World of Batman
Walmart Exclusive 2 pack

Walmart has been running an exclusive series of Batman figures for several months now, under the title 'World of Batman'.  They are an odd miss-mash of repaints of Batman figures from many varied lines - Dark Knight, Batman Returns, BTAS, Total Justice, etc.  This two pack is the latest in that series, with two distinctly different versions of the Dark Knight...


Scupting - ***
One thing this two pack does well is highlight the differences between the more current comic style of Batman, and the animated style of Batman.  Both sculpts capture the character very well for its respective style.

Paint - **1/2
The color schemes on both of these stand out from the average repaint.  No funky colors, no weird accessories (although it'd be nice if they had SOME), but rather straight forward colors that look good on Bats.  Some folks might not like the lighter blue, but I think it's fairly striking.

The Gotham City Adventures Batman with the original Detective Batman.

This two pack consists of the Gotham City Adventures (GCA) Batman, a repaint of the Detective Batman from the New Batman Adventures series, and the Knight Watch (KW) Batman, a repaint of the first Total Justice Batman.

Packaging - *
Not much you can say at all about this packaging, other than it holds the toys.  Very plain, very cost effective.

Articulation - **
Both figures feature Kenner's standard five points of articulation - neck, shoulders, hips.  The GCA Batman has a weakness however - he has a very hard time standing up on his own.  This is due to the very small ankles on this style of animated figure.

The Knight Watch Batman pictured with the original Total Justice Batman.

Value - ***
At $5, this is a very good value pack.  You're getting two nice Batman variations, slightly more desireable since they are a store exclusive, for one very reasonable price.

Accessories - BUZZZTTTT!
They get the big goose egg here.  While I'm not interested in goofy accessories, a batarang or two wouldn't have killed them.

Overall - **
This set is a must for serious Bat-freaks.  As a store exclusive, and as decent repaints of Batman, along with a good value to parents,  its likely to be popular with kids, making it a quicker sell out than many of the other World of Batman figures.  And for the customizer, the GCA Batman has great potential.  However, the casual buyer of Bats shouldn't lose any sleep if they miss out on this one. 

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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