The Great Toy Wall

This is a story of art.  A story of toys.  And a story of left over cardbacks.

I'll let the artist himself tell the story.  I'm sure he can do a far better job than I.


I am in Animation. I am twenty two. Until school is over, I am a bartender downtown.

I Fit In.

I'd liken myself to a Steve McQueen sorta messiah that will rise up from the depths of nerdism and shed light on what is deserved. Your precious anime? Your fantasy with elves and princess warriors and all things cliché? These are the things that keep you tacked to the demi-underground of Hessian black fishnet sleeves. You all oppose the real world, preferring that of the chat rooms and role playing. YOU DESPISE the follows of the moral majority. You hate selling your art cause it's selling out. I have no problem with this.

       But listen here, I came from whence you dwell and I too hated all the Preppy jocks who got the girls, the Jetta drivers of the world and there hot girlfriends treated like so much shat. I see the error of the ways of both our subcultures. You who read comic books and Them who beat us. Neither of them can survive. We must dig into our shadow Conplexs, Our personal Rings of Wurms of Neibelungenlied. Storm shadow understood this, his loyalties belong to both Joe and yet Cobra as well. This is the fine line I snort.

I have blended the good of both. The gentle creative side of the nar-get-laids, and the bloated ambition and confidence of Biff from the Hamptons. The result is the key to many of our forms recreation (comics, cartoons, action figures) that deserve respect. I will give substance and a sense of art, Something profound.

A blended androgyny of these peoples will be the path.

Handsome, well dressed, well groomed, confident.

Likeable. Bankable. Marketable.
Let's call me Mitchell Jacob Merriweather III.

I built this wall of Action Figure Backing cards called "extraneous packaging".

It took two weeks to make, was piece together on the spot, and was thrown away after the display. Over one hundred cards were used, a wide variety from 2000AD , C.O.P.S., DC Direct, custom cards by Iron Cow, tons of Star Wars (vintage and neo classical) Gundam, Fist of the Northstar, basically anything that was eye catching and original.

I entered it in an art show and lost.

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