Batmobile Maquette

I collect Batmobiles - I have over fifty different versions, and it's been one of those items that I've kept collecting for years when other things have fell by the wayside.  One of my favorite designs is the second animated style, so I was very happy to hear that Warner Brothers would be doing one of their 'maquettes' in this style.  A little surprised, since I didn't think there were too many Batfans out there that would be willing to shell out $150 for a ceramic Batmobile, but pleased nonetheless.

Front view

Rear view

Even I wasn't sure I was going to be able to justify the cost.  But then my wife and kids came through, and picked this up for me as my Father's Day gift.  Ya gotta love 'em :-)

To be honest, this is a very simple sculpt.  I'm sure they had little trouble capturing the style and lines, and in that there is little surprise.  This Batmobile looks just as sleek and smooth as it should.

No, the trick here was producing something that looked just like it should, but somehow giving it an edge - a reason to plunk down serious money.  And for the serious Batman fan, I think they managed to do that.

Size Comparison

How?  It's all in the paint, baby.  First, you'll be shocked at the sheer weight of this think - a lot of material was required for this sculpt.  The base is painted a flat black, with an attractive 'Batmobile' name on the side.  The car itself is done in a metallic black, to set it apart from the base, and just about everything else.  Then a high gloss finish was applied to the entire car.

Overall - ***
The use of the metallic paint works terrific - I hadn't expected it, and it makes this Batmobile stand out wonderfully on the shelf.  I still can only give it *** because of the high price tag - I would have felt much better about a price tag in the $60-$75 range for a piece like this - but it is still a beautiful rendition of the Batmobile that fans are going to love.

By the way, there were 2500 made, and it appears as though they are selling better than I would have expected.  They were released back on May 8th, and my local WB store just got them in this week, and only four at that.  All four sold the first day.  While it may hang around awhile like the Robin and Wonder Woman maquettes have, you might want to grab it early if you're seriously interested and avoid any troubles finding it.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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