arms fit the character, but there's two big negatives.  The first is the open mouth.  The toothless smile doesn't work for me, although some folks may not mind it.  Second is the glasses, which I doubt anyone can ignore - they're massive!  They're far too big for his face, and simply don't look right.

Stonecutter Homer has a great body sculpt, but the facial expression has me guessing.  I'm not quite sure what look they were going for, and I suspect they missed whatever it was.

Paint - **1/2
Palisades has ruined me for other company's paint operations.  After seeing the terrific Year Without Santa Claus figures, I can see every fuzzy line, every sloppy edge, every bumpy surface.  Unfortunately, there's more of them here than I'd like.

Certain figures seem to have more problems than others - Marge and Maggie have sloppy lnes around the wrists and neck, and Smithers had some pretty sloppy socks and shoes.  Considering how basic most of the ops are, there really is no reason for them to be weak.

Articulation - **1/2
Same old.  Neck, shoulders and waist.  I'm not actually complaining, since I don't expect it to change, but that's life.

Accessories - ***1/2
We gets a ton of new accessories this time around, with just a little re-use.

Stonecutter Homer has his huge removable hat of course, but he also has the book (new), elaborate framed certificate (new) and beer stein (new).

Dr. Monroe only has one new piece - the 'foam' bat - but at least the reused cash, clipboard and diploma are reasonable.

Wendell comes with the apple (reused), banana (new), orange (new), puke bag (new), and stack of books (reused).  The puke bag is particularly well done.

Sunday Best Marge and Maggie both have removable hats (new), and Marge has her purse (new) and bible (reused).

Smithers has his phone (reused), bag of pineapples (new) and suitcase (new, although I swear I've seen it before).

Finally, Flanders has his scout knife (new), book on knife safety (new), half pine cone (new) and flair gun (new).

Value - ***1/2
The sculpts might vary a bit, but the accessories are good overall, and if you're picking these up at five bucks each you're getting a terrific value.  Take off some points if you're paying $6 or more..

Overall - ***
Wave 10 really is my least favorite in awhile, simply because most of the variations weren't very high on my list.  It's not that it's a terrible wave, or that any of these figures rank up there with the worst figures produced in the entire series, but overall it's just a meh.  For me, Monroe was a must have, and I was happy to see the Stonecutter Homer even if his facial expression didn't quite work.
I'm looking forward to wave 11 much more! 

Where to Buy - 
Target.  If you didn't hear me the first time, let me repeat - Target.  At $5, with the shipments getting there first, Target is definitely the place to pick them up.  If you have to resort to on-line:

- Entertainment Earth has the set with Flanders or the case with Scorpio in stock at $40 for 6 figures.  Not a bad deal since you can pick which sixth figure you'd prefer.  (MROTW Affiliate)

- If you want to pre-order WOS sets and figures, I highly recommend New Force Comics.  Always an excellent price with terrific customer service, if you don't mind waiting a little longer (since on-line stores usually get their WOS after bricks and mortar retailers) than New Force is the place for you.

- also has them i$35 plus shipping but it doesn't look like they are in stock quite yet.  (MROTW Affiliate)

- Electronics Boutique has Scorpio available by himself for $6 plus shipping, the only place I've seen that to be true so far.  (MROTW Affilaite)

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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