Monsters Inc. at Mickey D's

I[ve been collecting various kids meal toys for longer than action figures, and I'm constantly impressed at how the quality and detail on these inexpensive toys has become.

This month McDonald's is offering an assortment of 10 Monsters Inc. figures - Sully, Boo, Mike, Randall, Roz, George Sanderson, the Snowman, Celia, a CDR agent, and Waternoose.  They just started this week, and cost about $1 - $2 each without the meal, and depending on the Mickey D's.

Sculpting - ****
Wow!  These figures are superior to the current line out at stores for ten bucks!  The sculpts on Sully and Randall are particularly well done, and the overall line is excellent.  With the excellent range of characters, this line is likely to be more popular than McDonalds anticipated.

Paint - ***1/2
The paint ops on the figures I've picked up so far are terriffic.  One of the nice touches on this line is the glow in the dark paint on each figure.

Sully has GITD eyes, Randall has GITD teeth, and the eye on Boo's bear is also GITD.  Nice additional touch in such a low priced toy.

Articulation - ****
Articulation?  On kids meal toys?  Absolutely!  It depends on the figure of course, but the majority of these figures are articulated.  Sulley has shoulder. tail and neck joints, and Randall has neck, tail and every arm!

Okay, Boo is pretty much a PVC, but she has other additional features to make up for it.

Accessories - ***
The doors are a pretty basic accessory, but they make sense, and they look good with the figures.  Boo's door is unique, as it lights up at the top like the active doors in the movie.

Quality: ****
All of these figures are extremely well made, with tight joints, heavy plastic, and solid construction.  These aren't just great looking, but kids can play with them as well!

Value - ****
Let's face it, these toys are only about a buck.  With large size, articulation, GITD features, and accessories, they are easily worth quite a bit more.

These toys are one of the best values I've seen in a long time, certainly as good a value as the Simpsons Spooky Light Ups from BK last month.

Overall - ****
I was blown away by how cool these kids meal toys turned out.  I was disappointed by most of the action figures released for the movie, and figured I would have to be satisfied with the small PVC's.  But this line of kids meal toys certainly fulfill my need for great action figures for this movie!

You better get cracking on these now, particularly 1-4.  I know those (the three pictured here and Mike) are already selling at most Mickey D's, and I bet they don't last too long.

There isn't an under 3 toy though - I miss the days when we used to get theme specific under 3 toys.  Ah, the good old days...

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford

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