Batman Beyond StrikeCycle Batman

Three Batman reviews in a row!  The latest set of Deluxe Batman Beyond figures includes this sharp version of Terry McGinnis as Batman, complete with bright red Strike Cycle.  Shipping to all retailers like Walmart, Toys R Us and Target, it appears that Target is getting them first.  Like the other deluxe figures, it's $9.99.

Terry is visible in this version, only the second version to use Terry's own likeness.  The costume is also 'battle damaged', allowing you to remove pieces from one leg, one arm, and the chest to show the underlying cybernetics.

Packaging - **
Nothing of exceptional note here.  I've always liked the use of the reflective surface for the Batman logo on the Batman Beyond packaging, but other than that it's pretty standard Batman/Hasbro fare.

Sculpting - ***
This is a terrific sculpt, although you already have it if you had picked up the previous Power Armor Batman.  This is the exact same figure, simply done in different colors. However, this is a far better color scheme than the silly Power Armor version.  It's the accurate costume, and the silver underneath goes great with the black.

Paint - ***
As I said, although this is the Power Armor Batman, the colors are far superior.  Paint application is good, and the red, silver and black on the cycle look fantastic.

Articulation - **1/2
HasKen's usual 5 points.  Knees would have really been nice here, but don't expect it, particularly in their Batman lines.

Are you talkin' to me?

Accessories - ***1/2
I consider the bike and the armor both in this assessment.  The armor fits very well, only allowing some of the silver on the arm to be visible.  The helmet also fits well and goes on and off quite easily.  The bike simply kicks butt - and even with HasKen's limited articulation scheme, he still fits on it quite well.

Overall - ***
I wanted a figure of Terry, but was disappointed in the silly paint scheme of the Power Armor version.  This is much better, and the addition of the very cool StrikeCycle make it a must have for the big Batman Beyond fan.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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