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Collecting Simpsons and The Simpsons Collectibles

If you're a big Simpsons collector, reference guides can be invaluable.  There was SO much merchandise produced, that it's often difficult just figuring out what's out there you should be looking for.  These two books provide just that type of info, along with some basic Simpsons history.


Collecting Simpsons - **1/2 (softcover)
The author of this book, William LaRue, is also the author of the best Simpsons collecting website on the net - you should check it out at

Because the site is so well laid out, so well handled and written, I had high hopes for this book.  Unfortunately, it fell short for me.  The major problem is the use of black and white photos only, and fewer of them then I would like.  At $24.95 ( I think more color would have been possible.  While the book does do a nice job of putting together more textual information, such as a basic Simpsons history and information on collecting Simpsons merchandise, I was left wanting more pictures.

The book also contains a price guide, and you know how I feel about those - well, if you don't, I'm not real fond of them.  However, if you find such things useful, this one is at least well organized and clear.

The book does cover quite a few areas, such as action figures, foreign releases, animation art, kitchen items, etc.  While it's not a bad book, I have a hard time justifying the price tag.

Obviously, William LaRue loves the subject, and I can't recommend his web site enough.  I was slightly disappointed in this book, but if you're a novice collector you may find it quite handy.





The Simpsons Collectibles - ***1/2

Slightly more expensive at $29.95, this book by Robert Getz is well worth the cash.  Filled with over 500 full color pictures, it covers all the bases, from school supplies to action figures.  This is a terrific visual reference guide for those folks looking for unusual pieces, along with beginners just looking to get started.

It also includes price ranges for each item pictured, but it is very unobtrusive and does not waste valuable book space.

If your a novice getting started, a serious collector, or just love Our Favorite Family every Sunday night, you don't want to pass this book up.  I find it an invaluable resource, and look up items in it on a regular basis.

Robert Getz clearly has a fantastic collection, and I'm happy to see Schiffer Publishing put this much consideration into this book.








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