How well do you know the Sponsors?
Try your hand at this month's contest!

The current contest is pretty easy - just pick which sponsor of MROTW is the best answer for each of the 13 questions.  Everyone that gets them all right will go into a drawing for one of 5 prize packs!

The prize packs are:

- the KISS pack - this pack has but one figure, but he's a goodie.  It's the new 12" Gene Simmons as the Demon figure, a Spencer's exclusive!

- the Monster pack - this one has several figures.  First, there's a complete but loose Haunted Mansion Bride set.  Then there's a mint in package Alien Mez-itz set, and to round things out, a loose but complete Wolfman figure from the Van Helsing line.

- the Military pack - this one is a biggie, with all six of the new WWII Special Forces figures from Plan-B Toys.  Not only that, but they are MOMC!  Then throw in one of the very cool artist edition Rex Gannon figures, also MIB, and this is a great prize pack.

- the exclusives pack - I have a few additional exclusive items up for grabs in this category, all from Action Figure Express.  First, there's the exclusive Magneto/Professor X two pack of minimates, MIB.  Then there's the exclusive battle damaged Enterprise NX-01, with real sounds.  That one's loose, as is the third one, the Robotech Rook Bartley/VFA-6Z.

I also reserve the right to add more stuff to these packs as we go along!


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KISS Monsters Military Exclusives

1 - Which sponsor is also the brains behind Plastic Souls and the ClubMez websites?

2 - Who is currently giving away free Peter Cottontail figures with every in stock order?

3 - Which sponsor is based in beautiful Tucson Arizona?

4 - Which sponsor is based in Hong Kong, often getting stuff in advance of other retailers?

5 - Which sponsor sells baby doll t's with their logo on them?

6 - Which sponsor is selling the Shrek mini-bust for just $50.15?

7 - Which sponsor has the Ghost World Enid High Fashion Doll available for $34.99?

8 - Which Sponsor has a Price Matching policy? i.e. "If you find a lower advertised price from an online store with the same item in stock, we want to know about it. If you bring it to our attention, we will beat their price. Our Price Matching policy applies only to advertised prices from reputable online stores. It does not apply to special offers or promotions. In order to take advantage of our Price Matching, you must email us with a link to the item showing that it is in stock and available to order at the lower price from a reputable online store."

9 - How much does the Aisle Sniper exclusive pewter Special Edition Alien mini-bust weight?

3 lbs 5 lbs 7 lbs 10 lbs

10 - One sponsor has pre-orders up for the comic version of the Microman Batman - what's the pre-order price?

$9.95 $11.95 $12.95 $13.95

11- How much is Alter Ego Comics selling the uge 4 foot tall Little Big Head Frankenstein from Sideshow for?

$850 $900 $950 $1000

12- Which sponsor is selling The Man repaint (from the Pink Panther line) for $14.95?  This figure was an exclusive at the Wizard World L.A. party!

13 - And for extra credit - what one store can you be sure to find the very cool Plan-B Special Forces figures on-line?


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