Warner Brothers Joker Maquette

One of the more popular items in the Warner Brothers galleries are the maquettes - approximately 12" statues of various animated style super heroes.  They've had both Batman and Robin, Wonder Woman, the Batmobile, and now the Joker.  This one is based on the most recent animated version.

While very attractive, these statues are not cheap.  The normal price is $150, and they are usually a limited run of 2500.

The sculpting is very well done, although the large mouth may turn some folks away.  The paint work is terrific, and the overall quality of this piece is as good as you would expect.  However, the price tag is mighty high, and the average collector isn't going to be able to afford too many of these.

I haven't bought too many of the maquettes.  The Batmobile was my first, mainly because I have such an extensive collection of batmobiles.  The maquettes tend to have a very static pose, very similar to control art.  However, this one is much more dynamic, with a greater sense of motion and activity.  It's also extremely fitting for the character.

Overall - ***
If you're a major Joker fan, than this is a must buy.  Otherwise, you'll have to decide for yourself if it's truly worth $150 to have something like this.  Most of us can only make a few purchases at this kind of cost, so making sure that it's really something that you'll enjoy is critical to the buying decision.  It also helps if you have a lot of other animated style art or sculpture for this to fit in with.  He looks terrific on the mantle, but not next to the more traditional styled Batman statues.





Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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