Star Wars Cantina Wave
Myo, Dannik Jerriko, Feltipern Trevagg

Amanamatt checks in this week with the first guest review of the new year - the new Star Wars Cantina Alien wave!  Tell us all about it, Matt..

This is my second review. This time I’m checking in with the new star Wars Cantina figures. This is a line-up fans have been waiting for. The figures in this assortment are Myo, Dannik Jerriko and Feltipern Trevagg. This is part of the transitional figures dubbed, “Post OTC” by fans. Myo is the Cyclops alien, Feltipern is the furry, horned alien and Jerriko is the one with tentacles extending from his noggin. Interestingly enough Jerriko’s proboscis were never seen in the movie. They came from the Tales from Jabba’s Palace and Tales from Mos Eisley Cantina novels. So on with the review!

Packaging - Felt and Myo: **** Jerriko: ***
Looks like I ripped open the box a little here so no picture. This is almost the same as the OTC packaging except the numbers have started over and gone are the rebel and imperial logos in the corner. Also, rather than the OTC logo next to the character picture there is a bar that reads, “Cantina Encounter”. All three figures share the same background which depicts the aliens in the Cantina. Inside the box there is a tiny booklet telling us all about OTC figures. On the back there are descriptions of the characters and pictures of other figures in the assortments. Jerriko gets a lower packaging score though because of the terrible picture. It looks like a drawing! The pic on the back of the card is OK. 

Sculpting - Myo: ***and 1/2* Feltipern: **** Jerriko: **and 1/2*
Let’s start with Myo. Myo has a very well sculpted vest and pants. He has a working holster too. There are stripes going down his pants and I do have a gripe with this. His right leg below the knee bends outwards so you can’t align the feet perfectly without turning it the wrong way. This is not a factory flaw on mine in particular however; all of them have this problem. 

The hips appear too small for the rest of the figure. The face is very well sculpted and looks right out of the movie. The hands have a tremendous amount of detail. 
Feltipern has the best sculpt IMO. The hair is amazing with little tiny flocks of detail and the eyes and contours of the face are very well done. Don’t get me wrong, Mr. Trevagg is as ugly as sin but it’s in a good way. The vest is done well too. There are little lines going down his vest and tunic. The pants have armor sculpted on that looks very nice. The only fault I can find with the design of Feltipern is the material used on the lower skirt. It is hard plastic which doesn’t allow him to sit. On the whole he is the best sculpted of the three. 

Jerriko is a different story. He has an amazing body sculpt and the buttons and boots are all well done. The hair is well done as is the face. Then there are the holes. This is where Hasbro makes me mad. Remember early saga? Several of the figures used magnets to hold on lightsabers, hands or heads. The proboscis fit into the holes in his head. Upon removing them you will see problem. Then the Hookah pipe leaves another hole in his head but not quite as deep. The Hookah just rests on his lips. So this is a figure that could be improved. The Hookah hole is tolerable but the proboscis holes are just ugly. 

Paint - Myo: ***and 1/2 * Feltipern: *** Jerriko: **
The paint is very clean all across the board for mainstream figures. Myo has some bleeding issues on the stripes on his legs and where the two colors of his suit mix. Feltipern, based on the pictures should be greener in the face. He has too much grey coloring. Felt also has some slop on the knee pads.

Jerriko again disappoints. The proboscis are as I imagined they would look based on the Tales from Jabba’s palace book. His suit is greenish. The face is a human color but the eyes are all wrong. He has cat-like eyes as opposed to his untrusting slits of eyes in the movie. This is all paint failure. There is slop on the cuffs and around the buttons. The accessories are well painted. 

Articulation - ****
Perfect. All three have great articulation. I usually complain about swivel elbows but for minor characters who don’t need much they’re great. Jerriko’s articulation is the most important to be able to hold the Hookah. Each figure has:
Ball Jointed neck
Swivel shoulders 
Swivel elbows
Swivel wrists
Swivel waist
Swivel Hips
Ball-jointed knees (right on Hasbro!) 
So that’s 12 points! Wonderful! Plus when Jerriko’s proboscis is inserted they can be swivel joints. And thanks to VOTC Threepio we can say in most figure reviews, “They have more than a VOTC!” 

Accessories - Myo and Felt: ***and 1/2* Jerriko; **** (quantity not quality)
I love lots of little goodies for figures too hold. Here is another place we can say, “Wow! They have more accessories than a VOTC!” Myo has a never-before-released cup in blue and white that fits nicely in his hand. He also has a rehashed pistol. I believe the figure the pistol first came with was Boshek. Feltipern has a cup that was seen with Dannl Faytonni. Felt’s pistol is that of a Bespin guard. Jerriko’s pistol appears all new. It is small and black and is sort of an extra. He also comes with the proboscis. I mentioned before how badly they fit but I haven’t gone into how they look. The one for the right side of his face is coiled and the left is pointing out. They have stalks with lines going across them at the bottom. They are pink and unpainted. Jerriko also comes with a Hooka, (bong). He did have this in the movie but would mothers really want their kids to have a pot smoker? Ok maybe it isn’t pot. Maybe it’s the thing from the dentists office that they stick in your mouth and sucks your cheeks together. It is well sculpted and fits into as holster on his right leg. The mouthpiece is very rubbery and I had a tough time getting it to stay in his mouth. 

Value - ***and 1/2* 
At first they popped up on eBay for about $17 to $20 each which is ridiculous. If this was the only way they could be had—sure. The retail price of basic figures is $6. It’s a fair deal and a dollar extra isn’t going to kill me. 

Overall - Myo and Feltipern: **** Jerriko: *** 
This is a set fans have been waiting for. Jerriko has been at the top of my figure wish list for a long time. Hasbro’s rendition of Jerriko is only so-so. Feltipern and Myo are excellent. Both have minor flaws but are sure to please any Star Wars fan or kid who likes aliens. On the whole this set is must-buy and I haven’t been this excited about single figures since J’Quille. 

Packaging - Felt and Myo: **** Jerriko: ***
Sculpt - Myo: ***and 1/2* Feltipern: **** Jerriko: **and 1/2*
Paint - Myo: ***and 1/2 * Feltipern: *** Jerriko: **
Articulation - ****
Accessories - Myo and Felt: ***and 1/2* Jerriko; **** (quantity not quality)
Value - ***and 1/2* 
Overall - Myo and Feltipern: **** Jerriko: ***

Things to look out for: 
My set came in perfect condition. I can’t find any factory flaws on mine. They look like sturdy figures that could take a fair beating from a kid. Jerriko’s proboscis could snap on somebody though. 

Where to Buy: 
These are just hitting brick and mortar stores. I doubt they’ll stay on the pegs for too long though so snap them up when you see them. At first they were just hitting eBay for around $17 each. I ordered the set used for the review from Amazon. They are currently out of stock there but you may want to try Killer Toys, Entertainment Earth or Cloud City collectibles. OMGCNFO will probably get them soon. At retail so far they have hit TRU, Once upon a Toy at Downtown Disney, K-Mart and Meijers. They haven’t hit Walmart or Target yet. 

Figure from the collection of Amanamatt.

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